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Chapter 2: Divine Dragon Transformation

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“So this is Divine Dragon Transformation So powerful!”

Wang Xian was feeling the various types of divine dragon and their aura which seemed to be looking down on the rest of the world. His eyes were filled with astonishment.

“So this is how Dragon Strength is used.”

After some time, Wang Xian exhaled gradually and a tinge of excitement flashed past his eyes.

Art of Cultivation, Divine Dragon Transformation was the cultivation arts of the Divine Dragon. Moreover, it was also the strongest cultivation art.

The methods of gathering and using Dragon Strength were within the Divine Dragon Transformation.

Dragon Strength allowed him to possess Inferno Superpower, Frosty Superpower, Wind Superpower and various other types of superpowers.

Based on what was explained in the Divine Dragon Transformation, Dragon Strength was the highest-tier energy. It could be transformed into lower-tier energy.

Lower-tier energies referred to elements like Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and others. Dragon Strength could even strengthen ones body.

Another strong ability of Dragon Strength was to upgrade marine animals.

Every Divine dragon had their own Dragon Palace with crawfish soldiers and crab generals. Dragon Strength could gift ordinary marine animals the ability to evolve and gain great strength.

“Haha! I would never have imagined that I would have such an incredible encounter.”

Wang Xian showed excitement on his face. After turning into the Divine dragon, the illness in his body was automatically eradicated.

“Now that I have become a divine dragon, Ill be able to gather the clouds and summon rain with a wave of my hand after I get stronger. Ill become the strongest existence in the entire world and build the strongest Dragon Palace.”

Wang Xian wriggled his own body and was filled with lofty ambitions.

“Once the divine dragons body got stronger, my self-body would get stronger too. Lets start absorbing some Dragon Strength first.”

Wang Xian thought in his heart. There are two methods to absorb Dragon Strength. One of them was to devour other living things to gather Dragon Strength. The other method would be to gather Dragon Strength based on the description of the Divine Dragon Transformation.

“Lets start by devouring the surrounding living things.”

Wang Xians eyes lit up. There was a significant amount of fish in the lake beside the pavilion. As the lake was only two to three meters deep, there werent any large fish. Therefore, he wasnt afraid of encountering strong living things.

Wang Xian wriggled his body and headed directly towards the lake.

“Theres a small grass carp over there.”

Wang Xian saw a grass carp that was similar in size to him. Moving his body, he swam directly towards it.

Grass Carp: Level 0

Extractable Dragon Energy: 0.05

“Devour.” Wang Xian swam over, opened his mouth and devoured the grass carp that was of similar size to him. He obtained 0.05 Dragon Energy.

“Lets continue.”

Wang Zheng felt extremely excited as he moved around and started devouring the surrounding living things frantically.

Grass carp, carp, lobsters and mudfish.

These fish were all Level 0. Even carps that weighed three to four jin were Level 0. [1]

Wang Xians devour was extremely strong. Even if the fish was twice the size of him, the fish would shrink and directly enter his belly as he devoured one with each bite.

Subsequently, he cornered all the fish to an area before devouring them in a frenzy.

Heavy rain was pouring constantly and seven to eight hundred fish gathered in the middle of the lake in the school. A golden-colored body was devouring them rapidly.


A weak and soft dragon roar propagated. The growl was very soft and was even softer than the sounds of the rain. However, this growl was filled with endless awe.

“I have gotten only twenty Dragon Energy after devouring all the fish in the lake! Thats really little!”

After half an hour, the golden-colored Wang Xian swam to the edge of the lake.

He looked around him and found that there was no one. Looking at his clothes at the edge of the lake, a naked Wang Xian surfaced without much thought. His eyes flashed nobleness as a dragon while his body beamed golden light.

The naked body looked extremely strong and was full of muscles.

“I better put on my clothes quickly and get out of here.” Wang Xian wasnt in the mood to admire the great changes to his body. He quickly scooped up his clothes from the lake and put them on rapidly.

He also scooped up his phone at the same time and ran towards the dormitory.


Wang Xian closed the door to his dormitory room with his body fully drenched. A tinge of a smile surfaced on his face.

“My strength seems to be several times that of the past. My body also feels stronger than before.”

Wang Xian clenched his fists tightly. Subsequently, he looked at his wet clothes, took them off and changed into a set of dry clothes. “So handsome!”

Standing in front of the mirror, Wang Xian looked at himself in an almost narcissistic way.

It was the summer break and there werent many people in the entire dormitory building and he was the only one in his dormitory room.

“My level is still too low currently. I will have to practice diligently from now onwards to become a strong Divine dragon as quickly as possible.”

Wang Xian clenched his fists tightly and took a look at his elemental attributes.

Name: Wang Xian

The source of this content is n0/v//el//bin[.//]net'

Race: Human (Ability to transform into a Dragon)

Level: 1

Dragon Energy: 20/1000

Superpower: Dominate the marine animals (Ability to rule any marine animals that are lower than your own level)

Devour any form of living (For extraction of dragon energy)

Art of Cultivation: Divine Dragon Transformation

“It seems that 20 Dragon Energy isnt of much use, either. Ill have to reach level 2 as quickly as possible.”

Wang Xian thought to himself.

Buzz Buzz. At this moment, Wang Xian suddenly heard his phone ringing.

“What the... The phone is still working after falling into the lake”

Wang Xian was surprised. He walked over immediately, picked up his phone and saw a message from his sister.

Unlocking the phone, there wasnt any rubbish advertisement this time.

“Brother, Im done with my work today and am accompanying Xiao Mi to go shopping. I earned two hundred today from tutoring! Brother, let me buy you a shirt.”

“Brother, why arent you replying to my message And why arent the calls getting through”


“Brother, what are you doing Are you still working Please reply to me immediately when you receive my messages.”

Seeing seven or eight messages from his own sister, a smile appeared on Wang Xians face. He immediately replied, “Your brother is busy now. Go shopping and buy whatever you want. Your brother has enough money for your school fees and you wont have to worry about the living expenses in the future.”

“I still have a sister who will be attending the University of Rivertown with me. Lets see if I can give her a surprise before she arrives.”

Wang Xians heart softened at the thought of his adorable sister.

“Now that I can transform into a Divine dragon, what are some ways for me to earn money Should I head to the ocean and catch some fish”

Wang Xian thought to himself and recalled about that girl. His eyes were filled with determination as he mumbled to himself, “I must become a rich man in the future. Only when I have strength and money can I get what I want.”

He had been working on temporary jobs before and could earn approximately a hundred dollars a day. For this summer vacation, he found a rather good job and earned four thousand dollars in twenty days.

Currently, he had over eight thousand dollars in his hands. This was sufficient for his and his sisters school fees but wasnt enough to cover their living expenses.

His sister was also sensible enough to start working during the summer vacation. She found a job as a home tutor back in their home village and could be considered as being well paidl.

“I will definitely not allow my sister to suffer after she enters university. I have to turn her into a little princess.”

Wang Xian made up his mind to not allow his sister to become like him in the past where he had to work part-time while studying.


“Im so hungry. This is weird considering that I had devoured so many fish.”

At this moment, Wang Xian felt pangs of hunger. He took his umbrella and headed out directly.


[1] 1 Jin = approximately 500 grams



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