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“Alicia! Did you bring them” Gilles asks running over to me the moment I walk into Grandpa Wills house.

Wordlessly, I pass my bag over to him.

Inside is filled to the brim with books.

I ran all the way here carrying that thing.

Theres ten thick volumes in there!

Thank goodness Ive been keeping up with my daily physical training.

Otherwise come tomorrow morning, I might not have been able to lift my arms at all.

“Thanks!” Gilles cries, throwing his arms around me.

Oh It seems youve completely opened your heart to me now.

This big sister is very happy! I guess once youve gotten a small child to open up to you, they quickly grow attached.

Without pause, Gilles drags the books over to a chair and plops down to start reading.

Just as Grandpa Will told me, Gilles is certainly very intelligent.

His comprehensive abilities and imagination are truly astounding.

….Bringing him books, praising his skills…..

Somehow, doesnt this make me seem like Im actually a good person

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“Good evening, Alicia,” Grandpa Will greets me before pouring me a cup of hot chocolate.

Quite some time ago I brought some cocoa powder from my house over for him.

Since we certainly have plenty of it, I figured theres no way anyone would notice anyway.

And while Grandpa Will was already familiar with the drink, it seems that Gilles had never heard of it before.

In the beginning, he was actually quite hesitant to try it, but the moment he brought the cup to his lips, his face lit up and he downed the whole thing in one go.

His reaction was so cute!

Though, I suppose everything he does is quite cute since Gilless face is just so adorable.

Is it because this is a game world I havent met a single ugly person yet.

I take a seat next to Gilles, who is still happily engrossed in his books, and chat away with Grandpa Will as I sip at my hot chocolate.

I matter-of-factly relay to him the events of this past day.

I tell him about how it was decided that Liz-san and Duke-Sama would be the main leads in the student councils performance and how literally nothing else was decided on.

“What sort of performance would you typically put on for a school festival”

I stiffen.

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I hadnt really thought about it, but there really are all kinds of productions that you could put on.

In my head, I had been imagining a stage performance this whole time, but it could also be as simple as putting together a food stand……

Is that the real reason that Duke-Sama seemed so annoyed He must have thought that I wasnt taking this matter seriously enough.

The word “production” is just too vague.

That ambiguous pamphlet is as much to blame as I am.

“Whether its some sort of stage performance or some sort of food stand, Im not really sure myself.”

Grandpa Will chuckles lightly.

“Then, I guess you should start from there.”


I shoot up from my seat eagerly.

The chair rocks back slightly and the desk shakes from my sudden movement, and a splash of hot chocolate falls onto the wood.

“Are you planning to come again tomorrow” Grandpa Will calls from behind me as I walk towards the door.

This content is taken from lightnovelworld.com

“Of course,” I say, grinning back at him over my shoulder.

I was planning to ask Albert-Oniisama for clarification so I ran straight home, but its not until I actually get back and am heading towards his room that I realize that its the middle of the night.

Everyone else should already be asleep at this hour.

So, shoulders sagging I head down the hall to my own room instead.


T/N: Lol.

This whole time I thought that they had decided to put on some sort of play, but that they just couldnt decide on any of the particulars… But they havent even decided on that much! How does the student council ever get anything done XD


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