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I couldn’t die in a place like this.

A villainess always gets out of a tight spot!


I drew myself together in my fading consciousness and lifted my leg as high as I could.

I then twisted my legs and my entire body around Vian’s arms.


Vian shifts his position, and his stranglehold on my neck loosens at the same time.

I take advantage of that moment.


I would never let him think that I was a weak woman.


I twist as hard as I can to remove my neck from his hands and somersault to the ground.


I breathe in as hard as I could, letting the air enter my body.


It was a really strange experience, but I was relieved that I managed to escape from his hands.


This man was seriously choking me… Did he want to kill me


“Too bad, huh You can’t…erase me… you know.”


I stared at him, exhausted, while Vian remained motionless, staring at me wide-eyed.


I didn’t have the energy to say anything more, so I held my head and struggled to breathe, slowly getting to my feet.


I didn’t have the energy to say anything else, so I held my head and struggled to breathe, slowly rising on my feet.


Was he a psychopath I wouldn’t want to get involved with someone who was emotionally unstable.


Why did I think he was mature and sane The way he laughs resembled Victor.


“I didn’t think you’d be able to pull it off like that.”


Vian said he was impressed after he finished laughing hysterically.


“Seriously, were you trying to kill me”


I managed to speak normally.

“No way,” he said, smiling at my remark.


You’re a creepy prince….

He really was very different from Victor in this area.


He came closer to me and, without asking for my permission, pulled off the cloth covering his eyes as hard as he could.

My vision became bright and clear all of a sudden.


I could see much better this way, I thought while staring at the glittering first prince.


“…You really do have only one eye.”


“I told you, didn’t I”


I was so frustrated with the First Prince that I didn’t even use honorifics, but he still forced me to look into his eyes.


“Golden eyes… they’re charming.”


He never looked away from me.




“You’re a beautiful woman.”


I didn’t think he could hear me.

Even if he did say it with that expression.

I didn’t have his dazzling aura.


I was honored to be reflected beautifully in his eyes, even though I have one eye missing.


“With your looks, your physical abilities, and your great work skills, you have all the right qualities to be an empress.”


“Empress When did the Ravaal Kingdom become an empire”


“Soon it will be an empire.”


…What the hell was Vian thinking


Did he think he could conquer the whole world The main focus of this game was Duelkis, you know


…Could it be because I was exiled to this country


The scenario was long gone when Duke-sama fell in love with me.

I thought things were going well all along because I was disliked and Liz-san was popular, but that was not the case.


It’s not going to end the way I remember it anymore.


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