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Alicia was teaching Liz Cather many things….

Besides, if one wants to know, one should learn by themselves.


It may sound harsh, but at the beginning I also had no idea about the aristocracy’s rules.

I didn’t know anything about table manners either, so I read books and asked Alicia and Henry.


Alicia never took the trouble to teach me everything.


…I think Liz Cather was very fortunate in that respect.

Because there should be many aristocrats who were kind to her.


Maybe as a result, she took advantage of their kindness.


Duke apologized, but I don’t think it was the royal family’s fault.


Liz Cather’s unwavering faith in her own beliefs led to this.

She deserved it.


But it was important for her to stand up for her beliefs.

And to consider other opinions out there….


“I never asked Alicia-chan to be a villain.

Your father ordered it on his own.

It was not my fault that she was exiled.”


While Liz Cather became emotionally unstable, Henry’s voice remained calm.


“Did you come here so you could see Duke”


“…No, I didn’t.

I really wanted to save Alicia.

…you must have thought that I was too egotistical for that.”


Liz mocked herself, as if she had stopped pretending to be someone she wasn’t.

At the same time, Eric also woke up.


“What the heck is going on”


Eric turned to us with a surprised look on his face.


Mel also suddenly reappeared beside us.

She whispered to me, “Actually, red-hair, heard everything you just said”.


At that moment, I understood Duke’s plan.


He had convinced Liz Cather that Eric was sleeping before he had unmasked her.


…We weren’t told about this beforehand so that we wouldn’t act weird.

Duke was so thorough.


As a result, I think he often kept things to himself, unable to tell the others.


I wondered if he could do that because he was born a prince.

It would have been difficult for Liz Cather, who grew up as a “normal” person, to be able to do that.


Liz Cather wanted to be special, but she might have been fine with being normal, too.

But it was not being normal that made it possible for her to meet Duke….


It was fascinating to watch the world grow.

So, even if I have to take on many responsibilities and burdens, I still want to be special.


I am not like Liz Cather.


“Liz, have you been thinking about that for a long time”


Eric’s words made Liz upset.

Everything she had built was falling apart.


I didn’t think it was necessary to look so pathetic, as if it was the end of the world… Things were definitely better the way they were now, in my opinion.


Would this really break her brainwashing


With this thought in mind, I looked at the two of them.


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