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“This way, please,” says a kind looking maid, guiding me.

She’s wearing an embroidered blue dress that looks absolutely lovely on her.

Considering its quality, I think she must be hold a pretty high ranking position within the servants here.

Speaking of which….

what am I even doing here Right now, I’m walking through the king’s estate…… the royal palace.

What could the king have called me here for I wonder It never seems to be a good thing when His Majesty pays me a visit, and now he’s actually summoning me.

He couldn’t be thinking of telling me to become Liz-san’s slave this time, right …..I’d definitely have to decline that sort of request.

Regardless of what he called me for though, it’s interesting to be able to see what sort of place the king of this nation is living in.

It’s almost too extravagant.

The ceilings are dizzyingly tall, the hallways are too long to be convenient, and everywhere I look there are so many high-end paintings, sculptures, and other collector’s items that I can’t even look at them all.

I’m becoming tired by the mere sensory overload of it.

“Here we are,” the maid announces, stopping in front of a pair of double doors that are each easily three times my size.

In front them, two stern looking guards stand sentry.

I’d really like to ask them why they decided to make these doors so needlessly large.

And also, why are there guards here For this room to be so tightly guarded and to have an entrance like this, could this room be…..

a dragon’s!

“Then, if you’ll please excuse me,” the maid continues.

She executes a perfectly manicured curtsy, gracefully bowing her head to me, and then she turns on her heel and starts walking smoothly back the way we had just come.

Ah, don’t leave me.

Take me with you….

I don’t want to be here either!

I already know that the thing waiting for me behind this door isn’t a dragon.

I know it’s actually the king.

I know that….

But I wish it was a dragon.

A dragon would be a hundred times better.

The two guards each grab one of the doors and they slowly pull them open.

Seeing how sluggishly the doors are sliding, they must be quite heavy.

Just like the weight bearing down on my chest right now.

I take in a big breath to try to calm my heart, readying myself for what’s to come.

And then I don’t think about it anymore.

“Excuse me,” I say, bobbing a light curtsy before stepping through the doors.

Once through, they slowly shut behind me, but I don’t even notice.

I’m too focused on the ridiculous sight before me.

Just how big is this room You could hold a 50 meter dash in here with plenty room for spectators on both ends.

And there’s a table so long you must have to shout in order to be heard on the opposite side.

At the head of that ridiculously long table sits the king.

With its current orientation, he has his back to the interior of the room, so he’s looking directly at me.

Next to him on either side of the table sit the five heads of the top noble families as well as…..


Why is Liz-san here

And she’s sitting next to Duke-Sama As a commoner, shouldn’t she normally be at the opposite end of the table

She’s completely disregarding my brothers, Gayle-Sama, Curtis-Sama, Eric-Sama, and Finn-Sama and throwing social etiquette out the window by sitting there.

As expected of the heroine.

Only she would have the audacity to sit next to a prince in the royal palace as a mere peasant.

But, that aside, what exactly is going on What sort of meeting are we having here

“Alicia, there’s something that I want to ask you.”


Don’t wanna.

Judging by the current atmosphere, I’m sure nothing good will come out of this for me.

If only Gilles was here.

At least then I’d feel much more at ease.

But I was clearly told to come alone….

“Duran’s economy collapsed,” the kings says in a low, dignified tone.

Although he didn’t speak loudly, his words still feel like they resound throughout the room.

Duran’s economy collapsed That’s not really what I was expecting to hear, but that’s great.

Just as I had predicted.

“How did you know this was going to happen” Johan-Sama asks, his gaze fixated on me.

…..I don’t believe I’ve mentioned thinking that their economy would collapse before.

So how did he know ……Can he read my mind

“Isn’t that what you wrote on the blackboard three years ago You know.

The blackboard in the academy’s old library That day, you wrote down a method for us to subjugate Ravaal, and one of the steps was to buy out Duran.

That’s why we figured that Ali-chan must have already predicted that Duran’s economy would collapse,” Curtis-Sama kindly explains to me.

Oh, so that’s how he knew. Phew.

Just knowing that Johan-Sama isn’t someone that can read people’s minds makes me feel a lot better.

This seems like a golden opportunity to freely show off my villainess skills in front of all these bigshots.

“Well How did you know”

Oh Johan-Sama, must you always be so demanding when you ask me things It’s quite scary.

I’m just a thirteen-year-old girl, you know

Instead of further trying to intimidate me, I wish you’d recognize just how much bravery I had to muster to come here on my own.

I take in a quick, deep breath before answering.

“That’s because there was a discrepancy between their productivity and their purchasing power.”


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