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First thing in the morning, I rush over to find my eldest brother.

Of course, not by running.

A villainess must remain calm, cool, and collected at all times.

But, a little speed walking cant hurt, right

“Alicia Whats up” Albert-Oniisama asks with a curious expression on his face.

“About the production for the magic academy, is it supposed to be some sort of stage performance”

“Ah, yeah.

It needs to be a demonstration or a showcase of sorts.”

So it is a stage performance! Then I wasnt mistaken.

I guess that means that Duke-Sama really did ruin the mood because he wanted to see Liz-san and I battle it out…..

“Why do you ask”

“Oh, no reason.”

“Youll come to the festival to watch, right”

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“Of course!”

For some reason Albert-Oniisama is smiling at me.

He looks super amused.

But what for Why do you look like youre trying desperately to keep yourself from laughing…..

“Al-Nii, the tutors here,” Alan-Oniisama calls from down the hall.

“See you later, Ali,” Albert-Oniisama says as he turns to leave.

…..Hes taking classes at the academy, but hes continuing to learn from a home tutor as well Quite the diligent student.

I definitely cant let myself fall behind!

Without further ado, I head off towards the library.

Alright! Lets practice some magic.

I scan through the books detailing the spells for levels 11 through 15.

…..Magic to cleanse your skin What the…..

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Does that mean its supposed to clean up acne and shrink your pores and stuff If I could have used this in my past life, I probably would have struck it rich in no time.

Dont tell me that darkness magic is the most trivial type of magic…..

Despite being one the five main elements!

That sort of thing was never mentioned in the book that compares all the types of magic though….

But maybe it would be written in an exhaustive magic encyclopedia….

I guess its a fact thats not well-known.

But for a skin care spell to be considered level 12 magic….

Could it be that darkness magic is actually focused around aesthetics and beautification

Regardless of its usefulness, I would still like to practice it.

But Im already quite satisfied with my skin as it is…..

Ill just have to put that one on hold until the proper opportunity presents itself.

Though, I feel like I could go my whole life without ever having the chance to use it.

I continue reading through the book.

This time my eyes fall on a skin destruction spell.

….Wait just second, first its skin cleansing and now its a spell to literally destroy skin tissue! Its like…..

this book is trying to guide me down the proper path to villainy!

Im feeling a very sudden spike in motivation.

And its a level 15 spell! If I can just learn this one, then today will be quite the success.

But, where am I going to find someone to practice it on

And even though this spell is definitely useful for me…..

I still havent found any darkness magic spells that have much of an impact.

Their uses are all so….


Hmm, arent there any spells that I can at least try out right now though I would consider it an added bonus if it was actually somewhat helpful as well.

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『Level 14 Object gathering magic Even without using other magic to move things, all designated objects will gather together into one pile or stack.』

Im not sure where exactly this might be useful, but at least I can easily put this one into practice.

I scatter about 10 books all around me on the floor.

And then I just imagine…..

I snap my fingers.

A glittering aura envelops the books.

No matter how many times I see this, I still find it mesmerizing.

This dark aura is just so lovely.

All of the books quickly slide towards each other, stacking neatly on top of one another.

And in the blink of an eye theres a small tower of books standing in front of me.

Quite the success if I do say so myself!

I guess its fine to stop at level 14 for today.

And since I was able to use a level 14 spell, Im sure level 15 shouldnt pose too much of a problem.

Besides, its important for a villainess to revel in indolence every once in a while.

Having successfully rationalized my sudden desire to be lazy today, I close the book and call it quits on my magic practice.

New novel chapters are published on l_ightnovelworl_d.com

I guess Ill go look for some more books to bring for Gilles tonight!


T/N: What do you guys think Why is Albert-Oniisama so amused I have no clue lol.

Also, thinking about that skin destruction spell….

Anyone else imagine that scene from the Indiana Jones movie where the bad guy drank from the fake Holy Grail Yuck.


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