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Invincible Divine Dragons Cultivation System Chapter 23 - Acquaintance

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Chapter 23: Acquaintance

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“Sir, please wait for a moment. My company is sending someone down. Please have some tea while waiting.”

The manager from the Deep-sea Jewelry poured and handed a cup of tea zealously to him in the waiting room.

Wang Xian smiled and nodded, “No problem. Ill just wait here. No hurry.”


Wang Xian made himself comfortable in the waiting room as he felt funny when he thought of the middle-aged man whom hed met just now.

“Is the seller inside”

After 20 minutes, Wang Xian heard a girl from the outside.

“Sir, sorry to keep you waiting. This is our in-charge from the company.”

Just then, a pretty girl who was in professional attire followed behind the manager as the manager introduced her to Wang Xian.

“Hi.” Wang Xian stood up and stretched out his hand.



Wang Xian gasped as he looked at the familiar girl in front of him.

The girl before him was slightly shocked to see Wang Xian too.

“Wang Xian” she raised her eyebrows and asked.

“Chairman Lan!”

Wang Xian did not expect an acquaintance to be here. Moreover, she was a senior in the school – Lan Qingyue.

Lan Qingyue was the vice-chairman of the student council at the University of Rivertown. Wang Xian had met her a few times before.

However, Lan Qingyue was not expecting Wang Xian to be the seller who wanted to sell the premium grade pearls.

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She knew a fair bit about Wang Xian.

He was a year-one student, and theyd met a few times when he was looking for some part-time jobs in school.

She remembered the guy in front of her was working for the entire year, even during his school holiday.

He part-timed in school and outside of school too.

For quite some time, as the vice-chairman of the student council, she took on the chairman role for the students affairs club and was responsible for the part-time work in school.

Back then, Wang Xian was part-timing non-stop. So, she was quite familiar with his familys situation.

His parents were not around, and he was left living with his younger sister. Hence, he had to be responsible for his sisters livelihood. Back at that time, Lan Qingyue had a deep impression of him as she had due respect for this guy.

“What a coincidence!” Wang Xian grinned and said to her.


“Director Lan, do you know this gentleman” the manager asked in astonishment.

“Schoolmates.” Lan Qingyue nodded with a smile.

“That will be even better, Director Lan. Both of you take a seat, and Ill get you some water,” said the manager quickly.

“The rumors in the school are real.”

Upon seeing the managers attitude, Wang Xian thought of the rumors in the school saying that her family owned a significant listed company, and they were an affluent family. In the future, she would be taking over the large-scale family business.

But he did not expect that she was already handling her family business before she turned year three.

“Wang Xian, I never expected you would be the seller,” said Lan Qingyue indifferently to Wang Xian.

Wang Xian chuckled and checked out Lan Qingyue who was in office attire. She gave off a cool and distant vibe.

She had a great figure, but she was the type who seemed remote and aloof. In school, she was known as the Ice Queen.

She and Guan Shuqing were two different characters. Guan Shuqing was a goddess that was friendly yet reserved.

But Lan Qingyue was a goddess who kept her distance at arms length.

“I was not expecting you either.”

“Can you show me the pearls” Lan Qingyue peered at the pearl on the table.

“Of course.” Wang Xian nodded and showed her.

Lan Qingyue placed four pearls of different colors in her palm.

“This is gorgeous!” she exclaimed. “16 pearls could make one or two sets of jewelry or a string of necklace.”

“I wonder how much you are asking for,” asked Lan Qingyue.

“Name me your price.” Wang Xian smiled and replied.

“How about $600,000 for one” Lan Qingyue asked with a grin.

“Deal.” Wang Xian nodded without asking for a higher price, as $600,000 for a pearl was already a remarkable price.

16 pearls would bring him $9.6 million. With the $1.75 million that he had, he would have over $10 million in total.

Within a few days, Wang Xian turned into a millionaire!

“I thought you would raise your price.” Lan Qingyue was a little stunned by Wang Xians unconditional agreement. “You are making me uneasy. Lets make it a round sum, $10 million.”

“Thank you!” Wang Xian laughed and nodded.

“Can I ask where you got these pearls from” Lan Qingyue asked with her curiosity piqued.

“From the sea,” Wang Xian answered with a grin. “If I have more pearls in the future, Ill come and look for you.”

“Sure.” Upon hearing that, Lan Qingyue was slightly stunned. Can pearls be found so easily

“Lets add each other on Wechat. I will look for you when I have more pearls,” Wang Xian told her.

“Great!” Lan Qingyue nodded and smiled. “Lets go to the bank to transfer the money.”

“Sure.” Wang Xian nodded and followed her out. The maximum limit for online bank transfers was set at five million. Hence, they needed to go to the bank to do a transfer instead.

Before they could exit through the door, three juveniles walked into Deep-sea Jewelry. Three of them were wearing formal clothing in the summer. When they saw Wang Xian and Lan Qingyue, they exchanged gazes with each other.

“Dont move and dont make a noise. Otherwise, I will kill both of you.”

Suddenly, the three of them aimed black handguns drawn out from their pockets at them.

Lan Qingyue and Wang Xian were stunned immediately as they looked ghastly at them.

“Close the store now! Hurry! Otherwise, Ill kill both of you immediately.”

One of them pointed the handgun at one of the salesgirls head.


That salesgirl raised her hands shockingly. All the salespeople and the manager behind the counters in the shop got a fright.

“Stop screaming and close the door now. Dont think of staying alive if the police are here.”

That juvenile barked ferociously at everyone.

“No, dont kill me.” The salesgirl walked to the door and shut it while shuddering in fear.

There were no other customers in the store at this time except for six salesgirls and a manager. Once the door was closed, people from the outside had a limited view of whatever happened in the shop.

“Squat down on the floor. Hurry.” The robber who was pointing his gun at Wang Xian shouted to everyone.

Wang Xian was slightly stupefied as he did not expect he would encounter a robbery. After all, robbery was not a common thing in modern day.

“Squat down!” The robber in front of Wang Xian barked at him again.

Wang Xian looked at the shiny black muzzle and squatted down.

Lan Qingyue squatted down and stared at the three robbers with a horrified look on her face.

“Quick, take all the jewelry now.”

A robber pointed the handgun towards Wang Xian and the rest of the people.

“Okay, okay.” The other robber took out a hammer hidden in his clothes and smashed the glass counters.



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