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T/N: Today Id like to thank my Cookie Donor, Daniel! Thanks for the sweets!

Liz Cather……

Shes also considered an enfant terrible.

Originally, she was the only one that we were keeping our eyes on.

Despite being a commoner she has the rare ability to be able to use every type of magic.

Such talents make her a valuable existence to us; someone that needs to be carefully watched over.

Since she has such an unusual background, we believe that she is the saintess that is prophesied to bring peace to this world.

But today we received word that Liz Cathers magic is currently spiraling out of control and that she has collapsed.

We have yet to find definitive results for why this is happening, but we currently suspect its due to her exceedingly strong magical power.

“There should be no doubt that shes the saintess,” Johan states, to which Neville counters with, “However, even if her magical abilities are extraordinary, if her intelligence is inadequate then itll be pointless to admit her as a member of this council.”

“She seems to have good grades in school so she shouldnt lack intelligence.”

“But having good grades doesnt guarantee her the wisdom to guide a country.”

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Which is exactly why Id like to suggest having Alicia monitor the saintess, Liz Cather.”

At Johans sudden suggestion I begin to doubt my ears again.

What is he saying He wants my daughter to monitor the saintess

“After observing her on a number of occasions, Ive come to the conclusion that she has quite the discerning eye.

She seems able to see through outer appearances and grasp the true nature of things.”

“Even if she does have such a talent, arent you disregarding Alicias opinions a bit too much by having her monitor the saintess” Derek says in my stead, voicing my thoughts exactly.

Dereks long red hair almost appears to be burning righteously.

“Johan, what youre suggesting doesnt seem to stop at just a monitoring role,” I say while glaring at him.

“Yes, thats true.

She needs to be there to guide the saintess into making wise judgments.

Alicias true objective will be to mold her into becoming this countrys top asset.”

She wont be able to do this out in the open.

The saintess needs to be the one in the spotlight, so Alicia will be forced to use biting remarks and criticism to guide her onto the right path.

And such actions wont be winning her any friends.

Shell undoubtedly be shunned by her peers and end up becoming isolated.

She wont even be able to discuss this with anyone since shell be required to keep everything secret.

No matter what the people around her are saying about her, shell have to bear with it all by herself.

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Wont taking on this sort of position end up ruining my daughters life…..

“Im against it,” Derek says, raising his hand.

“Im also against it,” I add, following suit.

Neville crosses his arms in front of his chest, jaw tight, indecisive.

The silence stretches for a long moment before….

“Lets have Alicia begin monitoring Liz Cather once she enters the magic academy……” Luke says quietly, his head still bowed, eyes closed.


Does he actually intend to force Alicia into such a role Is he thinking that because shes not his daughter he can push forward with this inhumane plan

As political leaders, of course its our duty to consider the peace of this country first and foremost but…..

Shes my daughter.

“What if we wait until Alicias 13 before we discuss this with her directly At that time we can bring up the possibility of her enrolling into the academy early as well as ask her if shell agree to monitor Liz Cather for us.”

At Johans new suggestion, Luke finally raises his head.

His deep, blue eyes hold a steadfast resolution.

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And then he slowly opens his mouth.

“You mean well ask her to become a villain.”


T/N: I truly did not see that coming! Also, I feel like I get the logic but….

also not at the same time XD Like, I see how having an amazing saintess could benefit the country, but I also feel like taking this “drastic measure” is kind of unnecessary lol.

Since shes already quite talented I dont really think Alicias role is needed, but maybe its a “light shines brightest in the dark” sort of situation where they want Alicia to be Lizs foil

Anybody else have theories behind their rationale

Whatever the motive though, color me intrigued.

Im also oddly reminded of Elphaba and Glinda from Wicked, which is quite the magical duo as well hahaha.


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