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T/N: Today Id like to give another huge thank you to my repeat Cookie Donor, Rich! Thanks to you, Im gonna get me some ice cream to enjoy after work ❤

After a day, my fever was gone and I was feeling completely fine again.

Theres nothing like being sick to make you realize just how grateful you are to be healthy.

With a newly clear head I decide that what happened yesterday with Duke-Sama….

that mouth-to-mouth moment….

I probably shouldnt think too deeply about it.

More than that, what I really need to be focusing on is the fact that the heroine is already attending the magic academy.

Even though that news should be the most important, it had somehow completely slipped my mind.

I feel regretful over the wasted time, but theres nothing that I can do about it at this point.

Ill just have to think extra hard about it from now on.

Starting with the current state of affairs.

I wonder whats been happening

By now, the heroine should have definitely become close to all of the capture targets, right But the odd thing is, I still havent heard Albert-Oniisama mention the heroine even once yet.

Im starting to wonder if she really did enter the academy or not.

The rumors of a commoner whos capable of wielding every type of magic already should have spread.

So, what happened Dont tell me she suddenly lost all her money and so she ended up not being able to attend.

….No, wait, the heroine was a scholarship student anyway, so that shouldnt have anything to do with it.

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Ahh, Im so curious…..!

I really want to ask Albert-Oniisama but if he questions me about why I want to know then Ill really be in a bind.

Its not like I can just honestly tell him that its because Im excited to start bullying her.

….If theres no other way to find out, Ill just have to infiltrate the academy!

And I guess this is for the best.

Gathering information really should be done personally after all.

Since a villainess needs to be independent, she cant rely on others for these sorts of things.

Plus, if I go myself, then Ill finally get to see the heroine in the flesh, and since trespassing is also considered a wicked act….

its like killing two birds with one stone!

Ahh, Ill finally get to see the heroine! Its been such a long time in coming.

My heart is beating faster just thinking about it!

Without a moment to lose, I sprint off towards the stables.

Im in awe.

I know my mouth is wide open, but I cant help it.

Just how much did it cost to build this this place….!

I saw the academys façade during the game of course, but those images cant even compare to how impressive it is in person.

Its extremely clear that it was constructed with the aristocracy in mind.

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All the windows are made of stained glass….

Stained glass! At a school! What are they going to do if someones playing ball nearby and ends up breaking something

I dismount from my horse and head off towards the front gate.

….I wonder if its okay for me to enter from there They wont detain me or arrest me or anything, right

But I really dont want to sneak in through the back entrance.

A villainess always needs to act in a grand and imposing manner!

Besides, Ive never heard that the academy was off limits for non-students or staff.

So Im sure itll be fine.

Ill just go confidently in through the front.

I straighten my back and stride towards the gate.

“Hey, you!”

And I am called out in an instant.

“Yes What is it” I bring a smile onto my face and turn to look at the likely security guard.

Could he be a regular person I doubt hes a noble….

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“You arent a student here, right”


“Then you cant go in.”

Oh So the school premises really do have restricted access for all non-related personnel

If thats the case, I really wish the game would have mentioned that in its explanation of the setting.

I guess Ill have to resort to plan B.

I really didnt want to have to use this type of cowardly method….

“Im Alicia, from the Williams family.

I came to bring my brother something he forgot at home.

Do you mean to stop me” I ask, glaring self-righteously at the man.

Its a lie though, of course.

His face pales instantly.

To think that he would be this scared after just being glared at by a previously smiley little girl….

Im over the moon.

Thank you so much for showing off such a frightened expression for me.

Its like confirmation that I truly have become a villainess.

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“The Williams familys…..” the security guard whispers while backing away.

Huh Could it be that he was frightened simply because Im from the Williams family

Ill be taking back my previous thanks.

Somehow, knowing that it wasnt me who made him quake in terror leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

In the end, it was only my family name that mattered to him.

“Please, go on in.”

Still in a foul mood, I stride through the gate and stalk off towards the school building.


T/N: Poor Alicia.

Her glare isnt scary enough yet to cause grown men to cower before her~ XD


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