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Invincible Divine Dragons Cultivation System Chapter 14 - Giant Sea Clam

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Chapter 14: Giant Sea Clam

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Amidst the boundless Bohai Sea, Wang Xian wiggled his tail forcefully. His attention was fully focused on the King of Ribbonfish right in front of him.

The King of Ribbonfish had a huge head that was equivalent to the size of Wang Xian. It opened its mouth slightly and revealed the lingering flesh of a small octopus on its teeth as it stared at Wang Xian viciously and wriggled its huge body towards him.

“Pre-emptive strike.”

Wang Xian looked at the King of Ribbonfish. Wriggling his body, he shot out like a golden arrow at the King of Ribbonfish directly to attack it.


The reaction of the King of Ribbonfish was a little beyond what Wang Xian had expected and its combat prowess was no weaker than a human when it was in the water. Its sharp teeth headed towards Wang Xian directly.

“I cant attack it head-on.”

Wang Xian saw the huge teeth of the King of Ribbonfish. He extended his dragon claws and acted as though he was ready for a direct clash.


Wang Xian seemed to have heard the roar of the King of Ribbonfish. It opened its mouth widely and revealed rows of sharp teeth within it.

A glimpse of craftiness flashed passed Wang Xians eyes. Just before they collided, he shifted his body and headed upwards while slashing his dragon claws towards the eyes of the King of Ribbonfish.

Wang Xian belonged to the “Nine Claws Divine Dragon” breed which was the supreme leader among the divine dragons. Although his claws were very small, they were extremely sharp.

The nine claws landed on the eyes of the King of Ribbonfish directly.

Just like a stone colliding with an egg, Wang Xian easily ruptured the eyes of the King of Ribbonfish.

“The intelligence of marine animals cant be compared with me at all. Their attacks are very primitive and based on instincts.”

Seeing the King of Ribbonfish wriggling its body violently, Wang Xian was pleasantly surprised. He dived towards it and bit onto the head of the King of Ribbonfish directly with his sharp jaws.

Crack crack crack.


Wang Xians jaws sank into the head of the King of Ribbonfish and it struggled violently by wagging its tail towards Wang Xians body.

Wang Xian extended his claws and slashed ruthlessly on the body of the King of Ribbonfish. The sharp claws penetrated the body directly.


The vitality of the blinded King of Ribbonfish was getting weaker and weaker. Wang Xian opened his mouth and devoured the entire King of Ribbonfish directly.

“An direct increase of eighty-eight points of Dragon Energy.”

Wang Xians eyes lit up as he felt his body getting substantially stronger once again.

Im a divine dragon coupled with the intelligence of a human, slaying marine animals of the same level is an easy task. Even if I were to encounter level Two marine animals, I wouldnt be wary.

Wang Xian thought to himself. Looking at the Ribbonfish that were scattering in all directions, he quickly gave chase.

One, two, three...

Soon, he had devoured seven to eight hundred ribbonfish. However, several hundred ribbonfish managed to escape too.

Wang Xian wasnt too concerned about it. Wriggling his body, he looked at his surroundings.

There were a lot of seaweed and corals in this area and the sea resources in the vicinity were ample. It was especially so for octopuses, lobsters, sea cucumbers, jellyfish and swimming crabs.

“Ill definitely capture some lobsters and swimming crabs when I head back tonight.”

Looking at the lobsters and swimming crabs around him, he suddenly had a craving.

If one would like to have some lobsters or swimming crabs, it would easily hit six hundred dollars. If he was to head to First-grade Seafood Restaurant, it would probably cost six to seven hundred dollars per person.

Wang Xian licked his lips before continuing to devour marine animals in the vicinity at a frantic pace.

“Eh Theres a small island ahead.”

Wang Xian noticed an island when he looked ahead. However, the area of the island wasnt very big.

He didnt pay much attention to it as he turned his attention towards a sea snake in front of him.

Sea Snake: Level One

Extractable Dragon Energy: 44

“Sea snake! Id better not mess with it.”

Wang Xian took a few more glances at that sea snake before taking a detour around it to capture other marine animals.

Sea snakes had lethal poison. Even though they werent as strong as the King of Ribbonfish, they had lethal poison with them. If he was poisoned to death, it would be tragic.

“Thats a sea turtle.”

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Wang Xian noticed that a sea turtle that was approximately a meter long was swimming near the rocks below the island.

Sea Turtle: Level Three

Extractable Dragon Energy: 988

“The sea turtle is level three.”

Wang Xian was rather shocked by that greenish sea turtle. A sea turtle was a rather docile marine animal but one shouldnt underestimate the strength of a sea turtle.

Although sea turtles dont have teeth, they have sharp edges inside their mouth that are sharper than teeth. These sharp edges could easily crush ones finger. Moreover, a sea turtle of the size of close to a meter would definitely be more vicious.

“In mythical legends, Dragon Palace would have a Turtle as Prime Minister. When I upgrade marine animals in the future, I could also upgrade a turtle to be the Prime Minister.”

Sea turtle gave off the impression of intelligence and longevity. In Journey to the West, Prime Minister Turtle was 9,000 years old and would handle various kinds of matters of the Dragon Palace. Its role was similar to the Prime Minister in an ancient kingdom. [1]

Wang Xian had decided to get a strong Prime Minister Turtle for himself in the future.

“Its a shame that my level is still too low. If I wish to upgrade marine animals, I would have to at least wait till I have raised my level to level Three.”

Wang Xian thought to himself. In the Divine Dragon Transformation, to upgrade marine animals would first involve manifesting the intelligence of marine animals before imparting upon them the cultivation arts.

This would require a large amount of dragon energy and would at least be a thousand points of dragon energy.

Currently, Wang Xian only possessed an overall four hundred points of dragon energy.

“Im going to level up quickly and get my own subordinates.”

Wang Xian wiggled his body and devoured the marine animals around him rapidly.

“Theres a large humphead wrasse ahead.”

At this moment, he saw a fish that weighed approximately a hundred jin. It was a humphead wrasse!

Humphead wrasse: Level One

Extractable Dragon Energy: 44

“I can extract forty-four points of Dragon Energy. Haha.”

Wang Xian got excited. Moving his body, he launched his attacks rapidly towards the humphead wrasse.

The humphead wrasse sensed danger approaching and wiggled its tail to swim away.

“Do you think you can escape”

A smile appeared on Wang Xians face. He accelerated immediately and extended his dragon claws ahead. Although he wasnt big in size yet, he still emanated an aura of power and prestige.

“Hehe, theres no place for you to escape to anymore.”

The humphead wrasse that was close to a meter long escaped below the island. Wang Xian immediately accelerated.


However, at this moment, something shocked Wang Xian. When the humphead wrasse swam to a position beside the rocks, the rock-like object closed immediately and devoured the humphead wrasse that was almost eighty centimeters long.

Astonishment was written all over Wang Xians face. He immediately stopped and looked ahead.

“That is...”

Wang Xian got closer and noticed that the “rock” wasnt a real rock but the disguise of a type of living thing.

“Thats a sea clam. How is it possible that theres such a big sea clam”

Wang Zheng was shocked. It was a brownish-colored sea clam in the shape of a fan. The entire sea clam was extremely huge and spanned close to two meters. Looking at it, it looked simple and heavy.

Sea clam: Level 6

Extractable Dragon Energy: 9,987

“Its level is level six. Moreover, I could get extract close to ten thousand points of Dragon Energy from it.”

Wang Xian opened his eyes widely and stared fervently at that huge sea clam.


[1] Journey to the West is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.



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