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Chapter 19: A Highly Skilled Doctor

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Never did I expect the Dragon Energy to have such an effect. If I have sufficient Dragon Energy, I can inject it into her body, and her legs would recover immediately.

Wang Xian thought to himself as he looked at the young lady who was in a coma after he had fixed her leg.

Subsequently, he came to the pretty girl and examined her condition with the Dragon Energy.

“Her chest has some blood clotting due to the impact of the hit.”

Wang Xian took a look at her injuries and proceeded to nourish her with his Dragon Energy. Soon after, he came to check on the rest of the four people in the other two sports cars.

Apart from the juvenile with a broken rib bone which had been fixed by Wang Xian with his Dragon Energy, the rest were only suffering from light injuries.

The young lady and the juvenile with his broken rib bone were the two most serious cases.

Just then, the traffic police and the ambulance arrived, and Wang Xian heaved a sigh of relief.

“Three luxurious sports cars got into an accident!”

The traffic police officers who rushed here sped up their pace as they came over.

“Young chap, were you the one who called the police”

A middle-aged traffic police officer asked this immediately when he saw Wang Xian.

Wang nodded, “Yes, it was me. I examined those people, and there shouldnt be anything serious.”

“Chief, look at these sports cars. That car plate of the Maserati seemed like the one that was just applied by the granddaughter of Old Xue.”

The young man who was following behind the middle-aged officer spoke softly to him.

“Eh” The middle-aged officer looked at the car plate, 2333, and frowned immediately. “Yes, its the granddaughter of Old Xue. The rest of them must not be ordinary people either. Go check on them.”

The middle-aged officer ran to Wang Xian and took a look at the young girl and the pretty girl.

“Shes the granddaughter of Old Xue,” Cold sweat broke on his forehead, “Please, nothing must happen to her. Nothing.”

He spotted the ambulance nearby and screamed at the top of his lungs, “Paramedics, over here. Hurry!”

A few paramedics brought the stretcher and sprinted over immediately.

“Hang on, let me examine her first,” said a doctor to the two nurses who were walking by the side. She squatted down and began to examine the injuries of the young lady.

“Her leg was injured, but it was almost healed by me. She just needs some time to fully recover. The pretty girl beside her had some blood clotted at her chest area. I have taken care of it, and it shouldnt pose any serious problems. On top of that, the young driver of the Ferrari had a broken rib, which I also took care of. Just be careful when you guys move them.”

The doctor who was doing the examination was slightly stunned. She lifted her chin to look at Wang Xian with astonishment.

Wang Xian, too, looked back at the doctor and could not help but feel slightly surprised. Where did all the pretty ladies come from

This doctor was in her late twenties. Her white robe was propped up and could not hide her busty figure.

Her face was fair and refined. She looked like a goddess as her hair was worn up in a bun.

The doctor reached out to touch the legs of the young girl, and a shocked expression gradually surfaced on her face. She did notice some problems with the young girls legs.

“Be careful, bring her up to the ambulance without moving her legs.”

“Yes, Doctor Sun.” The two nurses nodded immediately.

“Have you practiced medicine before” Doctor Sun stood up and asked curiously.

“Eh... just a little. You should do a recheck to be certain.” Wang Xian chuckled.

He knew nothing about medicine. All he did was treat the patients with Dragon Energy.

Doctor Sun did not ask much as she began to examine the rest of the casualties.

She lifted the clothes at the chest area of the pretty lady and examined her injuries. Once again, she was shocked, “She was injured at her chest area. Avoid touching it.”

Subsequently, she came to the other sports car and began her examination.

“It was the rib. That young man is really superb.”

Doctor Sun examined everyone and was stunned by the outcomes.

Given such a situation, she would have taken a long time to examine the injuries if not for the young man who had reported to her on their conditions.

“Okay, Im off now,” said Wang Xian to the traffic police officers and the doctor.

Seeing that all the casualties were moved into the ambulance from the sports cars, Wang Xian checked on the time, and it was almost seven oclock.

“Young chap, please leave your contact number so that we can contact you when necessary,” said the middle-aged traffic police officer.

“Sure.” Wang Xian nodded and left his contact number.

Doctor Sun gave him a significant look before she got onto the ambulance.

“A car race almost got someone killed.” Wang Xian shook his head and walked to the side. He rode on his motorcycle and headed back to school.

“Chief, that young man rides a Harley motorcycle. His family must be quite well-off.” The young police officer gazed at Wang Xians back view as he left.

“Hmm, lets ignore the rest for now. We need to check on the situation in the hospital. Lets hope the granddaughter of Old Xue and the rest of the young fellows will be fine. Those guys family backgrounds were not ordinary either,” said the middle-aged officer.

“The big car was on the wrong side of the road, and those sports cars were driving too fast. Hence, the car accident. The car owner of that truck will be in deep ** soon.”

At this time, Doctor Sun was examining both legs of the young lady with a piece of equipment in the ambulance. Her expression was aghast.


“How could this be possible Both her legs were obviously fractured. Yet, they were fixed by some formidable treating skill. Could that young man be a skillful practitioner”


By now, Wang Xian had reached the school entrance on his motorcycle.

He cast a glance at the lobsters and swimming crabs on the car before he came to a convenience store as he rubbed his hands.

After purchasing some sauces, he came back to his dormitory immediately.

“Ill put the pearls somewhere first, then do some cooking outdoors.”

Wang Xian grinned.

Outdoor barbecue was one of the highlights of the University of Rivertown. At the Eastern Hill of the university lay a perfect spot for outdoor barbecue.

The holes were already dug. Just bringing along pots, wood, and fire would do.

The glutton Wang Dahai had all the necessary tools for outdoor cooking. Wang Xian took the pot and fetched some water. He carried all his ingredients and headed for the Eastern Hill.

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The Eastern Hill was a hillock located at the side of the Pavilion Lake. Setting up fire was extremely safe as there were neither trees nor grass.

The sky gradually darkened as Wang Xian carried his things to the Eastern Hill.


Just then, his phone suddenly rang. He took a look and found it was Guan Shuqing.

“I have yet to thank you for what happened a few days ago. Have you taken your dinner I would like to treat you as a token of appreciation.”

Wang Xian looked at the Wechat message that Guan Shuqing had sent. He was slightly taken aback, but he quickly replied, “Its okay, thank you.”


Guan Shuqing was slightly stunned by Wang Xians reply.

Since she was young, no one had ever turned her down. He was the first one to do so.

At first, like any other guys, she thought Wang Xian would send her chatting messages after adding her on Wechat. But he did not.

Now, she was once again rejected after initiating a dinner with him. She could not help but feel her face and doubt her charm.



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