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Ming Feizhen opened his eyes after a self-perceived long time to find the surroundings peaceful. Hua Qing, Su Li, Yungu, Miguo… no living organism that shouldve been present was present. As a matter of fact, even the large lotus platform was nowhere to be seen in this world coloured a sickening red. The firmament and earth - if they were even distinguishable - were red. The falling big droplets of blood at the “end” of the realm were the only movement. The red colour in question was identical to the Fengpengs eyes.

For whatever reason, the blood started trickling progressively faster, comparably to drizzle turning to hail. As the blood dripped down, a black screen behind the red screen came into view. Incomprehension didnt stop the realm from splitting apart.

As of a consequence of the blood belting progressively faster, Ming Feizhens location was no longer a safe haven. Instead of feeling pain due to being split, though, he couldnt feel any pain. The realm deprived him of his five senses, rendering him hopeless to struggle against the break down.

In a split second, the realm was reset - Ming Feizhens status quo included. The cycle of blood dripping and the world splitting then commenced again.

Subsequent to an unknown number of repetitions, even when Ming Feizhens intuition had stopped registering, he still didnt feel he had adapted. On a certain cycle, he started hearing, “A fire can burn anything. How does a flame exist if there is nothing to burn If the way of breathing sustains life, where is dao without life You are the energys host. How can it exist if you are dead Hence, there is no reason for it to take your life.”

Apparently, understanding the adage was the reason behind the destruction and resetting cycle. It was Ming Feizhens first time witnessing the time before Chaos - the nebulous state of the universe - the formation of heaven and earth, followed by their separation.

From his observation, Ming Feizhen gleaned something that he couldnt put into words. Nevertheless, he felt he could nigh pinpoint the source of the mad energy. Regrettably, every time he came close to deciphering the mystery, the world would crumble. This time, he only watched the worlds construction and demise.

The other section he recalled was, “Mans joy and sorrow, hatred, care and love are the masters of people, fate, yin and yang. Like the universe, as long as qi sustains it, the universe can spawn infinite entities. Conversely, the universe is not called theuniverse if it sustains qi. If the universe is lasting, transparent and still, the vast universe cannot be formless; yin and yangs profoundness cannot be without qi; fates infiniteness must exist. What I possess now is supreme; I wield yin and yang. If I cease to exist, what am I the master of I create yin and yang, heaven and earth.”

“Whats going on”

Ming Feizhen split again, except he had become the heart of the realms reconstruction. The blood constantly congregated, forming the shape of Ming Feizhen and espousing a different red unlike previous times. Though both Ming Feizhens were the spitting image of each other, they were internally different.

Ming Feizhen clenched his fists.

The once unbridled sinister energy had become cordial and compliant to his will. What once was limited as a lake had transformed into an ocean. Unfortunately, the redness in his eyes was a symptom that couldnt be expunged.

Maybe Im expecting too much. How is a monster supposed to not resemble a monster

The next section Ming Feizhen recalled was, “It serves me, not the other way around. If I am empty, what can serve me This is the mental cultivation I have compiled over the years. You can utilise it to control the aggressive energy.”

The individual scratched their head, then continued, “I cannot teach you how to deal with the Fengpengs aggression; that is the toughest and most dangerous challenge that you alone need to win. Should you fail, your only conclusion will be death on the lotus platform. While the energy wont kill you, the Fengpeng will. The only thing I can teach you is how to wield the aggressive energy. Dont give me that look! It took me years to come up with it… Wait, a little cheaper. 50% No, thirty. Make it ten! Ten!”

Ming Feizhen still found their dispute amusing.

I chewed the Fengpengs consciousness into nothing already.


“Baldy!” Ming Feizhen heard Hua Qing scream upon returning to reality. Hua Qing and Su Li were visibly done, but Hua Qing continued to curse at Miguo to protect Ming Feizhen even if it was only for a little longer.

Appreciatively smiling to himself, Ming Feizhen uttered, “Youve done enough,” the moment before he caught Miguos punch.

Although Miguo managed to retreat, he had to sacrifice a hand to do so.

Ming Feizhen sealed off ten-odd accupoints on Su Li, but that only made his face longer. “Crap.”

Su Lis meridians had snapped. Besides excessive blood loss, her essence was damaged, as well, as a result of Miguo forcibly drawing it out from her. In essence, she had one foot and half of her other foot in the coffin.

Ming Feizhen grabbed the top of her head with one hand, and only a moment later, she could open her eyes and utter “Eh” with energy.

“Brother Ming, h-have you transcended!”

Saving Su Li wouldve been beyond Ming Feizhen before he grasped the concept of wielding yin and yang. Juxtaposing the human body as the scarlet realms reconstruction, they abided by the same principles. The approach to fixing meridians and replenishing essence, therefore, was only a touch away if one truly understood the principles.


A fire can burn anything. How does a flame exist if there is nothing to burn If the way of breathing sustains life, where is dao without life - Dont think too hard about this adage from the scripture 文始真經. “Fire” is a placeholder to express a point.-

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