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T/N: Today Id like to give a huge thank you to my Cookie Donor, Sarah! Thanks to you Im gonna splurge and get some takeout with my friends after I upload this chapter

I was safely able to enter the academy but….

isnt this school just too big

Wouldnt it have been fine even if it wasnt this huge What were they thinking That they had to build extravagantly because its a school that will be attended by aristocrats

No matter how I look at it, this place is just uselessly big.

Im sure I walked straight in the direction of the one of the school buildings, but somehow I ended up lost in a forest! And why is there even a forest within the school grounds anyway

Ahh, this might just end up being a wild goose chase too.

Because, even if I somehow manage to run into the heroine, will I even recognize her The game was always portrayed from the heroines point of view so, honestly, Im not even sure what she looks like.

And, thats right! I havent even come up with what Im going to say to her if I do manage to meet her! What sort of salutation would be good in this sort of situation It definitely should at least have malicious undertones….

Wait, is it weird to show such hostility right from our first meeting I ended up coming to see the heroine on impulse, but I didnt really have a good reason… Maybe this was a bad idea after all

“Are you lost”

Yes, thats right, Im lost…..

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I turn to look in the direction of the person who called out to me.

“Are you okay” the girl continues in her sweet, soprano voice as she comes over to me.

…..Goodness, thats an impressive heroine aura shes got going on.

Shes got lovely, huge, emerald green eyes and luscious black hair just like mine….

To think that wed have the same hair color.

What were these game creators thinking! Giving the heroine and the villainess the same color hair!

…..Though, I still havent confirmed that she is actually the heroine yet.

“Hey, whats your name”

Treating me like a kid…..

Though I guess thats to be expected, I am only 10 years old after all.

But shes only 15! Shes still a child herself.

“Before asking someones name, shouldnt you give your own first” I quip making the girls eyes go wide.

She had called out to me out of concern, so she probably wasnt expecting that sort of cheeky remark from me.

“Ah, of course.


My name is Liz.

Liz Cather.

Nice to meet you.”

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Is she just super generous and soft-hearted Without showing any sort of displeasure, she just kindly told me her name.


Against this sort of girl, my wickedness will stand out even more.

“Im Alicia Williams.

I dont believe Ive heard of the Cather family before…”

“Ah, thats because Im not a noble.”

And that confirms it.

Without a doubt, Liz Cather is the heroine!

Weve finally met.

Do you realize how much Ive been waiting for this day

“So, where are you trying to go, Alicia-chan”


How overly familiar.

I would appreciate it if you would consider your social status before you speak.

….Is what Id like to say, but unfortunately I didnt become a member of the nobility through my own strength.

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So I definitely cant say something like that to Liz who was able to enroll in the magic academy as a scholarship student through only her own abilities despite being a commoner.


Where do I want to go Ive already achieved my goal for today….

Since I was able to meet Liz and all.

I guess the only thing left to do is be caught as an intruder….

Which I suppose would probably be easiest from within the school building.

I hope the security guard didnt contact Albert-Oniisama to let him know that his little sister has arrived.

That would definitely ruin my evil infiltration plan.

“Id like to go to the school building.”

“Oh, then come this way!” Liz-san says while smiling like an angel.

Most people would be charmed by that smile Im sure, but not me.

That sort of look isnt my cup of tea.

…..Its just way too pure and innocent.



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