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Martial King s Retired Life Volume 5 Chapter 77

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Jin Wangsun was stuck in defence. His internal status also erratically changed. He was never doing well internally since activating Golden Crow Demolition Demon; however, he was able to reduce the pent up true qi through combat, in turn, easing the load on his body.

With Hongjiu forcing Jin Wangsun to into total defensive mode, the latter's true qi was clogged inside him again. As the fight raged on, he relied on reflexes to stay afloat. He was unable to offer any appropriate countermeasure. So accordingly, his situation quickly nosedived, allowing Hongjiu to land three palm strikes, coughing blood as a result. His true qi built up faster and faster, yet he had no means of reducing the load.

Jin Wangsun's technique hampered his rationality, which was exacerbated by his true qi build up and the pain associated with it. The side effects of Golden Crow Demolition Demon worsened by the second, while Hongjiu attacked relentlessly, rendering Jin Wangsun at a total loss. All he could do was loudly bellow, and then swing his blade in arcs, relying on his sharp blade to keep Hongjiu at bay. He couldn't see clearly. Colour blindness gradually set in, colouring everything a single colour. His wild swings sped up the detrimental side effects; he operated on adrenaline while not in the right state of mind. His headaches intensified as a consequence.

Suddenly, like a voice coming from inside his head, Jin Wangsun heard "Traitor, I'm going to kill you." The concept sounded ludicrous, but that was the only way to describe Jin Wangsun's sensation.

The forlorn and bitter voice was akin to a sharp sabre that stabbed his brain and sliced it open. He huffed and puffed. Everything in his vision was dyed blood red. His killing intent was overwhelming, but he couldn't find a medium to release it on. He felt an attack hit him, but he didn't concern himself with it. The voice in his head generated throbbing sensations and instilled fear.

"Shut up!"

"Traitor, your comeuppance will be served for this!"

The scene from back then surfaced in Jin Wangsun's mind. It appeared as vivid as though he was witnessing it in person. The heroine he liked most as a child fell into a puddle of blood. Blood and tears coursed down her beautiful eyes as she lied there. Her blood and warmth gradually escaped her body. The sight of her empty face was frightening, but her wrathful and resentful voice remained in his mind.

"Traitor… Traitorous Jins!"

“Why! Why! Why! Why! Heroic Sister! It wasnt me! I didnt do it! It wasnt me! It wasn't! It wasnt me!” frantically exclaimed Jin Wangsun.

Jin Wangsun avoided the accusations countless times, but that only served to highlight the scene and amplify the clarity of her curses in his mind. The locked-away memories abruptly burst forth, bringing his true qi along. Every detail of the reality he forgot and the heroine's cause of death were replayed before his eyes again.

"I see. I see. So that's what happened!" realised Jin Wangsun.

Jin Wangsun forgot the memory, as it was the one event in his life that he couldn't come to terms with. He was the one who caused the death of the woman he looked up to most.

Jin Wangsun's frustration overwhelmed his body. The headache and damage to his soul suddenly started pulsating again. Jin Wangsun felt his mind slipping.

"Aaaaarrrrggh!!" Jin Wangsun's howl ripped the air, because his internal energy was awfully potent.

"Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!!" thundered Jin Wangsun.

Being as astute as she was, Ming Suwen recognised Jin Wangsun's mannerisms as the signs of pent up qi about to explode. With a dire situation before them, she yelled, "Eighteen, get back! You won't be able to defend his eruption!"

Hongjiu knew his grand martial aunt was an insightful and perceptive individual. Hence, he bounced back without a second thought.

Jin Wangsun's eyes were crimson; his veins on his face seemed to want to crawl out from underneath his skin and devour his face. Hideous was an understatement. Jin Wangsun held Golden Crow Moon Eater high up. Body expanded as a balloon, he belted, "It wasn't me!!"

Then, Jin Wangsun savagely swung his sword down in front! Like a dragon wreaking havoc in its wake, his swing left a hole deeper than explosives could leave in the ground. The entire venue was covered in a veil of dirt.

Lots of Liu Shan Men members had made their way to the scene after hearing the shouting. Thankfully, Su Xiao explained that they needed to maintain their distance. Jin Wangsun, however, shook everything up with his last slash.

Hongjiu felt an urge to silently remark, "Man, that was lucky. I'd be the dust by now, otherwise!"

A Hu and the hidden dragons' duo stopped after the crazy debacle to look over to the other arena.

Once the dust settled, Jin Wangsun was seen standing in the centre of it all with World Pacifying Blade, looking as though he was unconscious and immobile.

Hongjiu attempted to go and see if Jin Wangsun was playing possum, but Ming Suwen stopped him. She coldly said, "There's… something bizarre about him. He doesn't have any injuries. His breathing is disturbing. He appears perfectly normal. Moreover… his physique has been restored."

Jin Wangsun managed to discharge the excess true qi through the last slash, leaving him with enough for him to control. The side-effects of excessive absorption dissipated. Allowing him to use Internal Vision Technique to peer inside his body and discover that his internal energy had more than doubled. He was in his best shape ever. Most importantly, he had regained a clear mind.

Jin Wangsun opened his eyes and surveyed his surroundings. This time, he was more composed than ever. He engaged in a quick calculation and concluded that there was plenty of time for him to exact his revenge down the road.

Jin Wangsun came to Liu Shan Men and flew off the handle due to the effects of Golden Crow Demolition Demon. It wasn't a wise decision. First and foremost, Ming Feizhen wasn't at Liu Shan Men. Secondly, he already spent too long at the office. If a true adept came after him, he wouldn't stand to gain anything. He had lost everything besides his Golden Crow Moon Eater and his martial skills. The best decision was for him to maintain a low profile, not go on a mass murder rampage. His top priority was to improve his martial skills and power. Growth was the keyword.

Once he reached that conclusion, he opened his eyes and vaulted up to the roof. He called for A Hu, and the two immediately fled the scene, vanishing out of sight.

Long Zaitian could only watch the two leave, for he didn't have the energy to continue fighting. Even if he did pursue them, it wouldn't have boded well for him. He looked up to the moon and cursed, "If I'm not mistaken, his skills just received a boost after regaining his senses. He resents the imperial court. Now that he's escaped, I bet he's going to bring us more grief than before. Mother. Fucker!"

Long Zaitian felt better after cursing, but that didn't change the reality of the situation. Ming Suwen was the only one who had her head down in silence. She seemed to be in thought. She couldn't put her finger on what was odd, but Jin Wangsun's reaction led to her thinking of something in particular. Eventually, she looked up and calmly remarked, "I… wouldn't be so sure about that."


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