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Invincible Divine Dragons Cultivation System Chapter 20 - Cooking Outdoors

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Chapter 20: Cooking Outdoors

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Guan Shuqing felt a little disappointed and wasnt willing to just give up.

“You did help me out greatly after all. I definitely owe you a treat.”

Guan Shuqing held onto her phone and sent the message.

This man is really different from others. Or maybe hes gay

Thats the only explanation Guan Shuqing could come up with.

“Huh” Wang Xian was boiling water and cleaning off the ashes of the firewood from before when he heard his phone ring. He saw Guan Shuqings reply before looking over at the swimming crabs and large lobsters in the pot. “Since I cant finish all these by myself, why dont I just ask if she would like to come over”

Wang Xian wasnt thinking too deeply into this matter and sent the message, “Im cooking outdoors on the Eastern Hill. If you havent eaten, why dont you just come over to the Eastern Hill”

After sending the message out, Wang Xian started cleaning the area once again. He washed the bowls and chopsticks and started a fire.

When Guan Shuqing received this message while she was in the dormitory room, she frowned slightly.

“Cooking outdoors. Should I go Its getting a little dark. Will he...”

“He probably wouldnt as he isnt such a guy. Moreover, although it is summer holiday, theres still security patrolling the area.”

Guan Shuqing made up her mind to go. She stood up and put on some light makeup before heading towards the Eastern Hill.

When she arrived at the Eastern Hill, she saw a figure standing by the flames.

“Just him alone.”

Guan Shuqing looked over as she walked. “Wang Xian.”

“Huh, if it isnt our great beauty, Guan Shuqing” Wang Xian lifted his head, looked over and saw Guan Shuqing switching on the flashlight of her mobile phone.

“I take that youre in a good mood, cooking outdoors so late.” Guan Shuqing walked over and saw Wang Xian preparing the sauce. She was shocked and asked, “Wang Xian, what delicious dishes are you making”

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“Seafood. I caught them from the sea today.”

Wang Xian lifted his head and looked at her.

Guan Shuqing was still as beautiful as always today. Guan Shuqing was a well-known goddess of the University of Rivertown, and it was pretty good to be able to have a meal with such a beautiful lady.

Of course, on the condition that they get along.

“Wow, seafood. It seems like Ill be in for a treat today.” Guan Shuqing squatted down. She looked at the covered pot first before turning her attention to Wang Xian.

Under the illumination of the flame, he had a very unique aura. Appearance-wise, Wang Xian was definitely a handsome guy.

Guan Shuqing found a rock and sat down on it. “It should be me who is supposed to give you a treat and yet you are the one who invited me to have seafood. Why dont I give you a treat tomorrow night What do you think about that”

“Sure!” Wang Xian looked at her and continued, “It will be my honor to be given a treat from the goddess of Rivertown!”

“Why dont I feel that way You still said that it wasnt necessary just a while ago.” Guan Shuqing gave him an angry stare.

“Hehe,” Wang Xian laughed. “Thats because I feel that I didnt really help you out. It was just a little thing after all.”

“What you did isnt just a little thing,” replied Guan Shuqing as she shook her head.

“Alright, the food is cooked. Lets get started quickly. Ill get the sauce ready for you.” Wang Xian opened the lid to the pot and passed over a bowl of sauce that he had prepared previously to Guan Shuqing.

“Wow, lobsters and crabs.” Guan Shuqing was shocked when she saw two large lobsters and swimming crabs, each seemingly weighing two to three jin, in the pot.

“Hehe.” Wang Xian smiled. “Yeah, they were all caught from the sea.”

As Wang Xian spoke, he scooped out a large lobster from the pot. After which, he deshelled the head, grabbed the tail and passed it to Guan Shuqing. “Take it. We can each have one large lobster. If you hadnt come, I might not have been able to finish them all by myself.”

“Thank you, thank you.” Guan Shuqing took it joyously.

“Be careful, its hot.”


Guan Shuqing took over a large lobster that was even bigger than her palm and gently removed the shell.

“It smells so good!” exclaimed Guan Shuqing happily.

“The taste is pretty good.” Wang Xian dipped it into the sauces hed prepared. It was extremely satisfying to have wild large lobsters together with the tasty sauces.

“I didnt expect Id be so lucky to be in for such a sumptuous dinner.” Guan Shuqing looked at Wang Xian and spoke with a face of smiles.

“Hmm. Ive brought two bottles of alcohol with me. Do you want some” Wang Xian asked, taking out the beer Wang Dahai had placed in the dormitory.

“Lobsters with beer! Give me a bottle, then. However, I wont be able to finish it.” Guan Shuqing extended her hand and replied with a smile.

“Its alright. Pass it to me if you cant finish it.” Wang Xian helped her open the bottle before passing it to her.

“Wow. This is simply too satisfying.” Guan Shuqing sipped a mouthful before enjoying her lobster flesh.

“Have some swimming crabs too. I caught them from the sea and they are really fresh.” Wang Xian scooped out a swimming crab and deshelled it like a gentleman before passing it over to her.

“Wang Xian, youre so sweet. And the sauces you prepared are really delicious. This is fantastic. Im sure you have a girlfriend, right” Guan Shuqing looked at him and asked in a probing manner.

Wang Xians body stiffened up. He recalled the girl that chose to go with the other guy. Although she wasnt very pretty, her quiet and cute look was what he was really fond of.

Sigh! He heaved a long sigh. A materialistic girl like that wasnt worthy for him to think about any further, nor was she worthy of his love.

“Whats the matter” Guan Shuqing saw his sudden change and asked curiously.

“Im fine. I dont have a girlfriend. Or rather, in my case, it ended before it even started.” Wang Xian laughed in a self-deprecating manner before drinking a mouthful of beer.

Guan Shuqing was slightly stunned. “You are such a great guy. Im sure you would be able to find a really beautiful girlfriend.”

“Perhaps.” Wang Xian smiled and nodded his head. “However, Im focusing on improving myself and earning a lot more money for now. My sister will be attending this school soon. Ive got to let her live her university life like a princess.”

Guan Shuqing saw his determined look and couldnt help but feel a little envious. “Im really envious of your sister to have such a good brother. Your relationship with your sister must be really good!”

“We only have each other after all. My sister is really adorable and sensible,” laughed Wang Xian.

“Only have each other” When Guan Shuqing heard these words, she recalled what shed heard from what her good friend had gathered.

Could it be that he truly only has a sister His parents arent around anymore

Guan Shuqing thought of her own parents suddenly. Although her fathers company encountered a huge crisis this year and declared bankrupt, she still had her parents with her after all.

“Everything will be fine. A guy like you will definitely be very blessed in the future,” Guan Shuqing looked at Wang Xian and remarked. “There arent any sad things that wouldnt pass. My fathers company was declared bankrupt this year and this had a huge impact on my way of living. However, I still feel that as long as I work hard, everything will become better.”

Wang Xian looked at Guan Shuqing, who was at aside, with a little surprise. Who would have expected this girl to still be able to maintain such a way of thinking

“What are you looking at Cheers!” Guan Shuqing noticed Wang Xian was looking at her. She lifted her head slightly, lifted her bottle of beer and replied.

“It will be better, Guan Shuqing.” Wang Xian lifted his beer, smiled and added, “If you have any difficulties in the future, feel free to come and look for me. I might be able to help you resolve them.”

“Why arent you calling me the great beauty, Guan Shuqing Haha!”

“Arent we friends!”

“Wah, are you treating me as friends right now I felt like a stranger to you just moments ago.”



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