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Magic book….

magic book…..

Found it!

I impatiently toss it open, but my fingers fumble as they tug through the pages.

What Father and Brother said….

has to be a lie.

As Im frantically flipping through, I finally find the right page.

I stop and stare at it.

『Magic will become attainable at 13 years of age.』


no way Im seeing this wrong…..

I mean, my eye-sight is super good.

But then, why am I able to use magic when Im only ten

This book has to be incorrect.

I slam it shut and reach for the magic encyclopedia.

Its thicker and has information about everything in much more detail, so Im sure itll help clear everything up.

I take a deep breath in, calming myself, and turn through the pages once more.

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『Magic will become attainable at 13 years of age.』

Its the same.

Even the wording is the same.

『 The children of the nobility who begin acquiring magic at age 13 and who are able to attain level 20 by the age of 15 will be permitted to matriculate into the magic academy.』

Attaining level 20…..

But Im going to reach level 20 soon….

Does it say anything else….. Something about being able to use magic from a younger age

I scour every page of the encyclopedia but find nothing.

Is that it Am I going to have to leave it at this As a mystery

No way! I cant stand leaving questions unresolved.

It makes my heart feel all prickly.

Though having said that, its not like I can just ask someone about this.

It doesnt seem like something most people would know the answer to…..

but maybe if its Grandpa Will Might he know

And its getting dark out anyway, so it should be fine to head over to the impoverished village now.

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Oh! And since Im going, I cant forget to grab some more books to bring for Gilles.

“Good evening, Alicia.

Is there something wrong” Grandpa Will inquires, noticing my impatience the moment I walk through the door.

I wish the heroine could be this attentive to another persons mood.

“I have something that I want to ask you about.”

“First, why dont you calm down a bit,” Grandpa Will tells me with a still somewhat youthful tone.

Like hes not used to dealing with frantic young ladies.

I take in a deep breath and then slowly let it out again.

Since Gilles is already asleep, I place the bag full of books by the bed next to him.

Then, as calmly as I can, I take a seat in my usual chair.

“Grandpa Will, I…..”

“Why are you able to use magic when youre only ten” Grandpa Will offers before I could find the right words to say.

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My shoulders stiffen in surprise.

“How did you know”

Does he have some sort of uncanny ability to read peoples minds

“I just had a feeling.”

Knowing what I want to say just based off of a feeling…..

Hes like a psychic.

Grandpa Will truly is amazing.

“Then, do you also know the reason why” I ask hopefully.

Grandpa Wills expression turns troubled.

Its an expression somehow filled with pain and loneliness.

I wonder if hes thinking about the time when he worked in the royal palace

“Alicia, being able to use magic from an earlier age than is typical is a sign of immense talent.

But at the same time, such talent can easily lead its bearer down the path to ruin.”


T/N: Im a little sad that she is so worked up about this.

Isnt being a genius the perfect ammunition to look down on people with Hopefully, once the shock subsides, shell recognize the evil possibilities that this news brings!

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