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Liz Cather muttered, her eyes wide.


“It is the most potent magic that can make people fall in love with you.

Everyone will love Liz Cather.”


I explained to her briefly.

She gave me a look that said I was lying.


“I didn’t use that kind of magic.

It doesn’t even work on you.”


“We are more resistant compared to normal people because of Alicia.

It does not work on people with strong magic and conviction.

It would be complete tyranny if we all fell under your spell.”


“That’s impossible.

Eric and I have gotten to know each other and have become good friends.”


“But the love Eric has for you is different from the love you have for Eric.

You know that, don’t you”


I said coldly.


Liz Cather was a little confused by my words, but tried her best to refute them.


“If such a thing existed, wouldn’t it work on someone I really want to be with”


“What do you mean”


I said, and she took her eyes off me and turned to Duke.


“Why doesn’t Duke like me If my feelings for him are so strong, I don’t know if it’s enchantment magic or what, but I want it to work on him! Why am I invisible to Duke”


Liz Cather raised her voice, which was unusual.

I’ve never seen her like this before.


Duke was the most powerful person in the country, and he loved Alicia.


Well, Liz Cather couldn’t understand what I’m saying now.

She had the look of a woman deep in love.


“I’ve always loved Duke…”


Her voice suddenly became weak.

This conversation is going to take a while.

It’s a good thing that Eric is sleeping then.




Duke said, and tears spilled from Liz Cather’s eyes.


“I have more feelings for Duke than Alicia has for you.

…Hey, if I had met you before Alicia, would you have liked me”


Duke paused for a moment at her words before speaking.


“I still would have fallen in love with Alicia.”


Liz Cather smiled sadly at his words.

Seeing her expression made my heart ache as well.


Maybe there is no such thing as a bad person.

Perhaps because of this, we might have wanted to make Liz Cather the bad guy.


I never doubted Alicia, but Eric and his friends had never doubted Liz Cather either.


It would be good to have peace in this world.


People form factions and fight each other.

They would try to impose their own justice.

If we could successfully fuse them together, there would be no conflict.


The girl who speaks of ideals and the girl who sees reality.

The latter is burdened by far more than the former.

Because it was the latter who would solve the problem.

But if a girl who discussed ideals could solve problems, she would be invincible.


Alicia had worked hard during her time in the country to make Liz Cather aware of this.


But Liz Cather may never have wanted to be the leader of her country.

Maybe she just happened to have the most valuable and powerful abilities.

That might be all.


She was just an ordinary girl, in love.


We were putting pressure on the saint without even realizing it.

Not just us.

The country expected more from her.


For a commoner girl who didn’t know anything….


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