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I stop in front of the door to Fathers room.


I have a bad feeling about this.

After knocking lightly on the door, I enter.

……I cant even be surprised by this sort of development anymore.

As always, I sweep into a deep curtsy in greetings to the king.

“Its been a while, Alicia.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.

Its been three years.”

“Youve become even more mature in that span of time,” he says, smiling lightly.

Rather, I feel like it would be a problem if I hadnt matured at all over three years time…..

which I suppose describes the Alicia from the game rather well.

And this time too, the five heads of the great noble houses have all gathered here together.

What business could they have with me this time I wonder

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Each time this has happened, I tried to imagine the reason, but every time they end up saying things that are way beyond my expectations.

So, I might as well give up on trying to think about it.

This time, I wont be surprised no matter what they tell me!

“Alicia, this might sound like an unusual question, but do you have any desire to attend the magic academy starting this year” Johan-Sama asks me.



have to take back what I just said.

I ended up being extremely surprised after all.

While I said I wasnt going to bother thinking about the reason, I still assumed that they brought me here to ask about my current magic level or something similar…..

but as it turns out, I was dead wrong.

And in short, doesnt this mean Ill be able to see Liz-san two years faster than I was expecting If I can enroll early, then obviously Id want to go!


Id like that.

Please allow me to attend starting from this year.”

“I see.”

Hearing my answer, Father looks rather uncomfortable.

Although, now that I think of it, no one looks entirely pleased right now.

Everyones expressions have become a bit complicated.

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Should I have tried to act a bit more humbly after all Should I have questioned whether it would be okay for me to attend at only 13

But, a villainess really has no use for such forced modesty.

Since theyre giving me this amazing opportunity, of course Id accept it.

“Alicia, what level of magic have you currently acquired”


There it is.

The question that I had been waiting for.

A huge grin stretches across my face.

As a villainess, I absolutely cannot miss this chance to brag about myself.

“Level 80.”

…..You can act a little more awed over my amazing achievement, you know I wont mind.

At the very least, would you please refrain from looking at me like this answer was even more troubling than my last one This reaction is not what I was expecting at all.

I suppose such looks do convey a feeling of surprise, but I was looking for something a bit….


Praise me! Commend me for my efforts…..


I thought that at least Father would look happy for me, but whats with his expression right now

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“80……” Neville-Sama whispers feebly.

You should say that more confidently.

I was hoping youd all be shocked and amazed.

“Thats the same level as the saintess.”

…….The saintess Who

In otome games, doesnt the saintess usually turn out to be the heroine Which means….

could they be referring to Liz-san

Im at the same level as Liz-san!

Yes! I did it! With this I leveled the playing field!

Im inwardly ecstatic, but as much as I can, I make sure to manage my expression, trying not to let any of my true feelings leak out.

“Alicia, wont you listen to a request of ours”

“A request”

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Father glares at Johan-Sama.

I wonder what made him angry

“Of course, you may feel free to decline after hearing it.

That will be completely fine.”


I understand.”

Though, I feel like Ill be exiled or executed if I actually decline a direct request from the council of the five main noble families….

“We would like you to monitor Liz Cather for us,” the king tells me.

Um, I dont understand.

His words arent making sense in my mind.

What does he mean by that


T/N: Our poor little cinnamon roll just wanted to boast a bit….

Come on, guys!! Show a little more of a reaction XD

Also, I want to know more about this prophecy that makes them think that Liz is the saintess.

I know she can use all the types of magic, but Alicia is five years younger than her but is at the same level….

yet they dont even suspect that she might be the true saintess


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