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Chapter 21: Wise Men Do Not Cut Someone Down to Size

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Guan Shuqing was a knowledgeable and cheerful girl who was born into an affluent family. She possessed a wealthy demeanor, but she did not have the usual arrogance and snobbish attitude that a rich girl would possess.

Even though her family was bankrupt, she was not discouraged at all. Instead, she worked part-time during her summer break.

Wang Xian was impressed by such a girl. She enjoyed her good life, but at the same time, she could take hardship.

“Thank you for your dinner. This is the most delightful meal Ive had recently.” Guan Shuqing looked at the guy who sent her back to her dormitory.

He was the first guy who ever did so.

Wang Xian grinned at her, “I guess I will be having seafood for all my meals for a while. If I do, Ill tell you in advance.”

“Right, its a deal.” Guan Shuqing stood in front of him with a sweet-looking smile on her face.

“Okay, bye. Im going back to take a rest.”


Guan Shuqing watched as the guy departed with a beam. The smile was extremely sweet-looking.

Guan Shuqing is a pretty girl with a good personality.

After departing, Wang Xian was thinking to himself too. It was impossible for a man not to fall for beauties.

I better increase my strength first. I must hit Level Four before school reopens.

Wang Xian told this to himself. He went back to his room and took a bath. Then, he took out his pearls and examined them. After that, he sat in a lotus position to begin his cultivation.

“Dragon Energy increased by 45 points.”

When Wang Xian woke up and saw the notification the next morning, sharp radiance flashed in his eyes.

Since hed advanced to Level Two, his cultivation speed was two times faster than before.

Wang Xian picked up the pearls beside him and headed out after washing up.

He rode to the city center and began his search for jewelry stores.

Pearls could only be sold to jewelry stores. Otherwise, he really had no idea who would acquire his pearls.

“Deep-sea Jewelry.”

As Wang Xian arrived at the city center, he spotted a jewelry accessories store with luxurious decors.

“Deep-sea” Wang Xian looked at the name of the shop.

Hed heard of this name before; a locally listed company with a renowned branding.

Such a well-established company should offer reasonable pricing.

Wang Xian secretly pondered. While he was having his breakfast that morning, he also surveyed the value for his pearls. The natural and flawless pearls of 20mm that he had could fetch tremendous pricing.

Every pearl could sell at a few hundred thousand dollars, or even higher.


Upon entering the store, the greeter who was wearing a cheongsam greeted him at the door.

Wang Xian entered and began to browse the pieces of jewelry within the cabinets. Their pieces of jewelry consisted of pearls and jade, excluding the gold jewelry.

All the pieces of jewelry were extremely pricey.

Wang Xian observed all the accessories. A pair of earrings cost a few thousand while some of the valuable pieces of jewelry were sold at a few hundred thousand dollars onwards.

“Sir, are you looking for anything” asked a salesgirl looking at him.

“Im looking for pearl jewelry.” He grinned as he said.

“They are over here. We have pearl necklaces, pendants, and bracelets,” the salesgirl pointed to a spot and said.

Wang Xian moved over and checked it out.

“This pearl and jade necklace is expensive.” Wang Xian spotted one at the center that cost $180,000.

“These are natural pearls from the South China Sea with a size of 16mm. The colors are mellow, and they are the top-rated pearls. $180,000 is not expensive at all.”

“Miss, can I take a look at that necklace”

Before the salesgirl could finish talking, someone at the side spoke.

Wang Xian turned over and saw a middle-aged man with a beautiful girl. The middle-aged man was talking to them.

“Sure.” The salesgirl smiled at him. She wore a pair of gloves before taking out the necklace and handed it over to the man.

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“Here, Wenwen. Put it on. Im sure youll look gorgeous in it.” The man took over the necklace and spoke to the beautiful girl who looked ten years younger than him.

“Wow, this is lovely!” The girl gazed at the necklace the man was holding with her eyes brightened up.

“Try it. If its nice, well buy it,” said the middle-aged man with a face full of smiles. To woo the beautiful girl before him, he was ready to throw in his money.

“Okay, Ill do it myself, Uncle.” The beautiful girl nodded.

“Sure.” He was so happy that he kept nodding his head.

As the girl was putting on the necklace, the man turned to look at Wang Xian again. He observed Wang Xians dressing from head to toe. With his lips slightly drawn, he asked, “Young chap, are you buying jewelry for your girlfriend”

“Just looking around.” Wang Xian peered at the man and nodded. He then turned to look at the necklace that the girl was holding.

Wang Xian looked at the pearl necklace and smiled. Regardless of the size or color, the pearls on the necklace were not as good as what he had. In fact, they were far more inferior quality.

“Young chap, what is your budget for the jewelry Young people like you should not be too far-fetched. Buying one that is around one to two thousand will do. You should buy according to what you can afford. When you have the money, you can get something more expensive. When I was your age, I was equally poor. But if you work hard in the future and earn big bucks, you can also pursue those expensive items that are over hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

The middle-aged man spoke while looking at the beautiful girl and Wang Xian.

Even though it sounded like a reminder from a senior, he was conveying an implicit message to the girl: Young people are poor, and Im rich.

The beautiful girl put on the necklace and peered at Wang Xian before she finally fixed her eyes on the middle-aged man, “Does it look beautiful on me”

“Of course, you look extremely gorgeous with it. Wenwen, this type of pearl and jade necklace suits you the most. Those that are worth a few thousand dollars dont match you at all.” The man quickly praised her.

“Really” The beautiful girl was so happy that she could not stop looking at herself in the mirror.

“Im sure. Wenwen, look at how beautiful you are when you are wearing it. Your friends will envy you when they see this,” said the man. Suddenly he turned to Wang Xian and asked, “Young chap, dont you think its beautiful too”

“Yes, it is.” Wang Xian nodded in agreement.

“Haha, see! Young chap, you dont have to envy me. Work hard and earn more money in the future. Till then, you can also get one for your girlfriend,” the middle-aged man patted Wang Xian on his shoulder, “Its a pity that this necklace is the best among all. If there were better ones, Id buy them for you, Wenwen.”

“Uncle, youre so nice to me.” Wenwen looked at him

“Haha, of course, Im nice to you. Even though Im slightly old, no young chaps can be comparable to me,” said the middle-aged man confidently.

“Ahem, Uncle, I have better pearls over here. I wonder if you have any interest in them,” Wang Xian pursed his lips and said. He looked at the man who was diligentlyguiding andteaching him. In actual fact, the man was trying to bring himself up.

This man was a sly fox. He put in good words for himself by stepping on others without being too obvious.

Wise men do not cut someone down to size. This fellow not only stepped on others, but he was also stepping on Wang Xian to prove himself.



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