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Gilles (Age: 12)


We have tried several medications to help him make “sound judgments” and get rid of his attachment to Liz, but none of them has worked.


Alan had been freed from the rope that had bound him, and we had given him a decent place to live.

So, he had a soft bed, sumptuous meals, and books to pass the time, so that he could be comfortable in his captivity.


When Alan asked for a sword to practice with, Duke simply gave it to him.

“Isn’t it dangerous” I asked Duke, but he only smiled back at me.


I had forgotten that Duke was exceptionally strong.


As for Alan, he resisted at first, but he had gotten used to it and began to take the medicine without saying a word when we offered it to him.


The medicine itself had no negative effects on the human body, so no matter how much he took, there was no change in his physical condition or anything else.


…I guess his love for Liz was too much for him to go back to the way he was.


We were relaxing in the royal palace lounge when Mel walked in with a dazzling expression on her face.


Both Henry and Duke turned their gazes toward Mel.


“Let’s try this next!”


Mel said, offering us the pills in the palm of her hand.


Ugh, I couldn’t help but grimace.


The medicine appeared to be so toxic that an eerie purple aura emanated from it.

It made me think that I would probably die if I drank this stuff.


“Even if it was the prince who offered it to Alan, I doubt he’d drink it.”


Henry’s face twitched.

Mel was a little offended by his words and clicked her tongue cutely.


“I don’t know if the drugs would really help at this point.”


“That’s what I’ve also thought for a while.”


I agreed with Duke.


“So you’re saying Mel and her team’s drug research was a failure”


“It appears so, so let’s think of another way.”


Duke said, and everyone was quiet for a while.

Each of us racked our brains for a solution.


The easiest solution would be to ask Liz Cather to break the enchantment spell, but she was doing it unknowingly, and moreover, she would deny using any kind of enchantment spell in the first place.


…Or perhaps it would be better to bring her in once.


“Why don’t we bring Liz Cather in front of Alan”


Everyone froze for a moment at my suggestion, but Mel soon opened her mouth with a slightly disgusted expression on her face.


“But if she finds out that we’ve kidnapped Alan, she might get all pissed off and let her magic run wild again.”


“It’s true, it would be troublesome if Liz gets really angry.”


“Then let’s change the target.”


Duke said calmly, in response to Mel and Henry’s words.

Blue eyes turned toward us.


“What do you mean We can’t just leave Alan alone”


Mel nodded her head.


“No, we’ll use Alan again later.

If we’re going to use Liz Cather to break the spell, it’ll be easier to do it with the students at the school.”


“What about Alan”


Duke looked at Henry, who frowned as if he had guessed the answer.


“Henry will deal with him.”


Henry, unable to disobey Duke’s order, reluctantly agreed.


If it wasn’t the prince, this would be seen as a crime.

…We’re accomplices, too, right


Well, we needed to do something radical to stop Liz Cather from doing what she was doing.


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