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Martial King s Retired Life Volume 8 Chapter 47

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The “Yu” in Yu Feiyuans name is actually written with the character for “rain”, not “jade” as its popularly used.

The cold droplets of water streaking down from her collar bone let off steam despite there being a cold wind. Yu Feiyuan had tall peaks, but Boss Shens still trumped hers. While Boss Shens cushions were the type you that incited an urge to rub them and would sink your hands into, Yu Feiyuans had more “oomph” to them, so you could feel the pushback but never feel sick of them owing to her diligent training. When women develop their chest muscles, the muscles underneath give their breasts that more perky appearance, and that was the sort of look Yu Feiyuans assets had to them.

The upright posture Yu Feiyuan adopted didnt resemble a woman trying to borrow the moonlight for a sultrier vibe but a warrior dressed in iron armour, ready to put you away if you challenged her. When Young Shiyi goes naked, its a dangerous tease. On the other hand, Yu Feiyuans stance was merely an expression of fearlessness because her issue of being seen in the nude was simply, “Shifu said I cant let men see me nude.” She wouldnt squeal as a young girl did if you accidentally saw her exposed.

“Whos there”

Yu Feiyuan cast a barrier of qi with a three metre radius around her, pushing away the water covering her body parts in the process, as she couldnt spot my location since I barely muttered under my breath. Thus began our silence face off in the water and shrubs, though the temperature in the shrubs kept rising.

Its only been a ten years since I last saw her, yet shes developed s-, hmm Oh, precious nose blood. I need to do something, or shell stand there without any qualms for an hour.

I popped my head out of the shrubs and, adopting a husky voice, teased, “Hehehe, who wouldve imagined Wutong Jin Yuxuans senior disciple would be snooping around at night. Might this one be able to ask since when Wutong Jin Yuxuan started dabbling in the espionage department”

“So it was you!”

She already identified me!

“Sneak attacking me was underhanded!”

Oh, thank god it was just th-

Yu Feiyuan uncorked a palm strike my way before I could finish my thought, prompting me to retreat whilst covering my eyes… Technically, she did slip on some clothing, but all said clothing was a piece of cloth wrapped around her. I could see her pronounced lines as clear as day due to the water shrinking her attire and fitting material it was made from.

“Put something on!”

“Pugilists talk with their fists. What does dressing or not have anything to do with it!”

Who taught you that! Your shifu tricked you again, didnt she I guarantee she didnt mean it in that sense!

Out came another big palm from Yu Feiyuan, forcing me to strafe.

“Coward, fight me face to face!”

Yu Feiyuan switched to Emei Swordplay, a style that melded fluidity and rigidness. She wasnt just the senior disciple of Wutong Jin Yuxuan but also the granddaughter of Emeis patriarch, Golden Summits Daoist Ziguan.

I gave her three moves the slip and questioned, “What did you sneak into their room for”

“To gather information. Whats it to you”

“Information pertaining to the culprit whos been stealing weapons recently”

“Yes. You, too”

Talking with me while scantily dressed… Everything I told you in the past went out the other ear, d-

Yu Feiyuan caught me off guard with a big palm strike.

“Oi, why are you attacking as you answer!”

“I was once taught that theres no point in speaking to the enemy.”

Karma! Karma has come around!-

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