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Monitor Liz Cather…. First of all, why do they need someone to monitor her

“We understand just how outstanding you are.

Thats why youre the only one that we can entrust this task to.”

“If you say it like that, then Alicia will feel like she cant refuse,” Father rebukes the king before I have the chance to say anything.

“Um, when you say that you want me to monitor her….”

“Liz Cather is the saintess.”

Im not really surprised by Johan-Samas declaration, since I had already surmised as much earlier.

Honestly, I dont know how I could have forgotten something like that.

As someone whos played the game to completion, I should have already known that Liz-san was the saintess.

I guess I was too focused on Alicia the whole time while I was playing to pay any heed to the heroines character setting.

I mean, I couldnt even remember what her name was, so I guess it is understandable.

But, I still dont understand.

When they say monitor, what are they expecting me to do

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“I believe you should have already heard that her magic went wild a couple of years ago, right”


“Shes a very important existence for this country–“


I know,” I interrupt before Johan-Sama can give me the whole spiel about how crucial the saintess is for us.

“Then Ill get to the point.

Even if she is the saintess and holds astonishing magical power, if she doesnt have the wisdom to wield her power well, then she wont be able to perform the duties required of such a position.”

Come to think of it, there was that sort of event in the game where the heroines wisdom gets tested.

Oh yeah, I remember now.

When I was playing through that part, I got a 0.

If I recall, all the options for each of the questions completely missed their mark.

They all just glossed over the question, giving an answer that sounds alright….

if you dont think too deeply about it.

But none of them truly got to the heart of the problem.

There was not one plausible option to choose from.

So, in the game, as the heroine, I was never able to participate in the important meetings that would decide the fate of the country.

Which was honestly for the best, since the saintess is in an idiot.

“So, when we ask that you monitor her, were asking you to observe her actions and judge whether she has the wisdom to be able to bear all the burdens that befall this country.

And, if not, we want you to guide her to ensure that she cultivates that capability.”

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I understand all the words that Johan-Sama is saying, but I feel like Im missing something here.

Their plan sounds rather….


The gist seems to be that I need to determine whether she is wise enough to be at the forefront of the country, right

But, what does he mean when he says that they want me to guide her

Is he trying to say that until the day when her role as the saintess is finally revealed to the public that Im supposed to mold her way of thinking That I need to nudge her onto the right path

…….I dont want to do that! Thats something that a only truly good person would do!

Im trying to become a villainess, you know.

I cant accept a task like this! That would destroy everything that Ive been working so hard for.

Even if the punishment for refusing is being banished from the country, theres no way that I can accept this job.

“Alicia, wont you become a villain for us”

….I must have misheard.

What did the king just say

“Um, I believe I heard you say you want me to be a villain just now……”

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You wont be able to tell anyone that you are monitoring Liz Cather.

Furthermore, youll be required to use sharp, scathing remarks in order to change her way of thinking.

And considering that Liz Cather is fairly popular within the academy, it is likely that you will not be looked on favorably for such actions.”

This feels like a dream.

Isnt this a once in a lifetime opportunity for me…..Is this a gift from God for all the hard work Ive put in towards becoming a villainess

“So, in conclusion, youre telling me to become the most evil person in the world”

“Im not saying that you need to become the most evil person in the world, but it is possible that you might be perceived as such.”

“Theres no need for you to accept this role if you dont want to, Alicia.

Just say the word, and well forget this conversation ever happened,” Father tells me seriously.

Not accept I refuse to even consider that as an option at this point.

Why would I decline Ive never felt this happy before in my entire life! To think that Id be able to receive this kind of task from the king himself!

This whole time Ive been wanting to bully Liz-san, but in the back of my mind Ive always felt a bit hesitant over it because I didnt have a proper motive to warrant it.

But with this, I have the perfect motive now!

Theres no doubt in my mind as to my answer.

Im only wondering how I should best express what Im feeling to them.

“Of course Ill accept.

Ill show you that I can become a truly phenomenal villain.”

Hearing my reply, relief floods the faces of all the men in the room.

All, except for Father.

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“Youll become an outcast!”

“Ill be fine, Father.”

“Youll be hated.

People will despise you!”

“I know.”

“Youll be able to bear all that”

What a stupid question.

Whats there to bear Im sure Ill enjoy every single day I spend fulfilling this assignment as I attend the academy.

“Of course.”

Father heaves a resigned sigh.

My feelings seem to have finally gotten through to him.

“Even to your siblings, under no circumstances will you be allowed to–“

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“I wont tell anyone,” I interject before the king can finish speaking.

I look directly at him as I do so, projecting all my ambition into my voice.


T/N: Phew.

The conversations in this chapter were not flowing at all.

But, after fiddling around for a while, I think it sounds okay now Maybe

Honestly, Johan.

You were the main problem here! For a smart guy, you dont seem to know how to get to the point.

‘Liz is the saintess….

How is that answering the question! I mean you got there eventually, but by that time most people would have already forgotten what they were asking about.

On a completely unrelated note, I really appreciate Alicias father.

He wants whats best for her, but resigned himself when he saw how determined she was to accept the councils proposal.

A Papa Arnold! ❤


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