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“Oi, Girlie.

This the fella you’s looking for” says the swarthy-skinned man, striding back into the hut while dragging something behind him.

Wait, not something.

Someone…… Is that Gilles

I’m too shocked to speak.

He’s completely covered in blood.

The top half of his clothes have been torn to shreds and blood is just pouring out from a huge gash on his head.

In sharp contrast to all the red, his face is ghastly pale.

In this state, he’s nearly unrecognizable.

Is that really Gilles…..

Weakly, he manages to meet my gaze.

His eyes are completely devoid of fear.

But they look desperate, like he’s begging me to escape from here.

Slowly, I force myself to sit up.

“Ya can move already” laughs the biggest of the three men, stooping through the door.


run…..!” Gilles whimpers.

His voice is so weak, it sounds like his consciousness might just slip away at any moment.

The swarthy-skinned man’s eyes slide from me onto Gilles.

Before I can say a word, his fist flies into Gilles’s stomach.

“Tenacious little b*stard ain’t ya.”

“Gah-haah…..” Gilles gasps, doubling over.

A deep wrinkle etches itself between his brows as he tries not to cry out in pain.

But throughout it all, his eyes remain strong as he glares hard at the man.

I have to do something.

I have to save Gilles…! But how I just barely managed to drag myself to a sitting position, so what can I do

“Thud!” The whole floor of the hut vibrates on impact as the thug tosses Gilles to the ground in front of me like a piece of discarded garbage.

I can’t believe what I’m seeing.

I can’t fathom it.

Are these men even human How can they be so cruel to such a small boy…..

“Ali, are you okay” Gilles asks me feebly.

A tiny, weak smile trembles on his lips like he’s trying to reassure me.

Even though he’s the one that’s literally drenched in blood, I’m the one he’s worried about…

Even in his state, he’s somehow keeping his eyes open and focused on me.

They stare at me desperately, but they aren’t the eyes of someone asking to be saved.

“Gilles, I can’t leave you,” I say down to him where he lay at my feet, my voice low enough so that only he can hear.

I can’t leave him, but I still don’t have a plan.

Now that I can see Gilles up close, I notice he’s not just covered in blood.

Bruises are also blooming all over his skin.

Just how much did they hit him before they brought him in here…..

I can’t bear to see his tiny body covered in so many gruesome wounds.

“This b*stard’s not long for this world.

He’s just trash now,” the swarthy-skinned man spits out.

…..What did he say What did he just call Gilles

I’m seeing red, and not from pain this time.

For the first time in my life I truly want to kill someone.

Somehow I find the strength to pull myself up off the ground and onto my feet.

I absolutely won’t let you off.

You’ve got guts, daring to enrage a villainess.

Even if you beg, I won’t show you mercy.

You three and your employer…..

I swear I’ll kill every last one of you.


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