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Eric led Liz Cather into the student council room, where we were the only ones present.


At the same time, I heard the door to the student council room click shut.


“What do you mean Alicia-chan might have died”


Liz Cather turned bloodthirsty and stormed towards Duke.


Did she really not consider the possibility that Alicia might be dead


I looked at her skeptically.


“What are you babbling about now”


Mel muttered next to me.

…Her voice was so cold!


Mel really couldn’t hide her feelings, I wondered if that could be a good thing or a bad thing


“Alicia is five years younger than us.”


Henry uttered the scripted line.

If he said this publicly, he would be told that if he truly felt that way, he should have stopped Alicia.


Besides, everyone here was convinced that Alicia would not die in the Ravaal Kingdom.

In fact, we expected her to accomplish something.


I’d also like to hear about Alicia’s achievements as soon as possible.


“She’s a noblewoman, isn’t she I’m sure she can manage to live over there.”


I forgot she has a flower garden growing in her brain. 


Of course, the Ravaal Kingdom would not want an exiled young lady.

What country would willingly accept a sinner from the Duelkis Kingdom


Such a country of goodness would collapse in a heartbeat.

The sinners will either be made a spectacle of or slaves… That is to be expected.


If she really was brought up as a young lady, she would probably take her own life because she could no longer bear the hard and painful circumstances.

Or she would be killed for being useless.


In any case, Alicia was a very capable and competent person who, despite being raised as a young lady, made me believe that she would be all right.


“In the Ravaal Kingdom, deported people are sent to the arena.”


Liz Cather tilted her head at Duke’s words, as she said, “The arena”.


“They’d be turned into a spectacle because they’d have to fight a rampaging beast.”


“Oh no… But Alicia, I mean, she is a girl.”


Liz’s complexion changed.


“Indeed, women and children would not be worth watching.

So, they are sometimes sacrificed first to get the crowd going… It’s a big country, but it’s about as brutal as it can get.”


Where on earth could Duke have obtained such information He was always a few steps, if not a step, ahead of us.


I needed to get on his level as quickly as possible.


“We were not here to blame Liz.”


Eric defended Liz Cather at this point.


He was protecting the wrong person again.

After hearing this story, wouldn’t you think that the person he should have protected should have been Alicia


“How can we save her”


Liz Cather looked at Duke with a serious look on her face.


For the first time, I felt she was saying it sincerely, without any desire to be seen as good by Duke.


I could see why she might be hailed as some kind of hero from a novel in this world; she was the focal point, just as Alicia had said.


It was the first time I’d ever felt that way, and it made me feel uneasy.


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