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Amidst Gilless rage, a slight look of fear permeates his expression.

Did no one catch that on film just now….. If it had been recorded, Im sure it would have gone viral in moments showing the whole world what a villain I can be.

Such a shame.

I suck in a small breath.

“But, on the off chance that you do actually want to live, then Ill do my utmost to keep you alive.

If you find yourself in need of assistance, Ill come running.

And so long as you dont give up on living, Ill continue to support you to the best of my abilities.

However, that doesnt mean you can let yourself be spoiled.

Interacting with other people is a fact of life that you wont be able to get away from for as long as you live.

And Im not the one who can fight that battle.

You need to stand up and fight for yourself, Gilles.”

“Theres no way that you can understand how I feel!” he cries, his eyes turning slightly red.

“I already admitted that I have no idea what you are feeling.

Im living a blessed life.”

“Then dont try to tell me things that you know nothing about!”

Whether out of anger or bitterness Im not sure, but tears start to brim in Gilless eyes.

“Hey, werent you supposed to be smart”

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“I thought talented people were the ones who usually end up on top.”

“Isnt that a place reserved for nobles like you Theres no way I could climb up there.”

Has he been listening to a word that Ive said Im getting a bit angry here.

“So in the end, what is it, Gilles Do you want to live Or do you want to die”

At my question, Gilles falls silent.

“Answer me.”

I glare at him, demanding a response with my eyes.

Ive been practicing this look in the mirror daily as preparation for becoming a villainess.

Looks like my hard work is finally paying off.

“Whod wanna die! But who cares How am I supposed to get out of here Whats the point in being better than any other b*stard out there when Im stuck in this h*llhole!”

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In frustration, the tears that hed held at bay until now finally overflow.

“You have the means! You have this huge pair of wings ready to take you anywhere you want to go.

Just take a leap! You can fly any time! So what are you even angry about”

“If I jump, the only thing thats sure to happen is that Ill fall,” Gilles retorts, looking at me scornfully.

“Didnt I already say that Id oh-so-kindly lend you a hand If you want to see the light, then go! Ill let you stand on that sunny stage even if it means putting my life on the line! Ill make it so that no one dares try to trample on those wings of yours!”

Without realizing, I ended up raising my voice a little too much in the heat of the moment.

Not a very villainessy reaction, unfortunately.

Its too bad really.

I had been doing such a great job of maintaining a calm, rational tone up until just now.

Gilles looks at me with huge, wide eyes.

And from those eyes, huge rain-drop sized tears stream onto his cheeks like a waterfall.


are you going this far for me”

“Ive already told you.

I kept you alive so now Im responsible for you.”

And at this, for the first time, Gilles smiles at me.


When hes smiling, hes unexpectedly cute.

I wonder if this means that hes already opened up his heart to me.

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Looks like I won the battle.

And just to note, I definitely didnt save him out of compassion or pity.

A villainess wont act upon such flimsy feelings as those.


T/N: Translation Note: For those of you that read the last chapter on one of the first days it came out, I changed my translation a bit.

Originally, I thought Alicia said that Gilles owes her for saving his life, but actually Alicia was saying that she now shares responsibility for Gilles since she saved his life.

It was just a single line fix, but if you want, you can see that here.

Its the third to last line.


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