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I stared at Vian.


Why was he blushing Having a mistress around was not that surprising… or was it


“Is it the prince’s, by any chance”


Vian’s face turned even redder at my words.

He looks like an apple.


Was I right Does that mean Vian is a cross-dresser Or is he an Onee 


“What if I say it’s mine”


He stared at me with a little teary-eyed glare.


I used to think Vian was a scary person, but now that I see him like this, I’m not so sure.


Could it be that I found an important secret about him and now he wants to kill me to keep me quiet


No, of course not.

I won’t let myself get killed.


“Hey, are you even listening to me”


Vian asked in a slightly angry tone.


I muttered, “The way you talk,” and he huffed, covering his mouth with his hand.

His character was falling apart.

Gone was the impression of a calm, slightly psychopathic prince.


“Are you from that side”


“Which side are you from I mean, what’s with that reaction! You should have said something else!”


You don’t need to yell at me so loudly.


I tried my best to think of something else to say to Vian so as not to offend him.


“Was that lipstick the prince’s after all”



How can it be anything other than mine in this situation Cross-dressing is my hobby.

But that doesn’t mean I like men.

Women are my love interest.

What’s wrong with that”


I didn’t say anything, but Vian just kept talking and talking.

So I listened to him without saying a word.


Vian’s face was so beautiful and well-developed that if he dressed up as a woman, she would be a beauty of the highest order… I would love to see that.


“What color is that lipstick”


I asked, to which he replied with a dubious look on his face, “Red.”


“That’s nice.

Please try it on now.”


“Do you think I’m an idiot You’re the first person I’ve ever met who didn’t despise me, and I was so happy…”


The last part was blurted out, so I couldn’t quite catch it.


…Now that I think about it, I was being extremely rude to the prince.

Still, I wanted to see him become more beautiful.


“I think it would definitely look good on you.”


I added, looking at Vian hesitantly.


He reluctantly begins to gently apply lipstick to his lips.

His light pink lips turn bright red.

His long blonde hair shimmers in the sunlight, and his eyes are a mysterious yellow-green.

The bright red lips stand out against his pure white skin.


“How beautiful…”


I unintentionally revealed the voice of my heart.


I could see Vian’s pupils dilate at my words.

Then he stares at me, frozen.


As I looked at Vian, I realized that it was because he was dressed like a man that he was able to produce such beauty.


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