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Invincible Divine Dragons Cultivation System Chapter 11 - Setting Up A Stall

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Chapter 11: Setting Up A Stall

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“Boss, youre kidding me. How much are your goldfish I will take them all,” said the pretty lady with a glare when she heard what Wang Xian told her boyfriend.

“Babe, your boyfriend might not be able to afford it.” Wang Xian replied with a smile.

“What Did you just say that I cant afford it” The young man peered at him. Scornfully, he held up the car keys in his hand, “Did you say that I cant afford it”

Wang Xian looked at the BMW car keys in his hand. Probably a 5 Series that was worth about five to six hundred thousand dollars.

“What kind of goldfish are they Why are they in a styrofoam box” A middle-aged man came over with curiosity when he overheard their conversations.

Another old man popped his head over from the side.

Wang Xian grinned at the middle-aged man, “A premium Chilli Red Arowana and five Redcap Brown Orandas”

“What Redcap Brown Orandas” The middle-aged man was slightly stunned as he squatted down hurriedly.

“They are Redcap Brown Orandas! They are!” The middle-aged man looked at the Redcap Brown Orandas in the styrofoam box dumbfoundedly.

“Are they very expensive” The pretty lady asked with doubt when she saw the astonished look of the middle-aged man.

“Yes,” he nodded, “I did not expect there would be five. They look even more exquisite than those in the exhibition. They are beautiful. Just too beautiful. There were two Redcap Brown Orandas in the fair, priced at $430,000 each. I heard they sold two of them yesterday.”

“What Each of them cost $430,000” The pretty lady gasped with an unbelievable expression.

The young man at the side had his eyes wide open as he looked at the goldfish in the styrofoam box again. He stuttered, “How...how could this be possible”

“The Redcap Brown Orandas are the most noble breed among all the goldfish breeds. I wont be exaggerating to say its one of hundreds and thousands or more,” said the middle-aged man at a steady pace.

“This arowana is a beautiful Chilli Red Arowana. It is so beautiful.”

The old man who popped his head over was not paying attention to the Redcap Brown Orandas. Instead, he fixed his gaze upon the red arowana.

“How is it, Sir This is the premium Chilli Red Arowana.” Wang Xian asked smilingly when he saw the old man staring at the Chilli Red Arowana. He knew he met someone who understood the value of the fish.

“Highest quality!” the old man exclaimed. “This is the most beautiful Arowana Ive ever seen. Young chap, how can you contain it in a cheap styrofoam box You are... you are...”

The old man kept shaking his head as he exclaimed.

“This Arowana does look beautiful, but I dont really know much about Arowana. Sir, is this really a premium grade” asked the middle-aged man doubtfully.

“Not only is this a premium grade Arowana, I doubt the previous one from Town Wen that was worth three million was any better quality than this. The chilli-red scales give off a shiny glow, and the barbel at the mouth is prominent. This is simply beautiful. Young chap, how much are you selling this Arowana for” asked the old man as he exclaimed.

Wang Xian went silent for a while when he heard the old man. He pondered before he answered, “Three million. Ill sell this for three million. On the other hand, Ill sell these Redcap Brown Orandas at $350,000 each.”

Both the old man and the middle-aged man were slightly stunned.

“The Redcap Brown Orandas were sold at $430,000 each in the exhibition. Youre selling them cheap.”

“To be honest, if you go to a first-tier city and auction this Arowana, Im sure the price will be more than three million,” the old man suggested.

“No, Ill stick to this pricing.” Wang Xian shook his head. He wanted to sell them for cash as soon as possible. Hence, it did not matter even if he sold them at a lower price.

Besides, these goldfish and Arowana only consumed forty points of Dragon Energy.

The consumption was slightly higher for upgrading the Arowana. To upgrade one arowana, it would consume thirty points of Dragon Energy.

The young man found their conversation hard to believe. He looked at his wallet and the BMW 5 series car key on his hand. Without any word, he stuffed them back to his pocket and pulled the pretty lady who was squatting down beside him.

The pretty lady stood up and gazed at the goldfish and the Arowana in the styrofoam box.

She thought she had a rather wealthy boyfriend. Yet, it was still far-fetched for him judging by the current circumstances. A few fish that cost four to five million...

Wang Xian did not care about the young man and the pretty girl who left. At this time, a few more customers crowded around him, as theyd overheard the conversation just now.

“Are they really the Redcap Brown Orandas”

“Is there a premium Chilli Red Arowana over here”

A few customers walked over and asked curiously.

“Yes, these are the premium Redcap Brown Orandas that are even more beautiful than those in the fair. Look, there is another rare Arowana.” The middle-aged man pointed out for the three customers at the side.

“Really” the three customers came over. When they saw the goldfish and the arowana, they wore shocked faces immediately.

“Youre right. They are the Redcap Brown Orandas and a premium Arowana.”

“Gosh, five of them. Young chap, did you say one for $350,000”

“Yes, one for $350,000. Its $80,000 cheaper than the ones theyre selling in the fair. On top of this, this Arowana is selling for three million.” Wang Xian answered.

“$80,000 cheaper than buying from the fair. This is quite a deal.” A middle-aged man nodded.

“Where is the Redcap Brown Oranda that is $80,000 cheaper than the ones in the fair” More passers-by popped over with curiosity.

“Redcap Brown Oranda that is cheaper by $80,000” A group of people who just walked out from the fair joined the crowd with dubiousness.

When the crowd gathered, it was another round of commotion.

As more people joined in, the number of bystanders who were watching it for fun grew. One after another, they walked over to check out the fish when they heard that the Redcap Brown Orandas were selling at $80,000 cheaper than the fair.

Soon, dozens of people gathered around Wang Xian, and the crowd eventually grew to a size that jammed the road.

“Young chap, did you say you are selling the Redcap Brown Oranda for $350,000 Ill get two.” At this moment, a middle-aged man called out.

“Finally, business opens.”

Wang Xian was thrilled as more potential buys surfaced after more than dozens of people gathered.

“Okay, $700,000 in total. You can check. I promise there isnt any problem with them,” said Wang Xiang immediately.

“Sure, can the person in front let me pass” A middle-aged man came to the front and looked at the goldfish in the styrofoam box. With satisfaction on his face, “No issue. They look just fine with strong vitality.”

“Can I pay through bank transfer” asked the middle-aged man while looking at Wang Xian.

“Of course.” Wang Xian nodded immediately.

“Okay, I will get these two Redcap Brown Oranda. Here..., wait. I think Id better buy a small fish tank.”

“Sir, I should be giving you the fish tank. Ill pay you some money to bring me a few tanks back too.” Wang Xian handed two bills to the middle-aged man.

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“Heh, young chap, youre honest. Hang on. Ill bring you a few more fish tanks. Its unsightly to put something so valuable in a styrofoam box.”



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