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“So it seems like the magic academys festival was cancelled for this year,” Alan-Oniisama tells me at sword practice.

Im so shocked, my arm freezes mid-swing.


The festival was cancelled Is it because Liz-san and I werent able to become friends


That should be irrelevant.

Since Im not even a student at the academy, Im sure the reason has nothing to do with me…..

“Al-Nii sent us an urgent magic communication a little while ago to let us know.”

I wonder if that was around the time when I was talking to the king.

But that aside, I forgot communication magic was a thing.

That sounds super convenient!

“Did something happen”

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“Apparently Liz collapsed.”

Instead of Alan-Oniisama, this time Henry-Oniisama is the one who answers.

Liz-san collapsed

Wait, so maybe it really was my fault Because I was acting so abominably towards her….. But it hadnt been my intention to torment her to the point of making her ill.

“Her magic seems to be spiraling out of control or something.”

“Her magics gone out of control”


Apparently they still havent figured out the cause yet.

And since it would be dangerous if something were to happen while the festival was underway, they decided to cancel it altogether.”

Why would her magic suddenly go haywire….. I suppose its possible that its because she has extremely strong magical power… But then, why now

As Im already lost in thought, I decide to give up on the sword practice for today and head over to the library.

I carefully read through the whole magic encyclopedia again, but I still cant find any mention of magic raging out of control.

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Does that mean that thereve been no such occurrences up until now

I scan through the rest of the magic books that I have piled up around me.

In the first place, it looks like this is the first time that someone who is capable of using every type of magic has appeared.

Not to mention that shes a commoner…..

『Darkness Magic』

As I keep reading, this heading jumps out at me.

A description for darkness magic Will it say something about how useless it is

I turn the page.

『Darkness magic is based around destruction and healing.』

…..Whats that supposed to mean Is it saying that our magic is inconsistent Like its a contradiction

I turn one more page.

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……Thats it

Every other magic has pages and pages filled with descriptions, but darkness magic gets what Not even a full page

It really is the most useless element…..

No, stop that.

Lets not think so negatively.

I should do some magic practice as a change of pace.

I read through the books for levels 16 through 20.

It seems like Im going to reach level 20 unexpectedly easily.

For it being the level requirement to attend the magic academy, its not that hard to get to.

Starting from level 16, I practice all of the new spells in order.

It really is easy.

Im raising my levels within minutes and I dont feel any sort of resistance.

Honestly, I find casting level 20 magic to be as natural as casting level 1.

…..And in no time at all, Ive already fulfilled the required level to enter the academy.

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Good going, me! Im so amazing.

Im gradually chipping away at the gap between the heroines level and mine.

How great would it be if Liz-san just waited to get better until after Im done…..

It might be cowardly of me to think so, but as long as Liz-san is out of commission, this is my chance to catch up to her.

If I can level up like crazy during this time period, then by the time she opens her eyes again well be on equal playing fields!

That would be a dream! But that plan is not without fault.

It relies heavily on luck and my own abilities, so I guess Ill just have to work hard in the meantime to make it a reality.

I pull down the book for level 21 and start to read.


T/N: Lol, its definitely Dukes fault.

He doesnt want to partner with Liz for the festival so he made her faint with magic XD

OR, Liz is feeling inferior to Alicia and was pushing herself too hard to level up, thereby causing her magic to spiral out of control.

What do you guys think Any fun theories

Also! Minor Spoiler: for all you guys who wanted a change in POV….

Well, its not any of the boys, but well be seeing Alicias fathers point of view in the next chapter

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