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I couldn’t hear what Duke and Eric were talking about at all.


I guess Gramps would be able to hear them.

…Maybe Alicia would be able to hear them too.


“I wonder what they’re talking about~”


Mel looked at them with strained eyes.

Duke was talking nonchalantly, but I could see Eric’s expression getting more and more serious.


What the hell was he saying


I concentrated on the way Duke’s lips moved.

I was better at mind-reading than lip-reading, but Duke didn’t show a single change in facial expression, so I had to read what he said.


[Do you think Alicia will survive in the Ravaal Kingdom]


Duke said to Eric.


We both know that he didn’t really mean it, but how could he lie like that without even a single change in his expression


I could never say this to Alicia, but I doubt she could be deceived by something like this so easily, unless it was Duke who was doing so.

Because Alicia was a straightforward and good person.


She could not be as deceitful as Duke, who could do it with ease.

That was why Duke was able to handle the political affairs of this country….


“Looks like it’s over.”


Henry whispered next to me… Eric went back into the school building and Duke came back towards us.


I wondered what happened.

If only Duke could be a little more expressive with his emotions.


“Did it work Should we also capture Eric”


Why was Mel always thinking about kidnapping people 


“Well, maybe everything will be okay this time.”


Duke said, looking toward the school building Eric had entered.


“Why were you talking about Alicia”


“Did you figure out that I was talking about Alicia”


He looked at me with a surprised expression on his face.


“I was able to understand only a little bit by reading your words through lisping.”


Duke patted my head in admiration at my words and muttered, “That’s impressive”.


I suppose I would always be treated like a child.

But I was happy to be praised by Duke.

I doubt that this feeling will change, no matter how old I get.


“Eric doesn’t think that Alicia is smart.

So, he doesn’t believe that she can survive in the Ravaal Kingdom.

I am guessing he had never thought about that before.

If he had, he would have gone to her, saying that Liz would help her.”


I sighed at Duke’s words.


What selfish and stupid people they were.

Did they not understand the weight of what they had done…


Did they just want Alicia out of the country and didn’t care if she lived or died


I was stunned that Duke had to be the one to notice… Maybe this was why Eric made his move.


…Well, I guess Alicia would try to force her way through and get deported if they stopped her.

She would do basically anything to make herself look like a villainess.


Ah, the power of magic was truly frightening.


We may not all think like Alicia, but right now, everyone was too biased towards Liz, and that was dangerous.


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