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Chapter 4: Treating Fish With Dragon Energy

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“These two fish should be fine but this one might have some problems.”

Within the First-grade Restaurant, Old Zhao frowned as he looked at the half-dead arowana. He touched the body of the arowana and continued, “This red arowana probably had a worse fall when it dropped down. It probably would be...”

Zhao did not complete his sentence but it was clear what he was trying to say. This arowana might not survive for long.

Mr. Li looked extremely unhappy when he heard the words of Zhao. With a heavy face, he said, “I asked Old Wang to lend them to me for a few days to change the Fengshui of the shop. Who would have expected...”

As Mr. Li spoke, he stared at the female greeter.

“These are arowanas that are worth several million. To cause their death by dropping them, you are really too careless.”

“Thats right. The greeter probably wasnt paying attention and knocked into one of the few deliverymen who was shifting the goods. Thats really careless on her part.”

At this moment, the customers were gathering around the scene. They were pointing and commenting on that arowanas as they felt sorry for the incident. Some of them were even pointing at Guan Shuqing as they explained the incident to customers who had just joined the crowd.

Guan Shuqing had her head lowered all along and tears were streaming down. She looked extremely pitiful at this moment.

“What are you crying for Im the one who should be crying. A red arowana that costs one to two million is killed by you.”

Mr. Li looked up angrily and walked in front of Guan Shuqing. His finger was pointing angrily at her head as he scolded.

Guan Shuqing kept her head down and her body was shaking slightly. She raised her head slightly, revealed an expression that drew sympathy and said, “Mr. Li, I didnt do this on purpose. I really didnt do this on purpose.”

“Not on purpose Will it be fine if you just apologize after breaking something that costs one to two million Huh Can you afford to compensate me for it”

The angry Mr. Li grabbed and pulled Guan Shuqings clothes. He looked rather hideous at this moment.

“Hey hey. Mister!”

At this moment, Wang Xian could no longer stand the sight of Mr. Li who seemed to be acting irrationally. “This lady didnt do this on purpose. Moreover, isnt this arowana still alive”

“Who is this brat Mind your own business. If you want to interfere in this, compensate me on behalf of her!”

Mr. Li turned around immediately and yelled at him after hearing what Wang Xian had said.

Wang Xian heard Mr. Lis words and frowned slightly. He took a glance at Guan Shuqing before turning his vision towards the red arowana.

Arowana: Level 0

Extractable Dragon Energy: 1

“I could extract one Dragon Energy from it No wonder this arowana is worth more than a million.” Wang Xian thought to himself. At this moment, he recalled the applications of Dragon Energy. He looked towards Mr. Li and said, “As a man, dont make things difficult for a young lady. Im confident I can cure the arowana.”

“You are confident” Mr. Li looked at him in doubt.

“Hey brother, this is a red arowana that is worth a million or two. Are you sure you could cure it” Old Zhao looked at him with suspicion.

“You will know after you see it.” Wang Xian didnt elaborate further and walked directly towards the red arowana. This was because he wasnt a hundred percent sure of it either.

“If you are not sure, dont touch it.” warned Mr. Li as he looked sternly at Wang Xian.

“How would you know if you dont give it a try,” replied Wang Xian without looking up. He extended his hand over and touched the fish.

Mr. Li had a stern look on him but didnt try to stop him. This teenager in front of him was so confident and might be his only ray of hope.

“Dragon Energy.”

With just a thought, he injected Dragon Energy into the body of the arowana based on how he would upgrade other marine animals.

Something magical happened. Wang Xian could fully sense the internal constitution of the arowana and he realized that he could make upgrades to the arowana through the Dragon Energy.

“Truly magical.”

A surprised look appeared on Wang Xians face. He discovered that there was a little blood clot within the red arowana and it was exactly this blood clot that made it lethargic and on the brink of death.

“Dragon Energy nourishment.”

Golden-colored Dragon Energy streamed passed and the blood clot within the body dissipated.

He retracted the Dragon Energy and realized that he had only exhausted one point of Dragon Energy,

Flap flap. At this moment, the previously half-dead red arowana was wriggling its body in the basin. It seemed to be extremely active.

Wang Xian revealed a smile on his face as he swung his finger in front of the red arowana.

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The red arowana moved along with his finger excitedly.

Wang Xian put on a front by squeezing the body of the red arowana.

“Wow! So magical! It has recovered.”

“For real. The arowana looks fine and it seems to have really recovered.”

The surrounding crowd looked towards Wang Xian with astonishment after seeing the red arowana swimming freely in the water.

Old Zhao, who was beside him, made a detailed examination of the red arowana. He gasped with surprise and blurted, “It has really recovered!”

“Of course theres no problem with it. It just had a little blood clot within its body previously. Just a small issue.” Wang Xian stood up, cleared the dust off his hands and said to Mr. Li who was standing by the side, “Come take a look. Theres nothing wrong with it now.”

Mr. Li was stunned for a moment before rushing over. He looked carefully at the red arowana.

“Old Zhao, is it really fine” He looked towards the old man beside him and asked with uncertainty.

“It should be fine.” Old Zhao nodded his head.

“Great, great.” Mr. Li finally heaved a sigh of relief and said, “My brother, Im really, really grateful for this.”

“Youre welcome. I just hope that Mr. Li will not make things difficult for the young lady.” Wang Xian waved his hand.

“I wont, I wont. Thank you young man. Come in. Have some food before you leave. This is my restaurant.”

“Its alright. I just had my lunch. Your food are really delicious.”

Wang Xian shook his head. He looked towards Guan Shuqing, who was standing on one side, and noticed that she was also looking at him.

He smiled at her, bade goodbye to Mr. Li and left directly.

Guan Shuqing looked at the back view of Wang Xian with gratitude. She hesitated about going up but was halted by the manager beside her.

“Arowana, ornamental fish!”

Wang Xian walked out of First-grade Restaurant. He opened his umbrella and sank into deep thought. The three arowana that were worth more than one, two million gave him some inspiration.

“Perhaps I have discovered a way to earn money quickly.”

The edge of Wang Xians mouth arched upwards as he carried his umbrella and walked forward.

After walking for several hundred meters, his vision turned to a shop to his left.

Aquarium shop.

An aquarium shop was a place that sold fish bowls and ornamental fish.

When Wang Xian walked into the shop, a middle-aged man and two young female attendants were standing in the shop. There were no other customers.

“Hey handsome, are you looking to buy some ornamental fish” A female attendant smiled and asked this the moment he stepped in.

“Just browsing.” Wang Xian smiled at her and replied.

“Alright, feel free to do so.” The female attendant didnt seem to be too concerned if he was interested in buying as she replied with a smile.

“Grass tank, sea tank and this is the ornamental fish section.”

The entire aquarium shop was huge and separated into three sections of grass tank, sea tank and ornamental fish. The grass tank and sea tank sections were mainly about the background setting and had a few fish. As for the ornamental fish section, it was mainly a section that showcased various types of fishes.

There were common goldfish, parrotfish and angelfish. Besides those, there were also the more expensive goldfish and koi carp.



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