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Chapter 28: A Massacre Triggered by a Bun (1)

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The sun rose into the skies and the rosy red sunlight shone on the sea surface, forming a uniquely beautiful scene. Wang Xian surfaced from within the seas with his naked body.

Name: Wang Xian

Race: Human (Able to transform into a Dragon)

Level: 2

Dragon Energy: 753/10,000

Superpower: Dominate the marine animals (Ability to rule any marine animals that are lower than your own level)

Devour any form of marine animals (For extraction of dragon energy)

Art of Cultivation: Divine Dragon Transformation

“After a night of devouring, I have only increased my Dragon Energy by just over 700 points.”

Wang Xian frowned. He wasnt very lucky the previous night as he did not encounter any school of fish like a school of ribbonfish. Therefore, he had only managed to increase his Dragon Energy by 700 points in a night.

Feeling his body getting stronger, a faint smile appeared on his face.

“Since I got stronger, I dont even feel that sleepy. However, the hunger still remains.”

Wang Xian still couldnt survive without food at the moment. He swam to the shore, put on his clothes and leapt onto the road easily.

If theres anyone who saw this scene, their jaw would have definitely dropped. This was because Wang Xian jumped over four meters with a single leap!

Luckily, there werent many people in the vicinity in the morning.

“There should be some places selling breakfast ahead.”

Wang Xian looked at the surroundings and thought to himself. Theres a seaside holiday resort right ahead. During this hot summer, it would simply be a luxury experience to be able to spend ones holiday there.

This resort was rather famous and the food and accommodations in it were rather luxurious.

Naturally, the expenses would also be very high.

After passing by the entrance of this Summer Sun Resort, Wang Xian looked ahead of him and discovered a few roadside stalls. There were already quite a number of people having breakfast around.

Wang Xian walked over and saw a stall selling deep-fried pancakes. He asked directly, “Boss, please give me five dollars of deep-fried pancakes and a bowl of soup.”

“Im sorry, son, we have sold out,” replied the boss of the stall with a smile.

“So early” Wang Xian was a little surprised.

“Its almost nine in the morning now. Moreover, there are more people working by the seaside recently,” the boss explained.

Wang Xian nodded his head and headed to the stall just beside it.

After asking several stalls which gave similar replies, he felt a little helpless about the situation.

“Boss, do you still have some buns” Wang Xian arrived at the last stall selling buns and asked the boss.

“Yeah, we have one last serving. Son, you are really lucky!” The boss smiled at him.

“Thats great. Give me a serving of buns and a bowl of soup,” Wang Xian replied before walking in and sitting down.

“Alright, please wait a minute,” shouted the boss.

“The money has been transferred in.” Wang Xian took out his phone and saw the notification messages. He suddenly got a little agitated.

Ten million. Its ten million. The money for the pearls sold just yesterday!

The edge of his mouth arched upwards.

“Boss, do you still have some buns” At this moment, two middle-aged men walked in.

A slightly plump middle-aged man asked the boss.

The middle-aged boss looked at the two men before replying, “Im sorry Misters, the last serving of buns has been ordered by that young man in the stall.”

“Huh” The slightly plump man frowned.

“Boss, what do you think about selling us this last serving of bun We are willing to offer a higher price.” At this moment, the other middle-aged man, who was standing beside the plump middle-aged men, asked the boss.

“This...” The boss felt a little uncomfortable about the idea. He shook his head and replied, “This isnt right. He ordered it first after all.”

“Why isnt there any more breakfast” The slightly plump middle-aged man grumbled unhappily.

“Director Li. It will be fine. Leave this to me. Just leave this to me.” The plump middle-aged man seemed to be eager to get on the good books of the other middle-aged man. He turned his attention to Wang Xian who was sitting in the stall.

He walked forward directly into the stall and took out $100 from his pocket.

“Hey, pal.” The middle-aged man walked beside him. Wang Xian lifted his head, feeling a little surprised.

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“Whats the matter”

“Hey, pal, Ill like to buy the last serving of buns for $100!” said the middle-aged man as he placed the red cash note on the table in front of Wang Xian.

Wang Xian was slightly shocked. Looking at the $100 note, he kept his silence and simply smiled.

This serving of buns had cost him eight dollars. If it was like before, he would definitely agree to the suggestion happily. This was because he didnt have money in the past.

As for now, he wouldnt allow himself to go hungry for just $100.

Wang Xian shook his head and replied, “Im sorry. Im not selling.”

The middle-aged man was surprised. He frowned and took out another $100 note from his pocket. “$200!”

“Im not selling.” Wang Xian shook his head.

“Huh” The middle-aged man was clearly displeased at this point. He took out another $100 note and remarked, “$300. Im not offering any higher!”

Wang Xian lifted his head and looked at the gold necklace around the middle-aged mans neck. “Im not selling no matter what you are offering me.”

“You little brat...” The middle-aged man had a ghastly expression upon hearing Wang Xians reply.

“Whats the matter, Mr. Song” Director Li walked into the stall and asked the middle-aged man with a dissatisfied tone.

“Its alright, Director Li. Im offering this brat money but he isnt willing to sell.” The middle-aged turned his head over and explained embarrassingly.

“Isnt this area managed by Zhang Qianyuan” Director Li remarked in a plain tone while looking at Wang Xian. He found Wang Xian a little familiar.

“Excuse me, Misters.” At this point, the boss carried the bun and walked over.

When the middle-aged man heard what Director Li said, he understood the meaning behind it immediately. He looked at the boss of the stall and said coldly, “Boss, this area should be under Zhang Qianyuan, right Do you need me to give Zhang Qianyuan a call”

The boss was stunned for a moment when he heard the name of “Zhang Qianyuan”. He immediately asked timidly, “Is there anything I can help you guys with”

“Our Director Li hasnt got his breakfast,” the middle-aged man replied before looking at Director Li who was beside him. “Director Li, please take a seat here.”

“Alright.” Director Li nodded his head and sat in the seat to the right of Wang Xian.

“This...” The boss was at a loss. Zhang Qianyuan was in charge of this street. Some of the facilities of this area had been modified by him. Anyone who wished to set up a stall here had to submit rentals to him. Although this place might look deserted, business here was great. Therefore this was a great place to do business for him and allowed him to feed his entire family.

The two middle-aged men werent dressed like ordinary guys and had come in a luxurious car, which was parked right outside. For them to be able to call out Zhang Qianyuans name, they should have some relationships between them.

“This... Son.” The boss was fearful of offending the other party and turned to Wang Xian with an embarrassed expression. “Son, this... Im sorry. Let me get some rice for you... For free... Are you... Are you...”

Wang Xian saw how the boss was acting and was clearly displeased. The boss was clearly wary of the influence these two guys had and would like to give the bun to these two middle-aged men.

He didnt blame the boss for this and just kept his vision on the middle-aged man and Director Li beside him.

He recognized this Director Li, as he was the boss of First-grade Seafood Restaurant. When Guan Shuqing had accidentally knocked over the arowana, he almost beat Guan Shuqing up in a fit of anger.

If it wasnt for Wang Xian previously, the consequences for Guan Shuqing would be hard to imagine.

With regard to Director Li, Wang Xian didnt have a good impression of him.

He was even trying to use his influence to bully others over a serving of buns.

“Its alright boss. Just get me a bowl of rice. You can give them the bun,” Wang Xian said to the boss and didnt make things difficult for him.

“Alright, thank you, son. Thank you.” The boss nodded his head in gratitude as he thanked Wang Xian.

“I was offering you $300 previously and yet you werent willing to sell. Look at it now... Tsk!” The middle-aged man beside him sneered.



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