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Chapter 1105: A Fool to Work with a Fool

Ever since the wedding banquet, Su Zongping had been giving Chen Lixue the cold shoulder.

In fact, he hardly came into contact with her at all.

This had made Chen Lixue worry that their marriage had fallen into a crisis.

Therefore, if she were forced to seek his help now, she was worried that this could completely ruin their marriage and her life as his wife.

Judging from Liang Xinyis current state, she would be a bigger burden on them if she could not continue her university education.

However, Liang Xinyi had lost a good portion of her reputation at Jingdu University.

If she returned to classes now, she would become a laughingstock.

“You just have to tolerate it, my daughter.

If Jingdu University does not expel you, then you should keep studying there.

It is a top university, and the degree from there will give you better work opportunities than the ordinary universities.

You gave so much for this chance.

If you give up now, you would have wasted it all.”

The mother-and-daughter pair were fully aware that the opportunity to study at Jingdu University had been given as a present to Liang Xinyi.

Only Liang Danyi had been kept in the dark and firmly believed her sister had entered because of her test scores.

Liang Xinyi was naturally not willing to give up.

She was certain her position as the victim would be able to earn her sympathy points regardless of what anyone knew or didnt know about the situation.

It did not matter that she had humiliated herself.

As long as Liang Xinyi was willing to tolerate and put up with some hardship through this period of time, she still had an opportunity to slowly restore her reputation.

When it was clear to Chen Lixue that her daughter had been sufficiently comforted, Chen Lixue let out a sigh of relief.

The days of paranoia and stress she was living through were no better than the days she had spent as the wife of a village chief.

In her mind, however, the pains of living glamorously as the wife of a member of a rich family were still bearable compared to the days of living in poverty.

The rewards of luxury were worth the difficulties and risks she had to face.

However, what Liang Xinyi did not know was that her plans had been ruined.

They were ruined when the security footage recorded what she had done.

Since the security footage from the exhibition had been removed by a third party and all other forms of evidence had been removed, Liang Xinyi was able to resolve this with Qiao Ximin civilly due to the lack of proof and her status as the victim.

However, Qiao Ximin had received the shorter end of the stick.

She had had to pay a ridiculous sum in compensation, and this event had destroyed her image to all the students and faculty.

She could have accused Liang Xinyi, who had let her take the blame, but Yun Xi was part of the problem too.

Qiao Ximin had assumed Liang Xinyi was capable of a few tactics.

However, Liang Xinyi was absolutely nowhere near Yun Xis league.

And now Qiao Ximin had been dragged down as well.

She was a fool who had chosen to work with a fool.

Until now, she could not understand what had gone wrong.

However, she was certain that Liang Xinyi was the one to blame.

She was stupid to have worked with someone as clueless as Liang Xinyi.

Not only had she failed to get on Yun Xis good side, but she had also ruined her partnership with Liang Xinyi and lost another tool in her toolbox.

All she had left now was the spoiled and ignorant Si Wenxuan.

The Mayors office had already launched the bidding for the mayors project.

It was going to be necessary for her to seek under-the-table assistance from the Mu Corporation to obtain it.

She could only take back her right to talk to her father if she was able to take this collaborative project with Mu Corporation under her wing.

With what had happened, her reputation in school had been severely tarnished, and she feared that her image at the socialite ball was going to be affected as well.

Qiao Ximin cursed herself in her mind.

She had truly underestimated Yun Xi.

Driving back to school, Qiao Ximin felt something was amiss as she walked in.

The looks she was receiving were different from what she was used to.

Particularly, she spotted a few classmates who had turned away and engaged in a heated discussion as soon as they had seen her.

“Whats going on Did something happen”

Walking forward, Qiao Ximin tugged at the sleeve of a female student, but the student immediately swept her hands off and hurriedly took out a wet tissue to wipe down where she had touched her.

“Dont touch me! Who knows if youve caught AIDs too.

You better stay away from me!”

“What are you talking about AIDS! What does this have to do with me You are the one whos sick!”

This was the first time she had been treated with disdain and disgust at school.

Qiao Ximins frustration went through the roof.

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