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Xiao Jinglin turned to look at Yun Xi.

He was both happy that she was a thoughtful person and, at the same time, sad that she had to endure such a hard life.

Even after so many years, after punishing all the people who had separated him and his wife, he was still angered and saddened by it.

Yun Xi did not want Xiao Jinglin to feel bad for not being part of her childhood.

She quickly pulled Mu Feichi out of the house and turned to Xiao Jinglin who was still behind them.

“Come on.

Lets go.

We have to go meet the neighbors who took good care of me.”

Xiao Jinglin smiled and nodded before calling Xiaoer and Xiaosi in.

The father proudly looked at all the certificates on the wall and ordered, “Get these down.

I want them delivered to Country M in perfect condition.”

These were a part of Yun Xis past that he had missed.

Even though he could only picture all the glorious moments that she had before, it was more than enough.

He also wanted to show his wife the best moments of their daughters childhood when they found her.

Outside the house, Yun Xi took the gifts she had prepared from Team Leader A and gave them to the neighbors and the Tang family.

She had lost contact with Tang Cheng ever since he had gone to Jingdu.

She wanted to take the opportunity to ask how he was and also thank the family for taking care of her in the past.

The one who opened the door was Tang Chengs father, Tang Lianzhong.

He was the Village Secretary of Muyang, a position that had more power over the village than Liang Weimin, who was the Village Chief back then.

As the Tang family had helped Yun Xi a lot in the past, Chen Lixue hated them a lot, which caused the two families to argue all the time.

Unfortunately for Chen Lixue, Tang Lianzhong held a higher position than Liang Weimin, and she could not openly offend him as she was afraid that it might cause her husband to lose his job.

She still wanted to keep her title as the Village Chiefs wife.

Tang Lianzhong was shocked to see both Mu Feichi and Yun Xi outside.

He froze for a few seconds before extending his hand to greet them.

“Young Commander! What brings you here”

Mu Feichi respectfully shook hands with the Village Secretary.

“Good morning, Mr.


I came back with Yun Xi to have a look around.”

Yun Xi was surprised to learn that Mu Feichi and Tang Lianzhong were already acquainted.

She looked back and forth between them before greeting Tang Lianzhong.

“How are you, Mr.

Tang Where Mrs.

Tang Is she not home”

Tang Lianzhongs smile quickly widened.

“Shes in town getting stuff for the New Year.

Why didnt you give us a call if you were coming here Come on in.”

“We have some urgent matters to handle here,” Mu Feichi explained as they walked in and put the gifts on the table.

“Oh, my! You didnt have to bring us so many things!”

“Yun Xi bought all of these.

Just think of them as an early New Year gift.”

“Thank you.” Tang Lianzhong smiled.

It was already a big deal for the Young Commander to come to the village.

For such a person to visit him personally, the Village Secretary was extremely flattered.

“Oh! Right! Young Commander, thank you for helping us take care of Tang Cheng.

He called us not long ago saying that he had improved a lot.

We still have yet to thank you for helping him.”

“You dont have to thank me.

Hes a talented guy.

All I did was give him the right platform, and the rest was his hard work.” Mu Feichi smiled and took the chance to mention bringing Tang Lianzhong to Jingdu as well.

“Now that your son is in Jingdu, why dont you reconsider the proposal”

Mu Feichi had vowed to repay the people who had treated Yun Xi with kindness, those who had protected her, and those who had given her warmth.

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