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"She's strong," mumbled a youth, as Wang Chao's corpse tumbled all the way to his feet.

"That is to be expected, Young Master. After all, she is the direct disciple of Wutong Jiyuxuan, Lightning Rain Huofeng," stated one of the daoists donning a black daoist garb.

Around the youth were daoists adorned in yellow robes. Off to the side was a man in ragged clothing, eyes shut.

The youth didn't even spare Wang Chao's corpse a glance, instead asking, "Lightning Rain Huofeng… Argent Moon Qingluan's senior sister"

Smiling, the elder in black answered, "If this old one is not mistaken, then yes. It is unlikely there is a second individual in the martial world who could execute Vajra Divine Might, besides Wutong Jin Yuxuan's direct disciples who learn Solid Jade Snow, in a flash with that much force and retract the force in the next instant."

The elder emphasised that only direct disciples of Wutong Ji Yuxuan could demonstrate that level of proficiency because their patriarch's criteria for direct disciples was even harsher than standard disciples - which many already deemed overkill. Direct disciples not only required innate aptitude but also exceptional beauty.

The nun, one of the Zi Wutong's three senior disciples, was the polar opposite of Argent Moon Qingluan, the latter being as cold as ice and the former fiery.

The youth, squinty eyes locked onto the nun's luscious thighs hiding under her plain robe, muttered, "Great. Great. Just my cup of tea, hehehe."

The elder in black made it clear that the last thing he cared about was shame, kissing up to his young master in the most ludicrous of ways.

"Amitabha, do not pollute my ears." Abbess Huofeng flicked her sleeve, dispersing the qi still lingering from her last palm strike. She pressed her hands together in a payer hand posture and conveyed, "It is insulting for you to call yourselves disciples of orthodox sects when you conduct yourself as depraved bandits. You… What are you looking at"

"Hehehe, you, sweetie," replied the portly youth with a beer belly his deluxe clothes couldn't hide.

In all fairness, the youth wasn't an ugly man. The issue was his cheeks outgrowing the rest of his facial features. With the ratio of his face out of whack, his would-be striking eyes resembled two black go pieces. Whenever they moved along Fire Phoenix's body, he'd look more comical than he did distasteful.

"Please be wary, Young Master," warned the elder in black, standing shoulder to shoulder with his young master. "Wutong Ji Yuxuan's disciples practice a technique that utilises their energy as body armour. As you witnessed, Wang Chao could not tag her once, yet was put away in one strike."

"A wise reminder, Daoist Chen," complimented the youth. "That being the case, business first then pleasure. Oi, hand it over, and I'll let you all off. Otherwise, you're in for a world of hurt."

A believer of never judging a book by it's a cover, Abbess Huofeng never let her guard down after seeing the beheaded corpse of Far East Escort's young master. In the martial world, they say, "Though the strong can be scary, always beware of the strong and villainous."

Upon receiving the invitation to Refining Divine Convention, Patriarch Zi decided to leave it to her three senior disciples to handle due to her ailing health. They decided to split their group in two, with First Sister and Third Sister heading to Canhu Town first as a gesture of respect to the inviter and to throw off those coveting their sect's treasure.

Huofeng and Far East Escort took the alternate route, which should've been considerably safer, yet the youth and his posse ambushed them several kilometres prior to regrouping at Canhu Town. As far as the current evidence went, the group that ambushed them must have attacked them on the spur of the moment.

The skirmish that erupted saw the loss of members from both parties. Although Huofeng had avenged Far East Escort's young master already, she did expend a chunk of energy in dispatching Wang Chao.

As Huofeng was a level ahead of her junior with Solid Jade Snow, Argent Moon, she could perform Vajra Divine Might a total of four times within twenty-four hours. The first use in the last twenty-four hours was when she needed to clear open a path during the abrupt skirmish. She executed it a second time to kill Wang Chao. As such, she could only use it one more time and, as per sect stipulations, could only use it one last time when her life depended on it.


Luan - Sometimes called a luan bird or Qingluan, is a mythical bird related to the phoenix, which is why it's sometimes called a phoenix. The luan's plumage is blue, as opposed to the red or multi-coloured plumage of the phoenix. Sometimes, they're considered the mounts or messengers of gods.

Huofeng - Fire Phoenix


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