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Invincible Divine Dragons Cultivation System Chapter 25 - Mighty Physique

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Chapter 25: Mighty Physique

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The moment the robbers fist cracked, Wang Xian stomped his foot on his chest. The robber fell onto the shutter door as he held his chest in pain.

“You...you...” With wide open eyes, he stared at Wang Xian in disbelief. “You are a Martial Artist...”

“Hur” Wang Xian was confused byMartial Artist.


Just then, the shutter door was prised from the outside. A team of security guards stormed in with electric batons.

“Whats going on What happened A robbery” a fit and well-built middle-aged man asked in a loud voice.

“Captain Li, someone is here to rob our jewelry shop.”

The manager acted quickly as he sprinted over and pointed at the three robbers. Subsequently, he scurried to Lan Qingyue and asked, “Director Lan, are you all right”

“Yes, Im fine.”

Lan Qingyue seemed to be in a daze. She pulled her clothes together and looked at Wang Xian.

“Im fine too.”

Wang Xian sensed her gaze. He felt the tear in his skin and the bleeding at his back, but it was not anything serious. Given that he owned a dragon body, he should be fully recovered in one to two days.

“Director Lan, put this on.” The manager quickly took off his jacket and put it on her when he saw the clothes on Lan Qingyue were torn.

“Okay,” Lan Qingyue stood up and walked to Wang Xian, “Are you really all right I saw they shot at you. Let me check your back.”

“Im fine. Their guns might be fake. The impact wasnt as powerful.” Wang Xian smiled and shook his head.

“Let me see it.” Lan Qingyue checked his back and spotted the blood stains on his white shirt. She covered her mouth, “Its bleeding. Ill call the ambulance. You have to get to the hospital now.”

“Its okay,” Wang Xian shook his head again and bared his back, “Look, its okay. I guess its just a slight tear.”

“Yes, he is fine. Just a slight tear.” Captain Li took a look and told one of the security guards, “Call the police now and send them to the station. Manager Huang, check if you have any losses.”

“Im glad that you are fine.” Lan Qingyue was scared stiff as it was her first encounter with a robbery. She felt her heart warming as she looked at the fit and muscular back. She could not stop thinking about the hug just now.

“We will do the bank transfer tomorrow then. Go back and get some rest.”

“No...its okay. Im fine. I better accompany you to the hospital for a check-up. I hope your wound wont get any infection.” Lan Qingyue shook her head.

“Its nothing. The injuries I got from my childhood times were even more serious than this. It was fine then,” Wang Xian shook his head and pointed at her clothes. “You should get some rest. Your clothes...”

Lan Qingyue looked down at her clothes and blushed, “I will get the company to transfer the money to you today.”

“Sure.” Wang Xian was not afraid that Lan Qingyue or Deep-sea Jewelry would repudiate the payment. He saved her and her company big time today. He believed they would not decline to pay that $10 million to him.

“I still have something going on. Got to go. You better get some rest,” said Wang Xian to Lan Qingyue. He waved his hand and walked out.

“Director Lan, Ive already reported this to the CEO. They will be arriving soon,” Manager Huang walked over and told Lan Qingyue. “They are worried for you.”

“Okay.” Lan Qingyue acknowledged briefly as she watched Wang Xian leaving.

Manager Huang followed her gaze and looked over. She sighed softly when she thought of the courageous moment performed by the young man just now.

If she were any younger, she would also fall for the young and suave man who saved and shielded her from a bullet.


Just then, Lan Qingyues phone rang. Upon seeing her mothers call, she picked up immediately.

“What luck I have for encountering a robbery when Im here just to sell my pearls.”

After Wang Xian walked out from the jewelry store, he shook his head.

However, the fact that his body could block a bullet caught him by surprise.

That was a bullet!

“If I can block a bullet when Im only at Level Two, does that mean I can defend from a sniper rifle or a grenade when Im at Level Three or Four. Then if Im at Level Eight or Nine, will I survive a bomb I have not even attained the First Transformation yet. If I did, wouldnt I be invincible”

Wang Xian was thrilled over it. The mightiness of the Divine Dragons body beyond his expectations.

“I wonder where that robber drew his mighty strength from, and what Martial Artists he was talking about” Wang Xian suddenly thought of the things that the robber had just said. “Could there be Martial Artists in this world”

Wang Xian pondered to himself. He looked around and walked to a shopping mall.

Su Nan Shopping Mall was a large and grand shopping mall that acted as a landmark in the city center. Wang Xian was ready to splurge in the mall.

He did not have just $1.7 million, but he had $11.7 million now. Even though he has yet to receive the $10 million, it was a done deal.

“I want to change my phone to the latest model and get three sets of branded clothes.”

Wang Xian walked into a few renowned branded shops and spent more than $50,000 on three sets of clothes.

“Time to go back.”

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Wang Xian looked at the things hed bought with a satisfied face.

He walked out and rode his Harley motorcycle back to school.

Even though a Harley motorcycle looks cool, it isnt convenient at all. Should I get a driving license and buy a car

Wang Xian looked at the shopping bags that were hanging on the bike and thought to himself.

Forget it, I think I better improve my strength. Its a waste of time learning how to drive.

Wang Xian threw his clothes on the bed and dumped all his old clothes away after he came back to his room.


Just then, the phone rang. Wang Xian opened the message sent by his younger sister.

“Brother, I just knocked off, and Im bored. Xiao Mi went for her driving lesson and left me alone.”

“Driving lesson” Wang Xian saw his sisters message and got an idea. “Little Sis, you can take driving lessons too. Ill transfer you the money for it.”

As he said this, he transferred $10,000 over to her.

“Brother, why did you transfer so much money to me Where did you get the money from Im not learning to drive!”

Xiao Yu saw the $10,000 that her brother had transferred to her and got a shock.

“I earned some money over here. You can take driving lessons with Xiao Mi. Ill wait for you to drive me around.”

Wang Xian said this to dismiss her sister. He did not tell her the truth.

He wanted to buy her a car when she arrived at school.

A branded car.



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