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Chapter 1124: Fancy Clothes

Han Wanling had kept Liang Xinyi in the dark about the relationship between Yun Xi and the Young Commander all this time.

Deep down, she still saw Yun Xi as a rival for Mu Feichi.

She had been out of the country, so she worried that any possibility of Liang Xinyi betraying her and using Yun Xi as a way to get to the Young Commander would completely ruin her chances with him and let Liang Xinyi use him to her advantage.

But Liang Xinyis incompetence was unparalleled and beyond Han Wanlings expectations.

She did not stand a chance against Yun Xi, and she was even shameless enough to continue to ask for her help.

Ultimately, Liang Xinyi had some utility left in her.

For this reason, Han Wanling was willing to make the effort to involve herself in their conflict.

Judging from how Yun Xi and the Young Commander had kept their relationship in the dark, ir seemed unlikely that Yun Xi would forfeit her dignity and ask the Young Commander for help.

She must be a fool to not tap on such an useful resource.

Naturally, she would not swallow her pride and ask Liang Xinyi for help.

“But then again, we can always watch her mom humiliate her, thats still entertaining.”

Nevertheless, it would make her happy to see Yun Xi uncomfortable as well.

In the stairwell of the second floor, a man stood listening with a deep frown on his face.

Han Hongbin waited until their conversation was over before starting down the stairs.

Liang Xinyi looked up upon hearing the footsteps and stood up at the sight of Han Wanlings father.

She greeted him with her friendliest voice, “Hi, Uncle!”

“Oh, we have guests over!” Han Hongbin nodded slightly and turned to Han Wanling.

“If youre staying home, then have our guest remain for dinner.

I have to head to the company for some business.”

“I see, take care, Dad.”

“Take care, Uncle.”

Moments after Han Hongbin had left, Han Wanling stood up.

“I have to go take a bath and change.

Will you go shopping with me later”

“Sure.” Liang Xinyi agreed with zero hesitation.

She was friends with the eldest daughter of an elite family after all.

She had many things to learn from Han Wanling, from what to wear to how to network with others.

If she wanted to have a standing in these circles, she had to learn all about these things.

Han Wanling had the money to buy clothing for her as well.

Her wardrobe had received quite a boost in supplies from their last few days of shopping trips.

All of Han Wanlings clothes were brand name clothing that Liang Xinyi had always looked at longingly when window shopping.

Han Wanlings clothes were much nicer than Yun Xis also.

Yun Xi could never compare to Han Wanling since she wore such plain and vintage clothing.

This was the life that Liang Xinyi admired and wanted.

The luxury of being in an elite family was predetermined by birth or marriage.

She was determined to do whatever it took to alter her fate.

The meeting was supposed to be at 11:30, but Yun Xi only arrived at noon.

As she walked in, Liang Xiuqin watched as she apologized to Han Wanling.

It was a very amusing sight.

“Where have you been Our appointment was for 11:30.

Its almost noon now.”

“My lab took longer than I expected.

What am I here for anyway”

“Maybe you didnt want to come” Liang Xinyi spoke with much more courage now that she had Han Wanling by her side.

She looked at Yun Xi with an arrogant gaze that Yun Xi had not seen in a while.

Yun Xi shrugged and gave the two a cold stare.

“Of course I didnt feel like coming, but I decided that coming might save me some trouble in figuring out what youre up to next, Liang Xinyi,” she said with a small laugh.

“What are you talking about” Liang Xiuqin was afraid Yun Xi would offend this person who she had worked so hard to establish a connection with.

Pulling Yun Xi aside, she whispered, “Hurry up and apologize to Miss Han.

Please ask her to speak to Young Master Jiang for me.

They were classmates, and if shes willing to help, I can settle the issue with Young Master Jiang.

Dont fool around, Yun Xi.”

Putting on a surprised expression, Yun Xi exclaimed, “Oh, Miss Han and Second Master Jiang were classmates Thats so prestigious.”

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