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If Alicia’s been stabbed, what am I going to do How am I supposed to live from now on

As I stare at the bright red blood dripping onto the floor in front of me, my whole body begins to shake.

Terrified, I forcefully raise my head to look up at her.

……But all I see is blue.

Instead of Alicia’s ashen face as her throat’s been cut, or the bright red blooming on her chest as she’s been stabbed, my field of vision is taken over by blue.

Striking, deep blue hair.

Beneath that is tanned skin and clear azure eyes.

Eyes brimming with bloodlust.

I’ve never seen him with this sort of expression before.


I whisper his name so quietly that I doubt anyone could hear.

He’s standing right in front of me, in front of Alicia, the thug’s knife protruding from his upraised left hand.

More than just protruding, it seems to be stabbed all the way through it.

So the blood that I saw was Duke’s

Alicia is staring wide-eyed at him.

I probably am too.

How the heck did he appear here so suddenly….

Oh, right.

Teleportation magic is a thing.

But if that’s the case, what the hell’s he been doing up ’til now What sort of person doesn’t show up until the girl he likes is literally about to be murdered That type of prince is only acceptable in fairytales.

I glare hard at him.

But as I’m doing that, a sort of relief begins to flood through me.

Like the pain that’s been stabbing at me all this time is receding… Suddenly, my whole body seems to start glittering as a black aura surrounds me.

…..Healing magic

Then I catch a glimpse of someone behind me in my periphery.

“Sorry for being late.”

I turn my head to glance at the newcomer.

Deep violet eyes are looking at me in concern.

“Y– you……” quavers a male voice from in front of me.

Startled, I quickly look back towards Alicia and Duke again.

The thug is now visibly shaking as he shrinks away from the two of them.

Duke uses his right hand to pull out the sword sheathed at his left hip.

And, without a moment’s hesitation, he aggressively stabs it through the man’s heart.

As the thug falls to the ground, Duke continues to pierce him with his chillingly cold stare.

“Aw, I wanted to be the one to kill him….”

Those are the first words that come out of Alicia’s mouth.

She’s even pouting.

Apparently, she’s able to move now.

Duke doesn’t seem to mind her words.

He just starts examining Alicia’s wounds, his eyebrows furrowing in concern.

And then a sparkling azure light slowly begins to wind itself around her.

I might have thought it impossible, but Duke’s magic seems to shine even brighter than Alicia’s.

Brighter than Henry’s magic as well.

Do prince’s get some sort of power boost

……No matter how many times I see it though, no matter who casts it, it sure is beautiful….


As Duke is healing Alicia, simultaneously a wall is forming around the hut.

Or, it’s what Alicia usually refers to as a wall….

but as I see it, that term doesn’t do it justice.

I feel like calling it a mystical barrier would be more accurate….

But, name aside, why is he doing that


a wall” Alicia murmurs, eyes wide.

She took the words right out of my mouth.

“It’s to make sure that no one from outside can interfere,” Duke replies with frigid indifference.


But aren’t they supposed to be our allies

I try to sit up a little but I can’t seem to muster the strength to do it.

Henry, noticing my attempt, puts his arm around my back and props me up.

And from that position, I slowly voice my doubts.

“Gilles, when you and Alicia disappeared during lunch time, me and Duke and the rest all gathered to search the academy for you two.

But there were no clues for your whereabouts.

Not even one.

It was like you vanished into thin air.”

“Despite all that, you certainly seemed able to find us easily.”

At my remark, Henry smiles bitterly.

“That’s because the night after you had disappeared, Duke found and captured those three thugs’ employer.”

” “What!” ” Alicia and I cry at the same time.

To be able to locate the mastermind that very night….

That’s unbelievable! Though, now that I think about it, this is only the second day since we’ve been kidnapped.

Our rescue was quite fast as well.

“Are they still alive Because I’m going to be the one to kill ’em,” Alicia says very seriously.

…..Does she want to kill them that badly

After saying that, Alicia stares at Henry closely, searchingly.

Her eyes are filled with sparkling expectation.

Seeing her look, Henry’s expression becomes strained.

“By the time I got there, their employer was already dead.”

A shiver runs through me.

Alicia as well is staring at Henry with astonishment in her eyes.

“It was after he had already divulged everything he knew.”


I see.

So Duke isn’t the sort of prince that you’d find in fairytales.

“So, because the employer was a noble, it took some time to eradicate the so-and-so noble family, which is why you didn’t arrive until just now.”

Duke and Henry both look at me in surprise.

“But, knowing that we might have been in danger, you made sure to send that lot on ahead of you to rescue us, not realizing the full extent of their idiotic incompetence.

And thanks to that, Alicia was nearly killed,” I spit out sarcastically, emphasizing just what I think about all the people outside of this hut.

“Hmm, close.

But I think you were a little off, Gilles.

I doubt these two were the ones to send that group to the rescue.

That was probably the king’s doing.

Am I right” Alicia questions as if something had suddenly made sense to her.

Somehow, she looks almost happy.

Henry’s expression turns grim as he nods his head.

“What Why would he do that”

“Because, in the end, all I am is a sacrificial pawn.

And because this was the perfect opportunity for him to gauge the saintess’s abilities.”

At that, I almost start to doubt my ears.

Would the king really do something like that

“The one who is destined to save this world isn’t me, Gilles.

It’s the saintess.

No matter how many intelligent ideas I can come up with, that fact will not change.

What’s the point of a good plan if there isn’t a world in which to enact it” Alicia says off-handedly with a face full of satisfaction…..

Deep down, I’m sure she must be thinking that this is exactly what a villainess should be like.

“It’s true that we took out that family, but Ali’s right.

His Majesty was the one who sent the saintess here,” Henry rumbles darkly.

Next to him, Duke’s eyes shine murderously, a tremendous amount of killing intent swirling in their depths.

He’s the king, so you can’t disobey him You won’t even try to go against such an insane order I want to scream at them, but I lock those thoughts away into a corner of my heart.

Screaming at the only seemingly sane people on our side doesn’t exactly seem productive at the moment.

Feelings aside though, just how foolish is the king of this country

“Honestly, none of that matters to me,” Alicia says.

And judging from her expression, she really means it.

I don’t think she’s just acting, either.

She really doesn’t seem to care at all that she’s just a sacrificial pawn to the higher-ups of this country.

In fact, far from being bothered, she actually looks like she’s excited by the idea.

Sucking in a small breath, Alicia turns to look at Duke.

“There’s just one thing that I’d like to know…..

Who was the one behind all this”


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