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Invincible Divine Dragons Cultivation System Chapter 24 - Robbery

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Chapter 24: Robbery

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Ring ring ring~

When the hammer landed on the glass, the security alarm of the jewellery shop went off.

“Hurry, hurry. Damn it, the alarm system is activated. The security personnel will be here at any moment,” a robber roared loudly.

“Boss, the glass here is too solid.” The robber with the hammer growled softly with a ghastly expression when he noticed only a few cracks appeared on the glass after hammering it.

“Leave this to me.” Another young man looked across with a vicious expression. He took over the hammer and the veins on his fist were bulging out.

Bam! The hammer landed on the glass and smashed open a hole directly. He continued to smash the glass with the hammer.

“This is bad. The anti-bullet glass has been smashed open.” Lan Qingyue, who had been squatting down and paying attention to the situation, was shocked at what she discovered.

“Shut your mouth,” the robber, who had a gun and was standing beside Lan Qingyue, roared. When he saw she had a piece of jewellery around her neck, a hint of joy surfaced on his face. He extended his hand over and demanded, “Give me this.”

“No.” Lan Qingyue saw the robber reaching towards her and immediately took two steps back. In the process, she fell back and sat onto the floor.

“HuhI didnt expect that you are rather pretty.” When the robber saw Lan Qingyues face, he was amazed and revealed a perverted expression.

“Dont move or I will shoot open a hole on your body. Hehe.” The robber pointed the gun at Lan Qingyue.

“Damn it. We dont have time for this. Just keep a close watch on them.” The young man hammering the glass counter roared at the other robber with the gun after hearing the commotion. At the same time, he grabbed the jewelry in the glass cabinet rapidly.

As for the other robber, he was pointing his gun at another service attendant and ordering him to open the cabinet with their keys.

“Boss, she has a top grade jade pendant on her. Ill get it.” This robber seemed to be very wary of the young man whod shouted at him previously. With a hideous look on his face, he reached out and grabbed towards Lan Qingyue. “If you resist any further, Ill kill you.”

“No.” Lan Qingyue had completely lost her usual cold demeanor. She protected the jade pendant around her neck helplessly and seemed determined to protect something extremely important in her heart.

“Damn it. You are seeking your own death.” The robber reached over directly and grabbed towards Lan Qingyues neck. With a forceful pull, he ripped the necklace over.

“Give it back.” Lan Qingyue felt pain cruising through her neck but still extended her hand over to try to get the pendant back.

“Damn you, bitch.” The robber growled angrily as he looked at the two trails of blood on his arm caused by Lan Qingyues nails. “Im going to strip you naked!”

He reached over and started tearing Lan Qingyues clothes apart.



Lan Qingyues professional working attire was ripped apart immediately. Her shoulders and fair skin were revealed.

“Huh” When Wang Xian saw the robber trying to reach over once again after ripping open Lan Qingyues clothes, he frowned.

He covered Lan Qingyue in his embrace, stared at the robber and said, “Dont go any further. You have already taken what you wanted.”

“Brat, are you trying to play the hero here Hehe” That robber pointed the gun at Wang Xian and sneered.

Wang Xian stared at the robber and didnt complete his sentence out of fear. Lan Qingyue was in his embrace, completely petrified.

“Im going to strip her naked right in front of you and let you take a look. Haha!” That robber laughed hideously. As he spoke he pointed the gun at Wang Xian with one hand while reaching towards Lan Qingyue with the other hand.

Lan Qingyue held tightly to Wang Xians arm out of fear.

“Damn it.” Wang Xian looked at the arrogant robber reaching over his hand with a hideous smile. At this moment, a cold and vicious intent flashed past Wang Xians eyes.

Crack crack! At this instant, Wang Xian suddenly took action. He reached his hand over and grabbed towards the robbers arm.

His hands were like dragon claws and sank directly onto the robbers arms. Exerting some force, Wang Xian broke the robbers arm.


He lifted his leg and kicked it towards the robbers chest. The strong force sent the robber into the wall directly as the robber lost consciousness from the pain.

“Scumbag, incompetent bugger.” The other two robbers heard the commotion and pulled out their guns immediately.

Wang Xian saw the two robbers pointing their guns at him. At that instant, cold sweat was breaking out from his forehead.

Lan Qingyue looked at the robbers pointing their guns at them in horror. She was desolated.


Bang! Bang!

When she heard the gunshots, she could feel the fear of death engulfing her.

However at this very moment, a figure pounced onto her and gripped her tightly in his embrace.

Tsss.” Ouch!”

Wang Xian could feel the intense pain spreading from the back. However, after the pain sensation subsided, he didnt feel any misery.

“My body can withstand bullets.”

Wang Xian was surprised. The reason why he wasnt taking action was because the other parties had guns with them. He was afraid that with the durability of his body, it would still be insufficient to withstand a bullet attack.

“Dont move, dont move.” He said softly to Lan Qingyue in his arms.

“You... Are you alright, Wang Xian” Tears were streaming down Lan Qingyues face. She heard the two soft gunshots and also the sounds of bullets hitting his back.

The guns had silencers installed on them.

“Im sorry, Im sorry. I shouldnt have resisted. The jade pendant was a gift from my grandmother when she passed away. Im...sorry,” Lan Qingyue said miserably as she thought Wang Xian had been injured by the bullets.

“Its alright, its alright.” Wang Xian shook his head.

What the hell. Girls are really a drag. If she didnt resist previously, the robber would not have fired. Furthermore, shes even crying out loud now. What if she attracts the attention of the robbers again Why doesnt she have the demeanor of the Ice Queen

“Im sorry to have let you down. Im sorry.” Lan Qingyue held on to Wang Xian as she cried.

“Hurry, lets go. Three minutes had passed and security is coming. Weve got to hurry!”

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At this moment, the robber took the bag of jewellery and shouted at the other robber.

“Alright, boss.”

The two robbers headed to the exit in a hurry.

“Boss, what should we do with our companion” The robber looked at his companion on the floor and asked anxiously.

“Incompetent bugger! Leave him here.”

The boss had a cold expression as he opened the door with force.

“Hurry, lets go!”

At this moment, Wang Xian silently pried open Lan Qingyues grip on his arm.

Before Lan Qingyue could react to it, Wang Xian flipped up and landed a punch directly on one of the robbers.


The current Wang Xian had enormous strength. He smashed his punch directly on his back with the robber completely off guard.

A crisp sound propagated as the robber fell to the ground with a thud.

“Bastard, die!”

The other robber reacted to the situation quicker than Wang Xian had expected him to.

“Die.” That robber threw his punch towards Wang Xians face with awe.

“This is bad, hes super strong!”

Wang Xian was shocked but wasnt fearful. He clenched his fist too and struck towards the robbers head.


He could feel that this robbers punch was heavy and he was very strong. However, the robber was still slightly weaker than him.


A clear and crisp sound propagated as a shocked expression surfaced on the robbers face.



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