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Invincible Divine Dragons Cultivation System Chapter 10 - Selling Fish

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Chapter 10: Selling Fish

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Vroom vroom vroom!

On the 2nd Ring Road of Rivertown, Wang Xian was riding his Harley heavy-duty motorcycle. He had a styrofoam box tied around his body as he rode towards the location of the Flowers and Birds Market.

To prevent the incident of yesterday from happening again, he had made the effort to find a solid styrofoam box for today and ensure that the five goldfish and the Arowana were well preserved.

While cruising down the road with his helmet on, there was an indescribable extreme pleasure.

However, Wang Xian didnt ride too fast and simply maintained a speed of approximately 60 km/hour.

It was indeed more satisfying to ride on a heavy-duty motorcycle that cost over $1.5 million than Wang Dahais motorcycle.

“Oh poor Dahai. I dumped his motorcycle near the Flowers and Birds Market yesterday and its probably gone by now. However, Ill let you ride my Harley when school reopens.”

Wang Xian thought to himself. He could already imagine the exhilarated expression on Wang Dahai when he saw his Harley.

The speed of the heavy-duty motorcycle was much faster than taking a taxi. After approximately ten minutes, Wang Xian had reached the entrance to the Flowers and Birds Market.

Under the shocked looks of the security personnel, Wang Xian parked his Harley in the carpark before carrying the styrofoam box and walking into the market.

“The number of people today is substantially less than yesterday.”

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Wang Xian looked at the people in the Flowers and Birds Market and saw the directional signboard prompting where the goldfish fair would be held. He immediately headed towards it.

The goldfish fair was to be held in the center of the Flowers and Birds Market. After entering the place, Wang Xian noticed that there were several hundreds of people around.

At that place, there were some advertisement signboards that gave introductions about the various goldfish farms and the goldfish on display.

Wang Xian walked further in and saw a row of fishbowls placed neatly on the table. Within the fishbowls, there were all kinds of goldfish that were extremely beautiful.

At the center of the table, there were two larger size fishbowls. Within these fishbowls, there were only 2-3 goldfish.

Wang Xian saw that there were 2 Redcap Brown Oranda in them. He looked towards the price tag at the side which showed $430k.

“Calm down. Seems like I made a huge loss yesterday.”

Wang Xian was clearly displeased after seeing the price. He looked around him and saw goldfish that ranged from $40k-$50k and also some that ranged between $10k-$20k.

He looked around for a while before heading to the service counter of the organizer.

At this moment, there were four, five people sitting in front of the reception. Among them, there were some middle-aged and old men and also a young beautiful attendant.

“Hey, pretty, I would like to ask...what should I do if I wish to display my goldfish for sale in this place” Wang Xian asked the service attendant.

“Huh What You would like to display and sell your goldfish” The service attendant looked at him with a little disbelief and noticed that he was carrying a styrofoam box in his arms.

“Yes.” Wang Xian nodded his head.

“If you would like to display your goldfish for the goldfish fair to sell them, you would need to provide the fish farm quality certification as proof. All the participating fish farms for our fair are successful goldfish breeding farms. Secondly, you need to have valuable goldfish. If you can meet the criteria, we would be happy to arrange a spot for you. However, we would be collecting some commission if you complete any transaction.” The beautiful service attendant smiled at him and replied.

Wang Xian frowned slightly upon hearing her explanation. “I can provide great goldfish. However, with regard to the fish farm quality certification...”

“Unqualified goldfish breeding farms are not accepted in our goldfish fair.”

Before Wang Xian could complete his sentence, a middle-aged man, who was lying on a chair, rejected him directly.

“Im sorry about that.” The service attendant smiled apologetically after hearing what the middle-aged man had said.

Wang Xian frowned slightly, nodded his head and headed out.

“A young man carrying a styrofoam box here to ask for an exhibition spot... This is clearly the boss of a small goldfish shop wishing to attract some attention to sell his goldfish. You dont have to pay attention to people like him.”

“Alright, Director Zhao.”

Wang Xian vaguely heard the voice as he left the place. All he could do was to shake his head silently.

“Forget it. Since Redcap Brown Oranda is so famous, I dont necessarily have to rely on your fair to sell them.”

Wang Xian carried the large styrofoam box and headed out. He stopped at the entrance and looked around him.

“Should I just set up a stand here to sell”

Wang Xian thought about it. The human traffic flow of this place was great since anyone who wished to enter the fair would have to pass by this place.

Moreover, he was just going to place a box right here. He wouldnt be obstructing anyone.

Wang Xian smiled and placed the box down by the road. After which, he opened up the cover of the box.

One blood-red colored Arowana and five Redcap Brown Oranda were revealed in the box.

Six fish in one box was a little cramped but they were very lively and swam constantly.

Through modification using Dragon Energy, their vitality was much stronger than ordinary fish.

Wang Xian squatted at that spot while looking at the pedestrians who were walking around.


Perhaps it was because Wang Xian looked a little rustic with a large styrofoam box beside him and the fact that the pedestrian couldnt see the Arowana and goldfish within it, there wasnt any pedestrian who walked over.

“Cough cough.”

Wang Xian coughed out loud and shouted towards the pedestrian, “Top grade Arowana and goldfish for sale. Come and take a look.”

Some pedestrians were a little curious when they saw a teenager setting up a store by the roads. After seeing the huge styrofoam box beside him, they couldnt help but feel a little suspicious.

“Lets go and take a look at what kind of goldfish he has.”

At this moment, a beautiful lady, who had her hands around a young man, looked over with curiosity as she said to the young man.

“Whats there to see here There couldnt possibly be any good goldfish here. Lets head over to the fish fair to buy.” The young man replied impatiently.

“Lets just go and take a look.” That beautiful girl said and pulled the arm of the young man flirtatiously.

“What a drag. What kind of good goldfish could a roadside stall have in an ugly styrofoam box” The young man remarked impatiently and had reluctance written all over his face as he walked over.

“Wow, so beautiful. Is this an Arowana And these goldfish are simply too beautiful!” exclaimed that beautiful girl as she squatted down with exhilaration.

“No need to make such a fuss,” said the man without squatting down, nor did he care to shoot a look at inside the box. “All the goldfish at the fair will be beautiful and of valuable breeds. Ok, now, lets go. Its not graceful squatting on the street.”

“But I feel that the goldfish here are so beautiful!” The beautiful girl was clearly not an expert in this field. She continued, “And this Arowana is truly too beautiful. I really like it! I want to buy it, I want to buy it!”

“If you like them, just buy them.” The young man took out his wallet directly and acted generously as he said, “Hey kid, how much do the fish in your styrofoam box cost Ill take them all.”

Wang Xian lifted his head and was a little shocked after seeing the wallet of that young man. There were approximately a few thousand dollars in it.

This made him feel speechless.

“What Say something, man. How much do they cost in total” The young man looked at Wang Xian and remarked impatiently.

“This...” Wang Xian looked at him and replied, “If you have five million dollars on your card, we could go to a bank and do a transfer.”

Wang Xians words shocked the young man. He frowned, stared at Wang Xian angrily and said, “Hey kid, what kind of nonsense are you sputtering Im asking you how much the fish in this broken styrofoam box cost.”

“Im not sputtering nonsense. Im just speaking the truth.”

Wang Xian revealed a smile when he noticed his conversation with the young man drew some curious customers over.



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