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Chapter 877: According to Plan

On the way back home, Yun Xi and Zhao Yumo rode in Jiang Chenghuans car.

This ordeal today had really blown up.

Actually, the one who had been hurt the most was Yun Xis soft, kind-hearted uncle.

However, if they hadnt done this, he would never have been able to see through Chen Lixues facade.

What should be done next was up to the adults.

Yun Xi didnt worry that anything outside of her expectations would happen.

Right now, Yun Xis second aunt was in charge of the Yun family, and she was completely in accord with the will of her second aunt.

“Yun Xi, what are you planning to do next” Zhao Yumo was worried that what had happened today was going to affect Yun Xis mood.

She was thinking of trying to help her come up with solutions.

“No worries.

My dad isnt a kid.

He knows that he did something wrong, and he has to take responsibility for his own actions.”

A man who couldnt control the lower half of his body… What great things could he do

“Well, what if your parents really get divorced That aunt of yours doesnt look like a kind person, no matter how I look at her.”

“Hee, hee, hee, Ive never taken people on their level seriously.

I just feel bad because my uncle…”

When she mentioned her innocent uncle, Yun Xi raised her head to look at Jiang Chenghuan in the drivers seat, and she said, “Second Master Jiang, since my uncle was invited to attend this conference in Jingdu, were the people there intending to promote him”

Typically, if they had the connections, those who were chosen to attend the Representatives Conference wouldnt have a hard time rising up the ranks.

Jiang Chenghuan looked at her in his rear-view mirror and nodded slightly, “They did have that intention.

Your uncle has a decent political track record in the countryside.

All he lacked was a network and connections.

If you want him to be shifted over to Jingdu, I can get someone to arrange it.

Anything not to spoil your plan.”

“All right, understood,” Yun Xi replied.

Regardless of whether Uncle and Aunt were going to divorce, even if Uncle shifted over to Jingdu, his official position wouldnt be higher than Yun Yuanfengs.

With Chen Lixues ego, she would never reconcile herself to give up on contending for the place as the wife of a director, even if she became the spouse of a small official.

There were way too many temptations in Yun Yuanfengs position as a director.

With Chen Lixues background and status, it was impossible for her to enter the Yun family.

In the end, all of her efforts were going to go to waste, and she would end up failing to please anybody.

It was still early when Yun Xi got back home.

Yao Ying was a little startled when she saw Yun Xi coming back so early in the morning, carrying her backpack.

She looked behind Yun Xi, only to see that there were no others returning with her, so she hurriedly came forward.

“Yun Xi, werent you guys supposed to be coming back tomorrow night How come you are back so early What happened”

Yun Xi told her Second Aunt what had happened that morning.

She didnt tell her about Liang Xinyi drugging Yun Yuanfeng, but Yao Yings expression turned ugly after hearing about the story.

After all, this was a family scandal.

If it became known by outsiders, it would be immensely shameful for the Yun family.

“What a disgrace! How could Brother do something like this, and that aunt of yours… Absolutely shameless!”

“Dont tell Grandpa about this.

It would seriously upset him.

Besides, I dont think my father could handle such humiliation either.”

“I know.

Wait till they come back.

Well see how they have chosen to handle this whole thing.”

Yun Xi roughly knew how Yun Yuanfeng would deal with such a thing.

As she expected, when Yun Yuanfeng came back, Liang Xiuqin and Chen Lixue came back as well.

The moment Chen Lixue came back, she was chased upstairs to pack up her belongings.

Yun Xi looked at Yun Yuanfeng, who had already bandaged his wounds, as she came downstairs.

She asked, “Dad, wheres Uncle Why didnt he come over”

“Your uncle came to Jingdu for a conference.

He has a place to stay.”

“Oh, then what about Aunt Is she moving out”

“Erm, shell be able to take better care of your cousin for the high school graduation exams by moving out,” Yun Yuanfeng muttered, obviously exhausted.

Of course, hed paid a hefty price to reach such a compromise in the end.

“Move to where Its not easy to find a house in such a hurry, right”

“I got someone to rent a house for them to stay in temporarily.

Yun Xi, dont tell Grandpa about this.”

“I understand.” Yun Xi nodded.

All of these arrangements were within her expectations.

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