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“Fengpeng You mean the Fengpeng of Six Evils”

Gewus visitor from afar - “afar” being a term subject to change as nobody besides Sky Palace themselves knew where they were located - skipped the question to emotionlessly continue, “Ming Feizhen consumed a Fengpengs essence, which is how he possesses strength beyond man. Dont even think of fighting him fair and square. Youll die.”

Gewu nodded. “This old one once challenged him. He cannot see himself lasting ten exchanges.”

“One.” The woman in silver armour expanded, “One exchange is the best youll do.”

In spite of the humiliation that hit him, Gewu lowered his head. “You are correct. This old one is no match for him. He will need you to stick up for him.”

“I cant beat him. Someone with the might of Six Evils cant be beat.”

Their hierarchy was convoluted. They used “Dian” as their name. To say they were wealthy was an understatement. They had their own elite artisans. Their library was comparable to all of the worlds resources combined. Their elixirs, pills, drugs and so forth reigned supreme in their respective departments. Even Gewus vast network could only learn that the mysterious groups leader had three trusted aides referred to as Three Stone Pillars, each of whom stood at the top of the food chain in the Central Plains martial arts community. Sky Palaces Three Stone Pillars were practically gods to Gewu, yet there was one god telling him that she couldnt beat Ming Feizhen

“His patience will wither, nevertheless.”

“May this old one ask why he will lose his patience”

Her piercing gaze suddenly became so threatening that his body had to excrete fear via perspiration.

“To fight one of Six Evils. Six Evils power is not something human beings can absorb; even absorbing just a tiny amount is lethal. He is lucky to control the energy, but hes still subject to its violent urges. The closer the awakening of a beast comes, the more he is under its aggressive influence. If he utilises its power, hell be an unstoppable killing machine.

“Killing Zuowan Wanqu indicates that the energy inside him is awakening. He is going to gradually lose control over his body and mind. Instead, bloodlust will take over until violence becomes his solution to all problems; he may even give up thinking all together.

“You dont need to confront him head on. Guide him towards the darkness step by step, and your decades-long duty will be half fulfilled.”



“Calm down, Your Majesty.” Gewu wasnt fazed in the slightest despite how intimidating Ming Feizhen was. “There is a harmonious solution for every problem. How about you take a sit, and we can hash this out.”

“No need. In four more days, the allied states, Baimu and Wanyu will be at the foot of Mount Wanyu. If you cant explain the death of the four monarchs, you can watch them flatten your mountain.”

“So that is why you killed them.” Gewu deployed a tactical nod. “What do you stand to gain from this Mount Wanyu is yours.”

“You seem to think Im in the mood for mindless chatter.”

Gewu profusely sweat as he tried to resist the wrenching pain in his gut. “You need to calm down, Your Majesty. Even if they do not come, you can easily kill this old one here and now. Sadly, you will not be able to find fengqi shenmu if you kill this old one.”

Ming Feizhen removed his gaze on Gewu to give the latter some breathing room. “Hand it over, and I shall take care of them for you.”

“Hehe, Your Majesty, you are insane.” Gewu inhaled. “You are insane, but this old one is not. You killed them of your own volition. You are the only one culpable. Why should we resolve an issue you instigated”

“They have old scores to settle with you. This time, they have the force to easily wipe your lifetime of work out.”

“Ahahaha, still using the stick and stick strategy, huh How vexing.”

Ming Feizhen pulled his brows together.

“You can have the fengqi shenmu, but this old one has concerns. You are too strong. This old one has no means of believing this will be a fair trade. This old one will not be left with anything if you go back on your word after you obtain the fengqi shenmu.”

“Dont beat around the bush. State your conditions.”

“It is always nice doing business with men like you. This old ones only condition is,” Gewu held out a red pill, “this is poison. Please feed it to someone you care about. That will put their life in this old ones hands.”

“Someone I care about… Who”

“That would be your two Divine Consorts.”

“In your dreams.”

“Ah, is that so In that case, this old one shall give an inch. How about you consume it”

Ming Feizhen fixed his squinted eyes on Gewus smug face.

“This old one shall share the fengqi shenmus location once you consume it.”

Ming Feizhen didnt spend long mulling prior to throwing back the pill. Still, Gewu closely watched Ming Feizhen chew the pill and even waited for a while to guarantee Ming Feizhen wouldnt vomit it after.

“Okay. Pleasure doing business with you, Your Majesty.”-

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