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Liz Cather did not answer any of Eric’s questions.

She didn’t even deny it, just hung her head down.


“Did Liz think Alicia was going to die”


“…I didn’t think so.

I just thought she was in the way.

But I didn’t cast a spell or charm on everyone.”


Liz sounded unreliable.


Her earlier bravado seemed to have vanished.


“Didn’t you realize you were being pampered”


“You’re a bitter little thing, aren’t you”


Henry replies to Mel’s words with a wry smile.


“What are you talking about It’s time to push her away.”


Mel certainly had a point.

Now that we’re in this situation, we can corner Liz Cather.


“Is Eric also attracted to me because of magic”


“That’s… giii”


I stomped on the back of Mel’s foot, preventing her from saying anything.


“What the heck are you doing!”


“Shut up for now, Mel.

Liz Cather is talking to Eric.”


Unlike her, I whispered quietly.


Mel fell silent, but still her disapproval shone on her face… It was as if I were the older one.


“I…I don’t feel anything for Liz right now.”


Eric looked embarrassed.


No way.

The magic was broken….


It was cruel to witness the moment when someone who had been crazy about them suddenly cooled down.


Liz Cather held back her tears as he told her directly that he was not attracted to her.


“Hey, that’s not true, is it Am I that wrong Hey! Say something, Eric!”


Eric didn’t respond to Liz Cather’s cries.


“I’ve always had everyone’s best interests at heart! What is wrong with you”


He spoke calmly this time.


“Liz, you always think only of yourself.

I honestly don’t know why I ever had a liking for you.”


As the cold words attacked Liz Cather, she seemed to lose herself.


Nobody here was on her side.

Though things might have been different if Liz Cather hadn’t fallen for Duke.


“What did she do Didn’t she also flaunt her ego in order to make us like her too”


“Alicia was a villain to you, but she served her own justice and at the same time made a reform.”


My words made her crumble to the spot.

I guess she no longer had the strength to rebel.

Tears flowed unceasingly from her eyes.


“…I know that, I know.

That’s why I was in so much pain.

Because I’m not capable of great things.

I just have more magic power than others.

I hate Alicia, who is beautiful, smart, strong, and kind.

But I still can’t help but admire her.”


Being compared to Alicia would be painful.

Because when I compare myself to Alicia, I realize how immature I am.


Liz Cather was unconsciously using magic to protect herself.


“I’m so tired.

Hey, please… Somebody help me.”


She uttered the words as if she were begging.


…Hey Alicia, what would you do in this situation


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