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“…There are so few errors, I’m getting worried.”


Vian muttered quietly one day, a few days after assigning me to the job.


He had me stay in this room almost all the time since I joined him, even when I was sleeping.

So maybe as a result, I was gradually getting the hang of the job and doing it at a ridiculously fast pace.


I wondered if that was why he was starting to worry about me.

I’m not certain… hmm Before that, did he mention that there were almost no errors


I looked at Vian.


“You’re supposed to be blind according to your script, right”


Oh, that was right.


Vian let out a sigh.


I thought that since Victor had already found out, Vian would have also found out by now.

No, I was certain he did, but he never told me directly.


“I’m glad that you’re working so fast for me, but you will be in danger if you don’t keep your guard up a bit.”


“So you’re saying you’ve got it all figured out.”


I relaxed my shoulders when I saw Vian grinning at me.

His smile was so alluring that I couldn’t help but feel nervous.


Somewhere, there was another prince who was also very appealing, Victor… Keep up the good work.


“But it’s true that I’m missing one eye.”


I added, and Vian put the papers in his hand on the desk and approached me slowly.


It would be better if he approached me quickly to ask whatever questions he had.

This slow pace created tension and made me feel scared.


If he walked at such a speed, he would be late for school …I know he was old enough to have already finished school.


“Can you hand over that cloth”


A kind voice… I wondered if this was how he was trying to win me over.


A little lost, I looked up at Vian, who was near me.


…Victor also looked at my eyes after all.

It wouldn’t do any harm to be seen by his brother, but I was somewhat afraid of him.


With Vian’s information power, he’d be able to tell right away that I was the eldest daughter of the Williams family, with my golden eyes and dark hair.


“If you look into my eyes, you’ll be turned to stone.”


He lifted the corner of his mouth and chuckled.


“Turning into stone, that would not be so bad.”


I’m probably the only person who would refuse a request from the First Prince.

I admired my own guts.


It was an attitude that could have resulted in punishment.


“I think the prince is beautiful and would make a stunning statue.”


I smiled at him, and Vian smiled back, with an eerie smile, and muttered, “I see.”.


At that moment, my breathing became difficult.

He grabbed me vigorously by the neck with one hand and lifted me up.




I tried to breathe in, but there was no air coming in.


What was he thinking strangling me with such forceHis brother was the stupid power type, but I guess he was also the same type.


I grabbed his hands with both hands and moved my body in the air, trying to get his hands off of me.


How strong was his strength… It wouldn’t budge.


If I keep going like this, I would really die.


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