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Chapter 67: God's Wisdom (3)


Da Peng Bird Wang Chuitian's injury had yet to heal, he was not present, so Lu Xiaocan was facing another heavenly general.

It didn’t seem was not too difficult to deal with, and the little guy had a lot of tricks, so he should be fine.

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Tian Zhen looked at the god on the opposite side and held back from making a sound.


The gold and purple holy light spread out layer by layer, and there was a faint floating of five-color holy qi.

Facing the strong formation created by the joint efforts of experts from the two realms, although the Devil God's strength was not like before, his face did not show any fear.

In turn, his combative nature was stimulated; his figure fell straight from the cloud and calmly landed on the ground.


His eyes narrowed and his God halo reflected the sky and the earth.

Countless soldiers were already feeling terrified, even before he made a move.


"You wish to rival me with this"


With a cold humph, the Devil God slowly stepped into the battlefield.


The ground shook every time he took a step.

The array was affected by this pressure and even the cloud tower shook with a creaking sound.

If she weren’t tied to the cross by the god binding rope, Tian Zhen would have already long fallen off.


Upon seeing this, Zhao Hua Jun and several immortal officials hurried forward to help.

On the top of the cloud tower, the Heavenly Emperor and Immortal Emperor Guan Heyue Wei were still standing by the railing with a calm expression, but the hands under their sleeves were clenched into fists.

They were alert and ready to act at any given moment.


Using a fraction of his God power, Devil God hummed as he put his right hand behind him.

He raised his left hand slightly to be on guard, and observed the changes of the magic circle without moving.

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Unsurprisingly, the array immediately countered after receiving such a powerful attack, producing countless lightning bolts that shot at him, all of which were blocked by his protective light.


Tian Zhen broke out in cold sweat, and she gently moved the tied hands behind her.


All the gods present understood that he was just trying to test the power of the magic formation and had yet to really make his move.

Therefore, although the array was attacked, no one dared to be careless and everyone remained on guard.


The voice of the Devil God finally sounded again.

"(You lots are)Unable to use the full potential of this ancient god formation, but since there is a large audience, I shall take on this endeavor."


A golden light was born from his left palm that was raised into the sky, it was bright and dazzling.


At the same time, a circle of blue magic light also appeared on the soles of his feet.

It spread rapidly like ripples, circling out of him layer by layer.

The earth and rocks collapsed and as the loud noises continued, the earth was instantly paved with a beautiful blue.


With the sleeves of his robe extended, the figure of the Devil God seemed to be standing on the sea, like the legendary Sea God.



Limitless Ocean."


In an instant, the blue wave on the sole of the foot suddenly turned into an ocean of blood!


The Devil God quickly flipped his palm, and the red light burst like a large wave of blood.

It was quickly rushing towards the array’s barrier!


The array barrier was impacted by the strength of the god’s power as it inflated like a balloon.

The barrier became thinner and thinner, and it was about to burst. 


The Devil God had made his move, and the results were not what they had predicted.

Seeing that the situation was critical, the two emperors finally couldn't hold back their breath.

They made moves at the same time.

With the personal support of the two supreme, the formation was no longer ready to burst.


One side had to defend while the other wanted to break.

The two sides will not give in to each other and will do everything they can, but this deadlock will not last for much longer.


Tian Zhen's face turned pale, and she bit her lip tightly.


Suddenly, the five-color holy qi skyrocketed, engulfing the Murderous God’s red light!


The formation wall shrunk sharply!


The ground trembled and the mountains shook, and after the deafening sound, the cloud tower was about to collapse.

Thousands of heavenly soldiers turned into nothingness, and the rest retreated one after another.


Although the Demon God was pragmatic, his body was damaged, and his defense was inevitably much weaker.

Two five-color holy qi penetrated the red light and pierce his shoulder and chest!


Blood gushed from the Devil God’s wound, and after a while, blood seeped out from the corners of his lips.


The great loss of strength confirmed that he really only had half of his power left.

The gods finally breathed a sigh of relief, and their morals ignited.

Jiu Sicang, Devil Minister Mo Ye, and the others were anxious when they saw this, but they couldn't get close.

They were entangled by several heavenly generals and although some of them had the upper hand, it was difficult to move to this side.


The Heavenly Emperor smiled and said, "Seventh brother's damage is more serious than zhen had imagined."


The blood from the wound stopped automatically, and the Demon God never took a step back.

He looked up and said, "You want to imprison me with only this"


The Heavenly Emperor replied.

"In any case, you and I are brothers by name.

If you are willing to take the initiative to return to Tai Shang Mirror, in light of our relationship as siblings, I will not make it too difficult, otherwise..."


Before he could finish speaking, he was interrupted by the Devil God.


"Is that so"


His beautiful eyes narrowed, and several red rays of light shot out like dragons, approaching the top of the cloud tower.

Although most of them were stopped by the barrier, there was still one that broke through the resistance and was directed at the Heavenly Emperor.


Seeing this, the Heavenly Emperor was frightened and took a few steps back.

Zhao Hua Jun stepped forward and immediately counted to protect him.

Guan Heyue Wei was also forced to raise his palm.

The three of them worked together to block the onslaught, and the remaining force still hit the railing in front of the Heavenly Emperor.


Embarrassed in front of the soldiers of the Three Realms, the Heavenly Emperor’s expression darkened.

He sneered: "Shi Zhongliu, you..."


Realizing something was about to happen, Tian Zhen shouted: "Your Highness, be careful!"


Countless whirlwinds rose between the sky and the earth, like small funnels, moving quickly towards them!


The ancient formation reacted to this familiar god power and it quickly started to turn.

Several dazzling, yet familiar white lights descend down from the direction of Mount Youpo.

With unbelievable speed, it quickly trapped the Devil God in the middle.

Countless swords of ray pierced at  him from all directions.

The source was endless, making it impossible to avoid.


Tai Shang Mirror killing formation! Tian Zhen recognized it right away, this formation had previously caught the Devil God off guard, causing him to hurt his face.

Seeing the complete formation, Tian Zhen was caught off guard by how much more powerful it was.

She recalled back to when he had entered this formation to save Heavenly Lady Huan and ended up trapped in Tai Shang Mirror.


Even if he didn't come to save her, the Heavenly Emperor would not have killed her.

At most, she would be tortured a little.

At this moment, it was not difficult for him to get out of battle.

Is it because his pride would not allow him, or... 

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Tian Zhen clenched her teeth and forcibly swallowed the words that were ready to burst out her mouth—discouraging words would only attract the attention of the Heavenly Emperor.

At that time, it wouldn’t be as simple as being bound by ropes, and they would surely suffer more of a loss.


"There is no fear against an insignificant killing formation."


Just as she was thinking about it for a moment, the Devil God had calmly responded.

The protective light one his body instantly turned into a light blue sphere of light.

It spun rapidly; up and down, left and right, the direction was uncertain, but it was always surrounding him.

Tens of thousands of swords of ray hit the sphere of light, but they flowed as the ball of light rotated, and the direction changed suddenly.

Their strengths were on mutual levels, offsetting most of the swords.


The Heavenly Emperor's face gradually turned gloomy.


Guan Heyue Wei: "He can actually crack the killing formation."


A strong gust of wind rose as darkness spread, and the Devil God’s handsome face was half-covered by his long hair.


"Your turn, Yan Wu."


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