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Chapter 16: Pearl

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“Release me, release me!”

Wang Xian was trapped by the clam girl completely. The flesh of the clam was abnormally soft and gave off an aroma.

She had completely wrapped around him, and he felt extremely comfortable throughout his body.

The clam girl listened to his command and released him immediately. Wang Xian looked at his body covered in sticky goo. He couldnt control his mouth as it twitched slightly.

“What the...!”

Wang Xian patted his own face and said, “Lets get into the sea first. Lets get into the sea first.”

When he came to the seaside, he jumped into the sea directly. The clam girl followed closely behind him into the sea.

Wang Xian looked at the clam girl beside him. With just a thought, he transformed into the appearance of a divine dragon immediately.

“Dont address me as the brother from now on. You shall call me the Dragon King.”

Wang Xian looked at the clam girl and found having a sea clam calling him “brother” extremely weird. Moreover, he didnt have a fad in other aspects.

“Yes, Dragon King.” The voice of the clam girl was directed into his mind directly.

Wang Xian nodded his head in approval. Looking at the clam girl, he was extremely satisfied.

This was his first subordinate and her level was level 6! Although her attacking prowess was rather weak, her defense capability was insane.

“Upgrading marine animals, pacts, and cultivate intelligence. Since the intelligence of clam girl has already been cultivated, I could save myself a lot of dragon energy. If I have to rely on dragon energy to upgrade, I can just forget about it. I dont have ample dragon energy but I could impart upon her cultivation arts for her to cultivate on her own.”

Establishing the dragon palace and upgrading marine animals. If Wang Xian was sufficiently powerful, he could increase the strength of marine animals directly by using dragon energy. However, helping to raise their strength was just one aspect. The other aspect would be to let them cultivate on their own.

There was cultivation art related to the water tribe within the Divine Dragon Transformation.

The so-called cultivation arts were, in fact, the cultivation arts of the Dragon race. For the other marine animals, these cultivation arts could also be considered as “Leaping Through The Dragons Gate”.

There were many different types of cultivation arts to make the Leap Through The Dragon Gate, including the water dragons cultivation arts, fire dragons cultivation arts, frost dragons cultivation arts and other kinds of cultivation arts.

“Clam girl is more suited for the cultivation arts of the water dragon. I can impart it to her directly.”

With just a thought, he imparted the cultivation art on clam girl immediately.

“This is cultivation art. You must definitely cultivate diligently from today onwards.”

Wang Xian spoke to the clam girl. When clam girl achieved mastery over the cultivation art, she would have a chance of transforming into human form. Moreover, by practicing the cultivation art of the water dragon, she wouldnt be weaker than ordinary water dragons when she grew up.

“Yes, Dragon King,” answered the clam girl.

“Yeah.” Wang Xian nodded his head. “You shall practice in the vicinity of this island from here onward and be careful!”

“Yes!” replied the clam girl. She opened her clamshell and ejected the stone that Wang Xian had thrown in previously.

“Eh What are those”

Suddenly, Wang Xian saw several shiny objects within the body of the clam girl.

“These are... Pearls”

Wang Xians eyes lit up. He extended his hand over and retrieved the objects from the clam girls body.

There were over 10 crystal clear pearls. There were white, black, pink and golden pearls with each one of them perfectly round without any flaws.

Each pearl was at least twenty millimeters in diameter and looked extremely beautiful.

“So beautiful. Such huge pearls.”

Wang Xian looked at the sixteen pearls in his hand with awe. “Such big and exquisite pearls would definitely be very valuable. Haha, it should be worth a lot of money.”

Pearls came from the body of sea clams and natural pearls had always been very valuable.

Wang Xian held onto the sixteen pearls and looked at the clam girl. “These pearls... Can you get more of these”

“Dragon King, these pearls are from the remains of what I consumed and are formed slowly over time.”

“They would appear after a certain period of time. I dont like them and would just throw them all out.”

“What They appeared once in a certain period of time and were all thrown out by you” Wang Xians mouth was twitching after hearing what she said.

“How long do they take to form” he immediately asked.

“I dont know,” answered clam girl.

“Hmm... Forget it. Clam girl doesnt have a sense of time after all.” Wang Xian shook his head helplessly before instructing her, “If there are pearls in the future, you have to keep them.”

“Yes, Dragon King.”

“Ill check out how much these are worth after I get back.” Wang Xian took a look at the pearls in his hand before putting them in the sea clam.

“You can cultivate here now.”

Wang Xian instructed the clam girl. After which, he looked around him.

Currently, he would just need a further four hundred more points of Dragon energy to level up. Seeing that it was about noon, Wang Xian decided to make the best use of his time and attempt to raise his level to Level Two by night time.

Wang Xian looked towards a sturgeon. Moving his body, he headed towards it and attacked it.

Devour! Frantic devouring!

Dragon energy was increasing at a terrifying pace.

“Theres another school of ribbonfish right there.”

It was afternoon time. When Wang Xian swam out another twenty kilometers, he encountered another school of ribbonfish.

This school of ribbonfish was three to four times larger than the school he encountered in the morning. Three to four thousand fish were swimming together and it was a majestic scene to witness.

“If I devoured all of them, I would be close to Level Two. When Im at Level Two, my strength will also be substantially greater.”

Wang Xian was getting excited. His vision was locked onto the school of ribbonfish as he dashed towards it directly.

The current Wang Xian was approximately thirty centimeters and was still relatively much smaller as compared to the ribbonfish.

However, the aura that he was emitting was causing the ribbonfish to tremble in fear.


A weak dragon roar erupted as Wang Xian started his devouring. Ribbonfish after ribbonfish was easily devoured and turned into dragon energy within Wang Xian.

Three to four thousand ribbonfish were completely devoured by him in half an hour.

These included three top-grade Kings of Ribbonfish. Despite facing against three of them at the same time, he still killed and devoured all three of the Kings of Ribbonfish.

Name: Wang Xian

Race: Human (Able to transform into a Dragon)

Level: 1

Dragon Energy: 997/1,000

Superpower: Dominate the marine animals (Ability to rule any marine animals that are lower than your own level)

Devour any form of marine animals (For extraction of dragon energy)

The source of this content is n/ov/elb/in[./]net'

Art of Cultivation: Divine Dragon Transformation

“Three more points to make the breakthrough.”

Wang Xian got excited and swam to his left. All he had to do was to devour another ten fish before his level could be raised to Level Two.

“This is bad. Thats a shark.”

Just as he swam a dozen meters ahead, he suddenly saw a shark swimming towards him.

“It must have been drawn here because of the bloody scent I caused when devouring the ribbonfish.”

Wang Xian had an idea while looking at the shark that was approximately three meters long.

Horn shark: Level Four

Extractable Dragon Energy: 443

Run! Im definitely not a match for it.

After seeing the level of the horn shark, Wang Xian immediately escaped towards the sea at the side.

That horn shark seemed to have seen Wang Xian as it immediately wiggled its tail and chased after Wang Xian.

“Oh damn. Im already escaping and yet you have to chase me.”

When Wang Xian felt the horn shark heading towards him at high speed, he accelerated towards the seaside.

Luckily, his speed was faster. When he reached the area with seaweed all around him, the horn shark lost him.

“I still couldnt get too far as Im too weak currently. If I had encountered several vicious sharks, Id be finished.”



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