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Invincible Divine Dragons Cultivation System Chapter 27 - Night Out At Sea

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Chapter 27: Night Out At Sea

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Qi Chuchu and the young man at her side were stunned by the juvenile.

The juvenile pointed to the BMW car and the shoes on Wang Xians feet.

“Nike MAG; Back to the Future 2!” the juvenile who spoke exclaimed again.

Qi Chuchu and the young man stared at that pair of Nike shoes that Wang Xian was wearing.

The young man was wide-eyed as his eyes were full of disbelief. Qi Chuchu was also dumbstruck as she could not believe her ears.

Wang Xian looked at them impassively before he saw Guan Shuqing walking towards him. He immediately grinned and waved to her.

“Sorry to keep you waiting.”

Guan Shuqing scampered over and saw the zestful and good-looking Wang Xian. A faint smile surfaced on her face.

“Its okay. I just got here too.” Wang Xian shook his head.

“Lets go, Ill treat you to dinner in the old street.” Guan Shuqing beamed at Wang Xian as she spoke.

“Sure, anything would do,” Wang Xian nodded. “Im riding a motorcycle.”

Wang Xian headed to the Harley motorcycle and unlocked it with a key.

“Wow, a Harley motorcycle. Looks like youre really rich.” Guan Shuqing looked at him with astonishment.

She thought Wang Xian might be making some money, but it was less expected that he would be rich enough to afford a Harley motorcycle.

“Someone gave it to me. Unfortunately, I dont have a car license yet. So, I could only ride this motorcycle.”

Wang Xian grinned, “Do you mind sitting behind”

“Hehe, you are not using this motorcycle for wooing girls, right” Guan Shuqing looked at him and teased him.

But, she went on to sit at the back.

Wang Xian chuckled and replied, “I guess to woo girls with this is not as effective as a BMW.”

“Hehe,” Guan Shuqing laughed, “Lets go and have some meat skewers.”

“Sure.” Wang Xian nodded. He started the engine and rode towards the old street.

Guan Shuqing stared at the back of the guy in front of her. With some hesitation, she held his waist.

“Cool, he is so freaking cool!”

“That pair of shoes and the Harley motorcycle are about 2 million dollars. Hes loaded.”

“I envy him. Hes actually wearing a pair of shoes that is $800,000. Such a filthy rich man.”

The three juveniles looked at the Harley motorcycle that took off. Slowly, they shifted their focus to Qi Chuchu and the other young man.

Flaunting your BMW The price of your BMW is incomparable to that one pair of shoes.

Just now, the girl even told the young guy to stop dreaming about riding a Harley.

That young man also told him that he did not have the capital.

Now, that was a slap in their faces!

He had a pair of shoes that was worth $700,000 to $800,000 and a Harley motorcycle that could easily cost a million. You guys still mocked him and asked if he has the capital

At the same time, Qi Chuchu put on a different expression as she watched in disbelief as the Harley motorcycle zoomed off.

“How could he be loaded” Qi Chuchu did not want to believe it. He was just a poor lad. How did he boost his wealth all of a sudden And that girl just now. Wasnt she the famous belle, Guan Shuqing”

Was he hiding his identity of a son from a wealthy family

Regrets... Deepest regrets.

The young man observed the peculiar gazes from the three of them at the side with a sullen face. He was infuriated when he looked at Qi Chuchu with a face full of regret. “Lets go to the hotel.”

A calm and peaceful encounter with Qi Chuchu was over. Not the slightest tinge of yearning was left. Instead, he detested her.

After dinner, he sent Guan Shuqing back to her dormitory. Wang Xian looked at the moon and the stars that were shining brightly in the sky. He made up his mind to head out for the sea.

“I want to improve my strength and make myself even more powerful.”

When hed learned that his body could resist a bullet this afternoon, Wang Xian decided to upgrade his strength as soon as possible so that he could grow stronger.

He did not ride his motorcycle. Instead, he took a cab outside of the school.

When he arrived at the beach, it was already 9 pm. Wang Xiang watched the glistening waves under the moonlight.

He found a remote spot, took off his clothes, and jumped into the sea.

Transform into a dragon.

With a thought in his mind, he dived into the sea.

As a new-born dragon, he had no ability yet. To possess those Superpowers like Wind, Rain, Thunder, and Lightning would require the exchange with the Dragon Energy.

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Dragon Race needed to cultivate for Superpowers and their physical body.

In Divine Dragon Transformation, there were Conversion Techniques for various attributes.

Dragon Energy could convert to wind, rain, and even thunder and lightning.

However, a mighty Divine Dragon would use Dragon Energy to upgrade his body into Wind Physique, Water Physique and Inferno Physique and many more.

After upgrading to Wind Physique or Water Physique, the attributes attacks would be much more powerful. With mighty physiques and invincible attributes, Divine Dragons would become the most powerful race in the universe.

Divine Dragons were also divided as Wind Divine Dragon, Fire Divine Dragon, Earth Divine Dragon, Thunder Divine Dragon, and so on.

Among all the Conversion Techniques of the Divine Dragon Transformation, he had yet to decide his cultivation direction in the future.

However, Wang Xian could enhance his body parts using Dragon Energy. For example, he could use the Dragon Energy to strengthen his claws or upgrade his eyes.

As a Divine Dragon, the darkness at night could never blind his vision.

Wang Xian dived into the sea and swam to the far end.

The ocean at night was as lively as it was in the day. Various fish and sea creatures were swimming in the sea.

To the fish, there was no day and night. In fact, most of the fish were active and hunting for food at night.

At Level Two, Wang Xian was not weak in his strength. Because of his mighty physical body and the power of a Divine Dragon, even a sea creature at Level Three would not be his match.

But if he saw a shark, he would not be able to outfight it. To devour marine life like the shark, he would need to wait until he advanced to Level Four.

For marine life such as Killer Whales, he would need to advance to at least a Level Five or Level Six.

Perhaps there are many other mysterious yet daunting marine animals in the vast ocean, Wang Xian thought to himself. He fixed his eyes on a grouper. With a jerk, he swam over and swallowed it.

“Bohai Sea has too little schools of fish. If there is a large school of fish in the ocean, my strength will improve quickly.”

Wang Xian had been hunting, gobbling up the fish and converting them into Dragon Energy in the area.

But, the resources in the ocean were not abundant. Due to the wild hunting of the marine animals in the country, the resources were insufficient.

“Eh, there are hundreds of salmon ahead.”

Wang Xian came to the spot where the Clam Girl was situated when he saw the school of salmon. He swam speedily and devoured them all at once.

“Dragon King!”

Sensing his arrival, the Clam Girl opened up her clamshell, revealing her clam flesh.

Clam Girl: Level Six

Art of Cultivation: Water Dragon Transformation

Superpower: None

After the Clam Girl became his subordinate, Wang Xian could read more information about her. The Clam Girl who was practicing her Water Dragon Transformation would become a strong existence for controlling the water element.

“Continue with your cultivation.”

The Clam Girl had just started her cultivation not long before. Hence, there were not many changes to her. Wang Xian left his instruction with her and swam off to other surrounding areas to continue his hunting.



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