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Invincible Divine Dragons Cultivation System Chapter 17 - Advance to Level Two

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Chapter 17: Advance to Level Two

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In the Bohai Sea, Wang Xian swam beside the olive flounders and gobbled them up.

“Extracted 0.1 Dragon Energy.”

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“Extracted 0.3 Dragon Energy.”

“1000 Dragon Energy completed. Evolved to Divine Dragon Level Two.”

After Wang Xian devoured a few olive flounders, the system notification sounded off in his mind. Instantly, Wang Xian felt his tremendous power surging from his body.


The bones throughout his whole body let out crisp sounds. The 40-centimeter dragon body grew longer to approximately a meter long.

By now, Wang Xians entire body was giving off a golden glow. The tremendous power swirled in the seawater around him.

“I have advanced to Level Two.”

Sensing the immense power from his body, Wang Xian could not hide his exhilarating expression.

Every scale and bone in his entire body was greatly enhanced, in particular, the claws. He was full of mighty explosive force.


The sea water around him rippled as the dragon roared.

“I have become stronger by at least tenfold.”

Wang Xian felt the immense strength within his body. He clenched his claws and cast a glance to the boulder at the side.


With a swing, Wang Xian shattered the sturdy boulder easily.

“Im already so powerful even when I have not acquired the Superpower. If I have enough Dragon Energy to cultivate my Superpower, Ill grow even more formidable.”

The Divine Dragon was the same dragon when he just started to practice the Divine Dragon Transformation.

Superpowers were things like infernos, water current, frost, and skeletons.

He could grow his claw longer with Dragon Energy while Superpower would be required for enhancing his bodys flexibility, acquiring techniques like spurting out fire and water, and generating electricity.

All these required Dragon Energy for upgrading.

The current Wang Xian only possessed the physical body of a Divine Dragon but its Superpower.

However, just the physical body was daunting enough.

“Im just at Level Two now, and the power was incredibly strong even before I got to my First Transformation. When I attained the Nine Divine Dragon Transformations, does that mean I can roam the entire universe”

Wang Xian was feeling passionate. He swam to the sea clam not far from him and reminded the Clam Girl to cultivate diligently before he headed back to the shore.

The sky gradually turned dark. His speed was considered fast since he had advanced one level within a day.

But it would require 10,000 points of Dragon Energy to advance to Level Three. Subsequently, each level of advancement required ten times the Dragon Energy.

Level advancement at the early stages would be speedy, but it would get harder as it progressed to the later stages.

After two levels of advancement, his speed was so fast that he could swim fifteen meters per second. That was way faster than many types of fish.

Dragon Race were born rulers.

Wang Xian swam to the shore. On his way, he caught some lobsters and swimming crabs: two lobsters that were about 1.5 kilograms each, and six swimming crabs.


Wang Xian put on his clothes after he was out of the sea. He grinned as he looked at the pearls, lobsters and the swimming crabs in his hands.

After putting on his clothes, he headed up. “Boom!” Wang Xian took a gentle leap to the shore. As he did, he was off the ground by four meters.


He picked up a stone from the ground and crushed it.

“Im simply too powerful now.”

Wang Xian was excited. He found a bag to pack the lobsters and the swimming crabs into before he walked towards the entrance of a resort not far from him.

For safety concerns, he parked his Harley motorcycle there.


Wang Xian rode on his motorcycle after placing the lobsters and the swimming crabs at a safe location. Soon after, he stepped on his accelerator and headed back to school.

“My reaction and eyesight have improved greatly after advancing to Level Two.”

Wang Xian slightly narrowed his eyes as he glanced at the motorcycle that he was riding on.

Based on the speed that he was riding now, it was a total waste for such a modified motorcycle.

After millions of dollars worth of modifications, the speed of this heavy-duty motorcycle could reach a terrifying level.

The maximum speed for this Harley was 397 kilometers per hour. To make a comparison, the maximum car speed of a Bugatti Veyron with a starting price of over 20 million was only 405 kilometers per hour.

This modified Harley was freaking fast.

The acceleration capability was faster than a sports car.

Given the performance of this Harley, sports cars that were worth a few million were incomparable with this.

“Lets test out the speed of this heavy-duty motorcycle.”

Wang Xian was eager to try it out. In the past, the chance of endangering his life was high if he got into an accident with this motorcycle. Hence, he did not dare to drive too fast.

But now, Wang Xians strength was greatly enhanced. Even if he traveled at two hundred kilometers per hour, he could assure his own safety if there were any accidents.

Besides, given his current speed of reaction, he would be quite safe.

The region near the ocean was rather remote. Not many cars could be seen on the road.

Wang Xian began to change gears and stepped hard on his accelerator.


The engine of the motorcycle exploded a loud and clear sound.

The corner of Wang Xians lips was slightly drawn when he looked at the speedometer. Within five seconds, the speed increased to a hundred kilometers per hour and soon, it would hit 180.

Speeding at 180 kilometers per hour was already scary as the trees on each side were moving behind at a daunting speed.

“Feels great. No wonder many people seek thrills from the ultimate speed to the extent that it cost their lives. This really feels good.”

With his helmet on, Wang Xian zoomed off on his motorcycle in his chirpy mood.


Just then, Wang Xian suddenly heard engines vrooming from behind.


A couple of sports cars passed by his motorcycle like phantoms.

“Eh Their speed hit at least two hundred kilometers per hour.”

Wang Xian was slightly stunned as he watched the sports cars overtaking him. Yet, he did not chase after them in spite of his pride.

Wang Xian reduced his speed to around seventy kilometers per hour before making a turn ahead.

When he made a turn, he saw three sports cars lining up in one straight and neat row. Looked like they were preparing for the new round of a competition.

Wang Xians presence immediately drew the attention from the three sports cars – a Ferrari, a Lamborghini Aventador, and a Maserati.

“Hey, Uncle, lets race!”

A young girl came out from the Maserati car. She slightly raised her chin and looked at Wang Xian in a provocative way.

“Yes, bro. Your driving skill seemed to be good. Lets have some fun.” After the young girl, the window was wound down on the Ferrari as someone called out at him.

“Yes, bro, come.” The window of the Lamborghini rolled down as well while the driver called out to him.

“No, its okay.” Wang Xian shook his head as he was in no mood for car racing against these kids born with a silver spoon in their mouth.

“You chicken. Whoever loses calls me mom. Hurry up! Dont be a coward!” The young lady who spoke to Wang Xian first pointed out a middle finger and jeered at him. [1]

“Xiao Wan, what nonsense are you spouting at such a young age. Drive slowly. Who says you can race” A pretty girl sitting beside the young lady glared at her.

“Heh heh.” The young lady stuck her tongue out and beckoned to Wang Xian.

“Dont be such a pussy and fight like a man.”


[1] A form of insult



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