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T/N: Today Id like to thank my repeat Cookie Donor, Rich! Thanks for the sweets ❤

“Ali-chan, with Liz at the lead, what sort of production do you think would be good”

Even if you ask me that, you think I have any clue Curtis-Sama, can you please realize that I regard Liz-san as my mortal enemy And in the first place, why is she even here How is it that a commoner managed to become a member of the student council anyway


Its because shes that outstandingly talented….

Ah, whatever.

Either way, single-handedly making Liz-san the star of the show is definitely not something a villainess like me should be doing.

But, I was the one who proposed the idea….

So that means that I at least need to take some responsibility for my words.

Somehow, it feels like the road to villainess-dom is slipping away from me just a bit though.

“Liz-san, whats your favorite type of magic”

At my question, Liz-sans cheeks turn slightly pink.

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“Its water magic.”

…..Of course it is.

I kind of feel like I know why the phrase “happy people can go die” became popular in my past life.

Its terribly unpleasant seeing someone acting so one-sidedly happy right in front of you like this.

Though, maybe thats just me.

“Then, what if you put on a production focused around water magic”

Liz-sans face turns bright red.

Wow, just like an apple.

Boys are bound to fall helplessly in love at a reaction like that.

Her expression is just so innocent and beautiful….

She looks absolutely lovely….!

….Wait, no! I ended up praising her….

Even if its just in my mind, thats no good!

Im her rival.

She needs to be bullied by me! I need to focus, lest I might end up complimenting her again.

“Maybe you and Duke-Sama could be partners”

At my suggestion, Duke-Sama sends a small glare my way.

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I went out of my way to play cupid for you, and this is how you react Why are you glaring at me Wouldnt you typically be happy that someone is offering to give you mutual love on a silver platter Sure, I know hes been harboring affection for me, but its not like hes in love with me, right So why is he acting so displeased all of a sudden

…Could it be He finds it unpleasant just hearing me say his name!

That must be it!

For him to glare at me just for saying his name must mean hes recognized how evil I am.

“Duke-Sama, how do you feel about pairing up with Liz-san for the production”

I was right.

Just by calling his name, Duke-Samas mood has turned sour.

Doesnt that mean that Ive already become quite the splendid villainess

Unintentionally, my mouth quirks up in a tiny smile.

“So, what specifically are you suggesting we do” Eric-Sama asks me.

Specifically I didnt really think it through that far.

The details dont really matter so long as the plan induces a lovey-dovey state between those two, right

And speaking of lovey-dovey……

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“What if we just have them embrace each other” I blurt without thinking.

Everyone stiffens and stares at me.

…..Ah, that might have been a bit too much of a jump.

But was it that surprising Even their expressions all look a bit cramped.

I dont think it was that bad of an idea though

With that one suggestion, the atmospheres gone cold again.

The ambiance that I put my all into creating earlier has come back just like that.

But, this time it isnt because of me…..

Its because of Duke-Sama

Could it be….. He wanted to see the showdown between Liz-san and I so badly that he recreated this tense atmosphere on purpose

Then, Ill happily accept this opportunity! Ill show you just how devious I can be!

“Alicia, thats a bit much….

Hahaha…..” Alan-Oniisama says, forcing a laugh to break some of the tension.

Everyone else laughs as well, following his lead.

Though, their expressions still look a bit off….

That precious charged atmosphere….

Theres barely a spark left now.

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“Ali-chan! Lets think of something that has a little more relevance to her actual skills!” Curtis-Sama suggests, completely destroying what was left of the tension.

Although his lighthearted words and tone dont really match up with his oddly stiff looking smile…..

So we continue the discussion for a while longer, but that leftover awkwardness never abates.

And in the end, we arent able to come up with any concrete plans for their production even after that.


T/N: Alicia! Last chapter you said you were going to terrorize the heroine with a confession! Now you are trying to pair her up with her crush! Youve clearly lost perspective here!!!! Lol

On another note, we finally hit the big five-0!!!! It doesnt mean anything, but it feels like a milestone.

How should we celebrate XD


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