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Little Terrified Bun Chapter 98

When Wei Jing first heard these words, he didn’t know how to deal with his rage, so he went ahead and argued with the other person, yet the other person acted servile, not daring to talk back when they degraded him inwardly.

He was elated, thinking that he won.

Big Brother really treated him well.

It was himself who failed to live up to his expectations, and couldn’t be relied on.

Why did they say this

And then, more rumors arose like a forest being lit up in autumn, spreading endlessly through the branches.

After telling lies a thousand times, the person who told the lie would start to believe, and the people who heard it will also believe.

Then… it would become reality.

Just like the bait that the devil uses to lure humans into decadence, Wei Jing believed that his Big Brother really cared about him.

But the care was fragile.

As if it was the last snow of the winter, it would disappear under the shining sunlight imperceptibly.

That’s why he tried so hard to prove his worth to everyone.

The loss of his life was bad luck.

He imitated others to intoxicate himself with alcohol at night, and after a bottle, he just squatted on the road without any strength, and ended up being hit by an exhausted truck driver.

Yet this life…

Wei Jing revealed a faint, yet sweet smile; Big Brother even dared to resist father for him, leaving his status in the Wei’s residence behind…how can he not trust a big brother like this

Furthermore, he was so much better than himself from past life.

He wouldn’t cry because of other’s cynical words.

He wouldn’t be a weak and pitiful canary without friends or dreams.

He wouldn’t stop moving forward during his stay at the depressing Wei residence, bearing the servants’ strange, yet pitying looks.

After being reborn, he was still one of the normal people among thousands and thousands others in this world.

But he lived much more easily and joyfully than in the past.

When 8:40am hit, the television station and host judges showed up on the spacious stage.

Wei Jing could spot Li Pei last in line at first sight; the eighteen year old Li Pei was 170cm or taller, with his refreshing black hair laying on the forehead.

His eyes weren’t big, but had a nice shape.

Along with his long eyelashes and gentle eyes like a superior clear glass.

He wore a simple gray suit in a simple style, making his waist appear thinner and his legs longer; his slim body outline made him look like a prince from a fairytale.

For a moment, Wei Jing was in a trance; so much time had already passed imperceptibly, and Li Pei had already become a mature and reliable teenager.

Since Li Pei went to high school, the two of them met less often.

Even if they met inside Xu Jiaming’s home, Li Pei either wore simple T-shirts, or stout coats.

Clothes make the man.

This phrase was not untrue.

Li Pei from the other side also saw Wei Jing.

He blinked at the child secretly and looked at him encouragingly.

Wei Jing nodded subtly to tell Li Pei that he would try his best.

After every, he reacted — why did their series of moves look like spies from the mafia secretly giving signals to each other He was dumbfounded.

The hosts of the TV station were best partners from the CCTV children channel, most of the teenagers in the audience probably watched their shows growing up.

As a result, the two of them attracted the majority of the attention when they came on stage.

The cameraman positioned the camera and asked the judges to speak first, then the hosts said some encouraging words and walked off stage and asked some questions of the little girl who spoke to Wei Jing earlier .

The girl was daring, and didn't have stage fright at all.

She acted lively and cute in front of the camera, making the hosts converse some more with her.

After interviewing first place, the hosts directly changed direction and started to speak with Wei Jing.

“You are Wei Jing right How old are you You look so small!” The hostess with delicate makeup asked with a smile; she intentionally softened her tone and ended her questions with cute end words.

Looking at the black camera, Wei Jing became anxious subconsciously, “I…I’m twelve.”

This show will be displayed to the country; he doesn’t want to embarrass himself in front of everyone in the country! QAQ

“Twelve What a cute child.

This cute child got second place in the initial round!” The host followed up, “A man can not be judged by his appearance, nor can the sea be measured by a bucket.

Little friend, are you confident you will get first place in the final”

“I will try.” Adhering to the principle ‘The more you talk, the more mistakes you will make’, Wei Jing only spoke when he was asked a question.


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