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Williams Family’s Eldest Daughter, Alicia (Age: 16)


“What What did you just say”


I could have sworn my words had echoed throughout the royal palace all morning.

I was taken aback by my own voice.


I was so shocked that I dropped all the papers I was carrying on the floor.


I would normally be beheaded instantly for talking to the prince this way.


But what Vian had just said was totally unexpected and shocking.


Anyone would want to scream out loud after being told something like that.

…I felt like my speech was getting worse since I came to Ravaal Kingdom.


“Didn’t you hear me That’s why.”


“I did hear you, but I can’t believe it! You don’t have to repeat yourself!”


“Heh, you’re cute when you’re upset.”


Vian looked at me with a smirk on his face.


What kind of train of thought does this guy have


“What’s so bad about it You could be the wife of the emperor.”


“That’s why! Don’t say something so ridiculous!”


“You’re so odd.”

He said while staring at me with a strange look on his face.


…You’re the one who’s strange! How dare you appoint a person you don’t even really know as an empress


I came to the Ravaal Kingdom as a spy, not as an empress.

I would have to return to Duelkis Kingdom someday.


“First, how can you say that if you don’t even like me”


I took a deep breath and then calmly began the conversation.


Calm down, Alicia.


“I’m rather fond of you, you know.”


“You’re not in love with me, are you”


“Marriage doesn’t need romance.

Only a commoner could have such a thing.”


Surely, if you are a prince, that would be the case…


They couldn’t normally have a romantic marriage.

Usually, they just go along with the engagement that their parents have decided upon.


In my case, I would never be asked to marry anyone in the Duelkis Kingdom.

I enjoy the notoriety… except for Duke-sama.


“Besides, you have the capacity of an empress.”


I tilt my head involuntarily, not understanding Vian’s words.


“You have enough qualities to be an empress.”


“Me Why! It’s true that there seem to be many wicked women as empresses, but…”


“What are you talking about”


Vian looks doubtful at my mutterings.


“No, nothing.”


…For the time being, let’s concentrate on the job at hand.

I didn’t have the time to think about his words anymore.


I picked up a piece of paper that had fallen to the ground.

At that moment, I noticed something glimmering at the edge of the floor.


Hmm What is it Could it be a coin


I slowly grab it and roll it between my palms.


Was this a lipstick 


“I wonder who this lipstick belongs to.”


I examine the lipstick carefully.


Could it be Vian’s mistress Of course, he could have one or two mistresses.


“Hey, what’s this”


Vian turned to me and said, “What” He noticed the lipstick in my palm at the same time and snatched it away from me.


I could tell that he was rushing, which was unusual for Vian.


Well, he just asked me to become an empress.

Of course, he’d assume I’d be upset when I found lipstick.



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